Too many times I have sat down and listened to my wife complaining that sites are providing a lot of fancy features, but do not complete the information needed for the sale.

Now it is hotel web sites. Trying to find a hotel for a one night break is proving out of the question! It is not that there are no hotels available, it is just that too many do not offer enough information.

I know the difficulty from the designer side. Too often customers can concentrate on ‘the website needs movement’ or wanting a splash of flash here and there. Potentially the request is for a bee that follows the mouse pointer around the screen and lands on it when the pointer stops.

Or, equally annoyingly, those little trail of bubbles that leave the mouse pointer as it moves about the screen.

On the contrary this concentration on what appears on the screen can be at the cost of the web site content. Back to these hotels and many do not give straight forward information such as check-in and check-out times. This is necessary to us as we want to check-in before going on to a late afternoon event.

I have experienced this before myself. I can point out to the buyer that some essential information is absent from the details. The reply can be along the lines of if the buyer is that interested that they want to know that, they will telephone or email me.

That is definitely not the case. People visiting websites want the information they are searching for and need to complete the purchase right now. It has to be clearly found and at their fingertips. Phoning up at 2am in the morning, or sending an email whilst they are at their place of work can be ridiculous or not ideal for a range of factors.

But, worse still, people on the world-wide-web are eager. They expect information to be fed to them. They demand it. And if you do not offer it then they will look to another place. It is not the same as walking the length of the high street when the next shop selling whatever they are purchasing could be half a mile away or in the next town. The item is perhaps a couple of clicks away.

For a shop, this can be as imperative as listing postage rates and information openly. If you show free postage and packing, but forget to state that there is a postal charge on lower value orders, this can be bad. But if you do not bother to give any postal information at all and do not say if it will be shipped the next day or a week later, then you are open to losing visitors. People quite often do not buy that far in advance. If you propose next day delivery, make sure it is clear.

Don’t be big headed and think that if you concentrate on a pretty website that customers will get in touch if there is central information omitted. They won’t. Flashy web sites don’t sell products. Ready information does.

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Written by Keith Lunt, owner of Janric – suppliers of Website Design Merseyside services.

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