Writing an article description for a submission to an article directory requires you to keep a few things in mind.

First of all most article directories will require you to provide an article description along with the article that you submit. It’s a brief summary of your article and can be compared to the notes on the back page of a paperback book or on the inside of a hardback book cover.

The description you write is important since the strategy of submitting articles is to have people read your articles and get a lot of keywords online. This is what will be displayed to the readers first. The more interesting you can make the article description the more likely people are to read the article.

A few key points you’ll want to consider when writing an article description for a submission to an article directory are listed below:

- The article description should be kept brief. The total number of words and characters need to be able to fit into the space allotted at each directory. This is a summary and should be written as such.

- Borrow from your opening and closing paragraphs is one tip to consider. Many times they are not much more than summaries of your article body anyway, so may be good sources to use for your description brief.

- The purpose of the description is to provide your readers with an accurate and interesting overview of the article. Because of this you want to make sure you summarize the most important points or message your article contains.

- Similarly you need to ensure that your description accurately depicts the article. In the article body the reader will expect to read what is described in the summary description. (The same advice also applies for the written title of any article.)

- To ensure that your article is allowed by directories make sure you only include summarized information about the article in the description. If you include other information such as promotions, business or personal items your article may not be published.

These five points may seem pretty basic but if not done correctly it may derail your attempts at getting your articles published. Follow them step by step and ensure that the description is interesting and perhaps even captivating. This may attract some curiosity increasing the odds of your article being read by a greater audience.

Keep in mind that the more people who read your articles the better chance you have of promoting whatever it is you are selling.

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