Let us begin writing an article today with a mild course … since this a few days longer slow connection, so can not share the script for free go again …. Well than there would not be filled on this blog, so I wrote an article written lightly in the sense that perhaps this is less useful …

What are your plans and what preparations are you when you first create a new blog?
- Search for free domain name and hosting for free?
- Looking for hosting and domain providers of premium?
- Choose a blog platform to choose the appropriate?
- Or … … … … … … … …?

Perhaps most beginners who want to start a blog will try to find a free blog hosting services that are scattered in many of this virtual universe. No wonder so many are free so confused which to choose: D like cigarette ads

Well for you who want to choose which confused between wordpress and blogger, I’ll explain a bit about the advantages and disadvantages of each platform according to my experiences. So then you alone decided to choose which one.

Source code and software wordpress vs blogger

WordPress free CMS software you can download and install on the server wherever you like. And you can modif the entire coding according to your taste.

Blogger is a blog service Hoster free extrem big shelter in google the company name with the installer code had to be so that you only use it without being able to see every detail of the source code on his blog that you create. Platform on your blogger can not freely download and install the server.

WordPress Themes Vs Blogger Templates

Coding is used to make the most of wordpress themes is a combination of php, html and css. Most of the wordpress themes can be found for free or paid. If you are a designer themes, maybe you can build a business by selling premium wordpress themes. In settings in wordpress can tell all manual. But with perfect coding, some people made wordpress themes with the settings more easily in the admin panel

As for coding the blogspot templates used mostly combination of css, html is in the batter and stir into the shape of a large file. Xml. blogspot template is largely free. Maybe there is selling the template to blogger platform but does not seem too much to matre. On the form template settings blogspot WYCWYG so common people will not be confused to put knick knacks on the blog template.

WordPress Plugins VS Plugin blogger

WordPress plugins tend to be very modern and very sophisticated. various facilities in the affairs of blogging can be found simply by installing a good pluggin free or paid. I think this is a reason why wordpress is very popular in use ranging from personal blogs to professional blogs.

Blogspot plugin seems to nothing that I can write, because I know blogspot does not have any other plugins to import some of the insert javascript in the template.

SEO value between wordpress and blogspot

Hmm …. I think this is a very important point that we must think first we start since decided to use a free platform to create a blog that really good. For his own actual SEO techniques are skills each person who makes blogs. but here I will explain the beginner vs basic

To optimize the SEO on wordpress one must use special tricks to modify the source code. Call it friendly url, at our wordpress install will see the url ending to the article is always p = number. Well to be made in accordance with the article title should be added. Htaccess file manually or use some other automatic settings. But underneath all that CMS wordpress plugin has many advanced SEO to call search engine robots crawl to always come and take samples of ink on d blog created with WordPress CMS.

Blogspot knowledge on SEO that you can encounter when you first create a blog is a friendly url that is automatically there. But further to optimize pages per page article in the paper should have a pretty special tricks ribet having to do all in all the code manually by pressing a code on each part of the template. If you are a beginner and do not understand the science of SEO I think your blog would be very difficult for the visit by the search engine robots.

Blogspot vs WordPress Security

Ok … .. I need not write more at length when it comes to security matters between blogspot and wordpress. I am sure you will agree when I say blogspot secure more stringent than wordpress.

From some comparisons which I wrote above, I think you are able to conclude their own blog platform which is good for you.

Remember before you actually create your blog online in this virtual universe, make sure you are not one of choosing the right platform. because you will feel your effort is wasted if the platform that you choose at the beginning of the blog creation is not right for you.
Well so what ya want to choose between blogspot and wordpress ???????????????

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