Various Forms of Online Traffic Generation

1) Search engines and online directories

2) E-mail marketing

3) Article marketing

4) Forum Marketing

5) ezine promotion

6) Blogs and RSS feeds

7) Link exchanges

8) Pay-per click advertising

These are some of the methods that can be used and sometimes abused for traffic generation. For sake of time and clarity let us zero in on the most relevant 3 methods that are efficient and relevant to the contextual trends.

A) Article marketing

Article marketing seems to be the trend of the hour for traffic generation since it has proven to be one of the wisest and trend compliant methods that can generate traffic and most importantly with little or no monetary expense.

It is also a give and take approach or a win-win situation where you are giving something for the visitor and by virtue of the same you are entitled to use the traffic for your ends. Traffic generation through article marketing is pretty cheap and has great potential in this context of online pro-activism where web masters and visitors interact and contribute their share of content. But article marketing has with it some vulnerabilities that should be addressed before utilizing it. There needs to be clear and informative content in your articles and people should not feel that the information that they get from this article is out dated or impractical, also you must make use of some SEO strategies if you are to effectively extract the full potential of an article for traffic generation.

B) Blogs and RSS feeds.

Blogs and RSS feeds can be written and hosted online for the purpose of article generation and the main advantage of this is that you can interact with people on an individual basis and blogs have been proven to be more emotionally appealing to the reader than any other method for traffic generation. You can very well turn a blog into a map to your site but it needs to
be constantly updated and readers must feel that you are serious, otherwise you might not get a serious following. RSS feeds have taken blogs to another dimension delivering readers information with the latest updates at their disposal. But it is your responsibility to have them include your RSS feed and to make readers come to your blog.

C) Pay-per click advertising

Pay per click advertising is a major but relatively expensive method for traffic generation.
In pay per click advertising you pay for displaying your site’s name along with a brief description when a user types a term into a search engine tat is relevant to the content of your site. The technicalities that involves in pay per click are to be understood before you use it and a good grasp of keywords and how pay per click can be used for traffic generation is crucial.

Traffic generation is becoming more and more complex and time consuming. It also demands a lot of hard work and research without which your site will end up being unnoticed even if it has high quality and relevant content. You must before opting for any of the above methods be aware of the changing trends of traffic building and optimization. Try to utilize the potential of latest trends like user generated content and social networking and you can be sure to be in the receiving end of targeted traffic and you can also master the art of traffic generation.

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Author: Sean R Mize
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