If you aren’t sure if a video will enhance the selling power of your website, consider the reulsts of research about eBay sellers with and without embedded videos. The studies have show that eBay listings with a video attract more attention and also provide more information to potential buyers. What the studies have shown, therefore, is that if multiple ebay merchants are pushing the same product, the seller with an embedded video will have an advantage A video is capable of giving more information about an item that a still photograph. A video is capable of giving ore detail and information than a photograph can and thus provide satisfaction to a shopper who wants to know everything he can about the product before buying.

As on eBay, also on a website, an embedded video adds a personal element, which allows the customer to interact with the business ahead of time, and determine if the company will meet his needs. At the same time that you add a video to your web site, you can also post the video on You Tube, so it is possible to increase web site appeal and initiate an Internet marketing strategy at the same time.

What content should you put in your website video? Not only is there no one answer, there is also a whole spectrum of concepts to choose from . At one pole are videos with the potential to go viral. These are videos with exciting content. They might be musical, funny, bizarre, novel or shocking. IF successful they can have a meteoric rise to popularity, and then decline in popularity over time. At the other end of the spectrum are videos being referred to as “evergreen” videos. These are videos with content that would be described as useful and interesting. The CEO of Little5min.com discussed the growing interest in evergreen type videos on the web. Examples which he enumerated included how to videos, such as you might see on howto.com, and more recently biography videos.

One of the advantages of having an “evergreen” type video on a website is that it increases the website content and ranking ability. For example, a plumbing web site might have an embedded video on how to unclog a toilet.
The benefits of adding a video to your web site are well known, the choice of content, and decision as to where you wish to be on the viral evergreen spectrum is up to you.
Thanks to Winmax Video for sponsoring this report. Winmax is a video production company specializing in trade show videos corporate videos and other types of business videos.

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