Have you noticed the amount of mobile devices that are hitting the market everyday? Think about this then, how many mobile devices do you think are in each household? Nearly every member of a household owns or uses a mobile device to access their online accounts such as yahoo, google, and msn. It don’t stop there though they use them to do just about everything your desktop computer does. So we ask you. Is your website Mobile Ready?

There are a number of forms of making your site mobile ready. The question is this. How simple do you want it to be when you decide to go mobile? So lets look at different ways to gain mobile presents on the internet.

1. You can build a mobile website that is dedicated to mobile devices only. If you add to and take away from your site as we do on a daily basis this might not be an option. This format will leave you limited to what you can add to it and the size of your pictures will have to adhere to that format as well. This will work if your site is kept small. It’s not recommended for larger sites.

2. Use a service that allows you to build a mobile ready website from their user control panels. Just like above your limited to size of your site based on their user agreements or policy. They also include a link back on your site back to them which is ok, but not our style. Some of them can be hosted with them or you can download the site you built and host it on your own hosting accounts. Another point to make is with the services you no longer have to have a hosting account to have a mobile ready website.

3. Download and install mobile ready website scripts. This method does require you to have a hosting account to use. There are only a few scripts that automate this process for you. We have downloaded them and tried them and they just seem to be missing vital things that make a site jump out at your visitor. They are more text based as most all mobile ready websites are. Some of them haven’t been updated sense they were released and that makes it hard to keep mobile website going when the programmer quit supporting the script.

4. Plugins are the better option for those you have massive website full of content. In this case we use wordpress and a plugin that creates a mobile ready version of our website and displays it for those who come to our website through a mobile device. The best part about this is it detects if someone comes to our site from a PC or Mobile Device and then gives them the version of our site for their device automaticly. Why is this the way to go simple we don’t have to have two different website formats on the same server or on two different domains. This works well because you don’t need to display your site information twice its all done for you one time. When we post a new page or post on our site its there for mobile user right then.

So which ever way you decide to go if you build it, use a service, script, or by a plugin for a cms or blog. If your website isn’t mobile ready you should consider making it mobile ready as soon as possible. This is the fastest growing source of accessing the internet in history. Choose wisely what you will do but as a hint we tried all of them and the plugins came out on top every time.


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