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Effective Use Of Text When Designing A Website


Of the different website design considerations, text is one of the most significant, yet also one of the most neglected. You can have the best logo, layout and graphics possible, but if visitors to your website cannot easily read the information that you are giving them then they will not stay on your website for more than a few seconds.

The good news is that getting the text part of your website design correct is not difficult. All you have to do is adhere to these guidelines…

- Only make use of fonts that are available on all computers, such as arial, helvetica and verdana. Whilst you may not consider these to be the most visually appealing fonts, they are the most practical ones to use. This is because they are the easiest to read on a computer screen; in fact, the verdana font was specifically created to be read on computer screens, rather than to be printed out. Also, every computer definitely has these fonts stored on their hard-disk. If you choose a fancy font, then many computers may not have it stored, and so you cannot be sure how your website is going to render on other people’s screens.

- Do not display text in small font sizes; if it looks too small, visitors to your website will not even try to read it. You may have good eyesight but many people do not, and so you have to take the middle ground rather than just making your website for yourself. Using a font size of 11 or 12 is recommended for the main body of your written content, with sub-titles and headings being a font size or two larger.

- Limit the width of your paragraphs to roughly 15 words per line. This is necessary so that people only have to move their eyes to read your website, and not their whole head. This number is based on research and studies that have been carried out which show that 15 words is as far most people’s field of vision will stretch. Not every line has to be precisely 15 words, as some sentences will, obviously, have a greater or lesser number of small words such as ‘to’, ‘and’, ‘a’, etc., so you just need to use that number as a rough guide.

- The color(s) you choose for your text should contrast sharply to the color(s) you use for your background. A white background with black text is easiest for people to read, but it is not necessary to use that color scheme if it does not suit the overall style of your website design. If the background color is light, then make your text black or a dark shade of gray, and if the background color is dark, then make your text white. Using non black, dark gray or white text very rarely works, so be extremely careful if you are absolutely intent on making your text a different color.

This article was written by a website design expert who has more than 10 years experience in the industry. He is currently doing website design in Chappaqua, Westchester and White Plains and can be contacted at

How Will A Company Be Affected With The Web Design And Strategy?


The world of business is a world of competition. Every businessman is finding ways to go beyond the strategy and left their competitor’s way behind from them. This is the aim of every businessman and they look the web as the easy and simple way to enhance their potential. The impact of web design has a very big influence for them. Here are the common potential that you may gain from this.

Web design’s impact is big enough to benefit a company. It will make the company working 24/7. Access to your business can be done anywhere with less manpower. Instead of hiring people to work 24/7, you may have a website that will the rest of the job. The convenient of online will bring them to your company’s portal. Updates and changes can be posted online making it hassle-free for your clients.

Your web will serve as an advertisement for your products and services also. Some inquiries can be answered online only if you refer your clients to your web, making it less stressful for your employees. A self-guided tool can be added to your web so clients can just do a self-service transaction. The website though needs to have an aesthetic program making it more elite and user-friendly. Making your web totally different from the rest will do this trick. With this concern, a survey may be needed to make it more effective. You may consider reviewing the competitor’s web. You can take note of their good and negative aspects. After all, you can summarize the areas for improvement of most webs and have it developed on your web plus the additional good sides that your company have.

Test from some variations will be checked thru actual surveys. You can have a group of person visit your web and see their reactions and comments. Take note of the time and notice the duration of their stay on your web. And notice facial expressions as well. Or you may consider checking their mood after use. This will include their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. This will affect the attitude of client if they wanted to go back to your web or not. This factor will affect your marketing strategy.

Or in some cases, you may ask them of their direct objectives about the total impact of our web and also their feedback. But make it sure that you joined and consider their facial expression. Make a data of your target market and then have it compare to the data you got from the series of test you’ve had from a certain group of people.

You can prepare a questionnaire to test their objections and suggestions. It doesn’t mean that you need to follow their exact suggestions but at least you have something to look forward as a comparison. Web design has a big impact on your business thus making it advantageous that the rest of the competitors.

This article was written by one of the authors of the Affiliate Marketing team. and he is the owner of Make Money From Home Guide

How To Convert A Lot Of Website Guests Into Customers


You are fighting some robust obstacles to induce a website visitor to retort to your company. These include the short attention span of the net, you being one amongst hundreds of internet sites they can visit, and therefore the guests having seen thousands of internet sites already.

In analyzing the twenty five most successful websites we’ve written for our shoppers, here are the 9 massive-image secrets to having a web site that gets you most conversions, leads, sales and profits.

1. Your web site needs a headline that is very specific, distinctive, exceptional and features a mouth-watering client-benefit.

Generalities in your headline and web site can kill your response. Individuals have heard general statements hundreds of times before, thus they have no power:

“lowest costs” … click away;
“nice services” … click away;
“industry leader” … click away.

2. Develop instant credibility on the first page of your website by using logos of well-known customers, membership associations, years in business, etc.

The net is a phenomenal tool as a result of it literally puts the globe at your fingertips. The problem is that there are many crooks, cheats and nuts in the globe who may all have web sites.

You wish to create certain your guests instantly understand that yours could be a legitimate, skilled business. This not solely puts their minds comfortable, but it removes a large obstacle they may otherwise must doing business with you.

3. Get to the purpose on the first VISIBLE screen.

The key here is VISIBLE. This suggests create positive your guests understand EXACTLY how you’ll solve their problems and meet their wants BEFORE they ever bit a scroll bar. There’s nothing additional aggravating than a site that forces you to link and scroll before you’ll even figure out if they will meet your needs.

Assume about it: do you are taking the time to dig through one internet website when you’ll GOOGLE thousands or uncountable different sites that additionally claim to possess what you need? Neither can your prospects. If folks have to travel searching, they will simply move on.

Two different necessary tools that can help flip guests into consumers are a site search, and simple-to-find contact information. You would like to make sure nobody visits your website without INSTANTLY knowing you WANT to assist them and YOU will solve their problems.

4. Create a free or special introductory offer.

You need to urge the website visitor to DO SOMETHING NOW … IMMEDIATELY! As a result of if they don’t, they’re gone … and you’ve lost your opportunity. (Once we added a free evaluation supply to our Profit Boosters Copywriting website, our response rate tripled.)

5. Provide a free eNewsletter sign-up.

This is often a must. Offer it a smart name, provide free special reports along with it and push your privacy policy. You must capture your visitor emails and follow up with helpful information to them on a daily basis.

And don’t worry concerning writing your eNewsletter. You obviously have a passion and experience for your business, otherwise you wouldn’t be in it. Just write concerning what you know, using your own words.

Here’s another vital connected tip: don’t strive and impress anyone with technical jargon and flowery language. Faux you’re writing a letter to assist out a sensible friend. That’s the perfect tone for your eNewsletter.

6. Specialize in the message, not the technology.

With a media as technology-driven as the internet, it’s unbelievably straightforward to get fixed in all the newest bells and whistles.

However keep in mind, folks are visiting your website as a result of they WANT one thing … NOT because they want to be impressed by how a lot of technology you’ve packed onto your site.

Your headline is still the key (see tip variety one once more) to driving business. And whether or not you use the newest technology, or plain old text, EVERYTHING on your site ought to purpose your prospect to a BENEFIT solely YOU will provide.

Here’s another smart reason to carry back on the tech stuff a bit: not all new technology is ACCESSIBLE or ACCEPTED by most users straight away, or perhaps at all. To reach the biggest audience, wait until a technology is generally accepted by users and developers so they’ll have already got, or be willing to download the mandatory parts to view your site. Some examples of this are:

• java applets
• activex controls
• shockwave objects
• tools that need plug-ins
• specialised document formats

7. Keep it simple.

One common mistake is to overdo the graphics. Net design programs create it so straightforward to add graphic parts that they’re typically hard to resist. Remember, just as a result of you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.
Attempt the “Squint Test”. Look at your internet page and quite squint your eyes. Do you see a main thought and graphic … or do you only see a bunch of colors, shapes, patterns, boxes and flashes?
As a guideline, anything that diverts your attention to ITSELF as a graphic component and AWAY from the MESSAGE of your main benefits, is most likely overdone.

Some common things that get overused are:
• excessive graphics
• frames
• background images
• bevels and alternative graphic tricks

Keep in mind that overdoing it can be a lot of than simply a visual problem. Too several graphics and frames can bathroom down a page or make it too tough to navigate. Either way, you’ve lost your prospect for good.

8. Offer prospects a reason to go to your site.

The #one reason people visit internet sites is for information. So, additionally to making sure they apprehend you’ll solve their issues, provide them some information.

Sensible examples of things you’ll simply “give away” on your site embrace free marketing tips, a how-to section, or tips for purchasing your product or service. You don’t have to offer away the farm. Simply provide some useful tidbits that show people you recognize what you’re talking about. All of these things will build your credibility and generate business for you.

9. Give each customers and prospects a reason to want to go to your web website again.

Studies show that folks usually will not get from you till they visit your web site four to five times. You’ll be able to help that method along tremendously by giving folks a reason to come to your site.

Some ways to try and do this embrace updating product or service info, timely/seasonal how-to tips, changing your provide, changing your free premium, upgrading or updating samples and demos. These are all smart reasons for people to come back to your website or maybe even bookmark it.

A sensible rule would be to update your web site in some means a minimum of once a month, even if the changes are minimal. Not solely will it offer your guests a reason to come back, it will help drive new guests to your site since search engines re-index/re-catalog modified pages.

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Redirecting Net Traffic To A Brand New Location


If you have to move a web site from one domain to another, it will mean that each one the links pointing to your previous web site would now be lost and would generate the dreaded 404 error when guests came in via recent search engine listing or links.

The most effective way to preserve your links, and have guests end up on their needed page is to setup a redirect from the old domain to the new one.

In this instance, we are visiting assume that we have a tendency to use to have a domain known as OLDSITE.COM and for some reason we tend to have to move everything across to NEWSITE.COM

The primary up, don’t kill the hosting for the recent site however leave it operating for some time. This will then allow us to redirect visitors from the old web site to the new site.

A 301 redirect merely tells search engines that visit your website that the old URL has now permanently modified to a different URL. Once the search engines realize the 301 redirect they can begin to convert all the old links in their index across to the new location.
This can take your time and on website sites, this may take months to own the search engines convert all the old links across to the new locations.

An .htaccess file is nothing a lot of than a easy text file that contains instructions for the internet server that run on that hosting account.

On your PC, start a duplicate of NOTEPAD (This will be achieved by going Start->Accessories->Notepad) and edit your existing .htaccess file or to form a replacement one. DON’T use Word or any other word processing software to open the file, because these packages have the horrible habit of inserting “funny” characters in file that will cause the .htaccess file to not perform properly.

If your new website’s structure is precisely the identical because the previous site, then simply place the following line in your .htaccess file

Redirect 301 http://www.NEWSITE.COM

Currently save the file, and FTP this file up into your websites main account. On most Linux based mostly systems, this is the /public_html/ directory

Currently, whenever a visitor (be it somebody’s or an enquiry engine bot) involves your previous domain, they will be redirect to your new site. Thus if they came looking for a file known as stuff.html (previous URL would be they might get automatically redirected to

This is the easiest approach to maneuver a complete site from one domain to another…

If the structure of the new website is totally different from the old one, then we tend to can want to “map” every previous URL to its corresponding new location. This also applies if you choose to alter the structure of your site, and you want to preserve the links from your old structure and ’map” them to their new location.

If you have a URL that was and you wanted to redirect guests to you would place the subsequent in your .htaccess file.

Redirect 301 /dogtraining/

The format is:
Redirect 301 old-location new-location

The “previous-location” is the trail to the recent destination (minus the domain name)
The “new-location” is the full path to final destination (it must embody the totally qualified domain name moreover).

This suggests that when every a visitor comes in on the recent URL ( the net server will redirect them to the new URL of (

If you’ve got multiple locations that you wish to redirect, then you have got to have multiple redirects set up. With one redirect per line. An example would possibly seem like this:

Redirect 301 /dogtraining/
Redirect 301 /policedogtraining/
Redirect 301 /dogtrainingvideos/

It is time consuming putting in place 301 redirect, but if your website had valuable incoming links, then its worth spending the time to preserve those links and keep your website ranking furthermore as it used to and to keep your website profitable.

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Ecommerce Website House Owners: Are You Leaving Cash On The Counter?


Own an ecommerce web site? Do you’ve got a mailing list?

If not, you’re potentially leaving a heap of cash on the counter.

Keeping in bit with your past customers and guests, is one of the simplest and value effective methods of skyrocketing your web site sales. You merely must have a mechanism to gather the e-mail addresses of both consumers and browsers alike.

Collecting patrons email addresses is a ”no brainer” – when all you would like to send them confirmation details, receipts etc. Simply create sure you raise their permission to stay them up to date on future special offers.

Collecting visitor details may be a bit trickier, and you need to offer some quite incentive in return for them surrendering their valuable email address. Here are many ways:

· A discount voucher off their 1st order

The amount you are prepared to offer will rely on the profit margin in your business, and the disadvantage is you’ll only get the email addresses of people who were going to buy anyway.

· A competition to win one in every of your products.

Do build sure you’re honest and pick a winner – put past winner details on your website to emphasise this

· An insiders buyers guide

If you offer technical products that can be tough to perceive – like electronics, audio-visual etc, then write a brief guide

· Special reports or tips guides

If you sell golf equipment, look for articles on golf tips online, acquire the authors permission and compile them into a PDF report.

Managing your list

Depending on what ecommerce system your website is predicated on, you may have already got the power to manage email lists. If not, use a list management service like Aweber (, which allows you to line up autoresponder sequences, multiple lists and send HTML emails.

That brings me nicely to the next *must* . . . send HTML emails!

HTML emails are those stuffed with pictures and graphics, rather like webpages as opposed to plain text emails.

Why? They are far additional eyecatching, which is crucial given the increasing amounts of email we have a tendency to get each day. You stand a better likelihood if you embrace pictures of your merchandise – once all a image is value a thousand words, right?

(the only exception to the present is individuals selling non tangible merchandise or services – as an example, data merchandise usually work higher in text emails.)

What ought to you communicate in your emails?

· Special offers

Any merchandise that you have got put on special offer, sale items, finish of line stock etc. Adding a message of limited availability or ends by a sure date can facilitate increase response.

· Seasonal offers

Garden furniture and barbecues in Spring, for example.

· Offers tied to special events

Before the recent FIFA World Cup, I used to be inundated with special offers on all kinds of TV’s for watching it on. If you can tie your merchandise to a widespread event in some manner, thus a lot of the better.

· New product reviews

Reviews of the most recent product offerings to hit your marketplace, can interest your customers.

· Technical “the way to’s”

If you sell any quite technical product, your customers will appreciate the occasional a way to guide. How to urge the best out of your equipment, high tips, etc.

Frequency of emails

I wouldn’t advise emailing your customers any a lot of than once per week, and leave it more than a month between communications and they’re possible to be forgetting concerning you.

There we have it. Masses of concepts on how to keep in bit along with your customers, and make positive you stay at the forefront of their minds. The cost is just about zero, and therefore the potential returns are massive.

What’s the cost if you don’t? Well, undoubtedly one amongst your competitors will create the hassle – and end up seducing your customers far from you . . presumably for good.

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Selecting A Good Ecommerce Web Site Style Company


Choosing a sensible ecommerce website style company isn’t an simple task. It is quite attainable that you’ll need to pay thousands of dollars and even then might not have improved or desired profits. So you should follow some guidelines therefore that to work out whether ecommerce web site design company is going to be fruitful for your business or not. There’s yet one more glorious strategy of success of online store development and that is client relationship management or CRM optimization.

The primary thing that you should look for, is whether or not the website development company has the range of services you need for the success of your business or not. These services will be anything like e commerce website style, emblem coming up with, content improvement, ecommerce web hosting etc. You must also see to it that the corporate you’re selecting will be able to provide additional updated services as and when your business will grow.

Conjointly evaluate the ecommerce web site style company’s previous works and at the same time compare it with different similar corporations also. Realize out whether they have qualified professionals and are using latest and updated techniques or not. If the corporate is well established and has considerable experience during this field, it will not charge you for initial assessment or project planning. The quotes and the details of their work is most in all probability on the market on their web site and you’ll ensure yourself by reading the testimonials and feedbacks of their clients.

It’s for positive that together with update by means that of latest technology and ecommerce website development, you also need your on-line store style to seem unique and special. For this you require ecommerce website designers that have the creativity and imagination to make such a website that matches in your criteria and fulfills the aim of developing your online store also. The ecommerce website design company should be capable of other ecommerce solutions like marketing and advertising section that features all Net promoting strategies.

The ecommerce net hosting techniques ought to embody special desires and aspects of your ecommerce business. Once you have designed your website and updated it with latest techniques and ecommerce software, you wish to concentrate to customer relationship management also. The CRM optimization allows the accomplishment of the goals, optimizes the resources and has the power to adapt with the change. With the assistance of this ecommerce software the customer is transferred to the related agent and the method continues till the shopper is satisfied.

Although the key issue for the success of a business is attracting customers, a correct relationship with the client and its satisfaction enhances the quantity of business all the more. Simply as the ecommerce website design and set up is very important thus is CRM optimization for the success of an organization. It will not solely help you maintain a good relationship along with your customers by looking once their interests and details together with caring for his or her security, it conjointly enables you to perceive the market professionally that is extremely fruitful for development of your business.

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What Pages Ought To My Ecommerce Net Design Have?


Need a head begin on your ecommerce web style? Need to save heaps of bucks in consulting fees to work out what a good ecommerce net design should have? Scan this short article.

In keeping with ATAK Interactive, an ecommerce solutions agency in Los Angeles, California, there’s currently a normal set of pages and issues a retail net website style should have. David Ephraim, CFO and ecommerce net style strategist at ATAK Interactive says “ecommerce web design ought to be treated a lot of like a brick and mortar retail store. Customers have expectations and do not need to possess to raise someone how to induce what they want.”

“If a business is building an ecommerce net site, homeowners and managers ought to follow an business customary when it comes to ecommerce page style and ecommerce programming,” says Ephraim. “Customers, just like in retail stores, expect detailed client service, in depth company information, and currently a very little a lot of in terms of resource, links, testimonials, and commonly asked queries,” explains Ephraim. In summary Ephraim explains there’s no reason an ecommerce internet website owner should offer a user to depart the internet site.

The ATAK Interactive ecommerce internet design page breakdown serves as a “choose and opt for” list customers should use to determine what their ecommerce internet web site ought to have. Once the list is narrowed to perfection, business homeowners can produce page content around the list:

General Store Pages Home Regarding News/Press Services Resources/Links FAQ Testimonials Locations Contact Us Client Service Pages Privacy Policy Come Policy Terms and Conditions Shipping and Returns Site Map Cart Pages/Section Class Page (includes sale/hot deals/clearance) Merchandise Page (includes prod reviews) Account Login My Account Checkout Order Standing/Track My Order Newsletter Signup Additional Pages to Consider Articles Glossary Blog Worth Match Guarantee Gift Center Gift Registry Gift Certificates/Cards Coupons Partners RMA RequestJobs/Careers Facilitate and Info Video Center Web site Security RSS Feeds Gear Guides Affiliate Program Checklists

Ephraim notes that every one pages above don’t seem to be required for ecommerce web style . “One will combine pages to reduce page count or remove pages that do not make sense altogether. Each business may be a little different and there are various ecommerce sales models. The necessary half is that users will easily find any of this information and confidently create a secure purchase.”

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Website Design – Quick Web Development Secrets For Creating Website Content To Get Repeat Customers


If you want to be a successful web entrepreneur, you must learn to attract customers to your website on a regular basis. Design your website in such a way that it compels users to re-visit your site, and keep refreshing it weekly to ensure that each visit by your customers is meaningful and valuable. Outdated and irrelevant content can upset users and give them a reason not to return.

When creating and updating content on your website, remember to keep it simple. Do not overload your web pages with high bandwidth-consuming audio, video and animation features as that can considerably increase the time your web pages take to load. Delay irritates customers and discourages usage of your website. Here are a few effective methods for content creation and update.

Polls and surveys

Internet users look for instant gratification and interaction when they visit a web site. Polls and surveys is an excellent way to fulfill that desire and allow your customers to express their views and opinions. Ask them questions about the latest topics related to your website. For example, a fashion web design can ask customers to rate celebrity outfits on red carpets. To encourage greater participation in surveys, you can offer visitors small rewards like discounts and vouchers.

To include a poll or survey on your website ask your web-hosting provider for easy to use tools. Alternatively, look for a free website service that can generate the HTML code for you. For advanced surveys, hire a survey provider who will take care of setup and reporting at an affordable price. Keep your polls and surveys short for the greatest impact.


Use blogs to connect with your customers on a more personal level, to highlight your expertise and enhance your visibility and credibility. A combination of interactivity, collaboration and community makes them excellent virtual marketing tools. A blog with its many links can be very useful in directing traffic to your website.

RSS (Simple Syndication) Feeds

RSS feeds allow you to instantly receive and publish pieces of text, making them great tools for innovative marketing and content building. Add RSS feed from blogs and news articles to regularly attract customers to your website. You can also use RSS feeds to notify subscribers about updates to the website content. To test RSS feeds download and install an RSS reader or look for an orange button on your favorite sites. Most browsers also have built-in tools for viewing and using RSS feeds.

Customer driven content

Another excellent way of creating and refreshing content is to ask your customers to write it. The excitement of seeing their names on a website will greatly encourage them to contribute content to your site. This also saves money that you would have spent on hiring professional writers.

Daily or Weekly tips

Providing a tip, daily or weekly, is an easy way of refreshing content, attracting customer attention and facilitating repeat visits to your website.

Relevant and fresh content is crucial for the success of your website. Use these website design tools to develop effective content and give your customers a compelling reason to visit your website repeatedly.

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Web Development – The Important Things To Keep In Mind For A Good Web Design


If you want to make your business successful, it is important to have a website design that would market and promote your company to the world and help you build a relationship with your current and prospective customers. To create an effective web site you need a plan. You need to think about what exactly is the purpose of your site. Are you going to use it to dispense information to your prospects and customers and create awareness for your brand and products? Or is it an online store that you are considering to sell merchandise? If you have clarity about the purpose of the site, you are off to a good start!

Following are some of the key questions to get started with creating a plan for your web site.

* Who is your target customer? If they fall in several segments, do you want to create a site that is one size fit all or do you want to narrow your focus and cater to a smaller segment instead?
* What do your customers want from your business and the web site?
* What is the end goal of your business and the web site? How does that match up with what your competition is doing?
* Do you have a time line to create the website and make it operational?
* How are you going to promote your web site? Unless you go out and tell the world about it, you may not get much traffic to your site.
* What is the best way to use the web site to distribute information about your business?
* If you want to sell products on you web site do you have a plan for inventory management, shipping and for processing returns.
* Websites can be a great way to feel the pulse of the market and get feedback from your customers. Have you planned for that?

Fortunately, creating an extraordinary web site is not so difficult if you are prepared to let it evolve over a period of time rather than create one in your first attempt. First step is to develop a basic site plan that covers the most important features you want in your site. If you aspire to be the next eBay of the world, you have to start small and then build on your vision as you go by continuously learning and correcting any mistakes.

Building the best site is not enough. You must market it well to build awareness and tell the world about it. Think about the tools and strategies you will employ to generate traffic. Some of the common strategies are search engine marketing, search engine optimization and email marketing. You obviously do not have unlimited marketing budget. Consider the strategy that can get you the most bang for your buck.

Once the traffic starts to your site, it would be time to analyze it and see what is working and what is not. For example if users are not clicking further than the home page then you need to rethink the home page design. If they are placing products in the shopping cart but then abandoning it, you need to review the purchasing process. Regularly review the traffic reports, page views, bounce backs, and click through rates to improve the content and navigation of your site and to add new features.

Your website is a reflection of your business and the products and services you are providing to your customers. However, remember that Rome was not built in a day. Start small, let it evolve over a few months as you keep your eyes, ears open for feedback from your customers, and use it to refine and renew the site.

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Issues On Web Design


Different issues can’t be avoided even in web designing. Due to conflicts between differing goals and web design methods, conflicts arise. Some of them are listed below.

Liquid vs. Fixed Layouts

Web designers do not have control over everything when designing a web site. Some of the factors that they do not have control over are browser window (the web browser used), used input devices (such as mouse, touch screen, voice command, and text) and the size and characteristics of fonts available.

However, some designers choose to control the element’s appearance on screen with the use of specific width designations. This may be done with the use of HTML table-based design or CSS. Fixed width design happens when images, texts and design layouts do not change as the browser changes. Supporter of this design prefer to control the look and feel of the site as well as the placement of objects on the page. However, other designers use liquid design, as in Wikipedia. In liquid design, the design moves so that the content will flow on the whole screen or a portion of it. The supporters of this design wishes to use all the available spaces on the web.

CSS versus tables

During the days where Netscape Navigator 4 was the most popular browser, Web designers use tables to layout pages on the web. This was considered as the practical solution then. However, popular as it is, it requires dozens of nested tables even for simple designs.

With the emergence of dominant browsers such as Internet Explorer (which became more compliant to W3C), designers started to turn their attention in using CSS. Proponents of CSS say that tables should only be used for tabular data and not for page layout. In CSS, on the other hand, HTML returns to a semantic set-up. With this, search engines are able to understand what is happening in a web page. But one major downfall of CSS is the fact that control is essentially abandoned because each browser has its own trait which leads the page to have a different display.

So to avoid this stand off, you have to decide firsthand on the approach you will take when designing that webpage, here are some of the key elements you have to bear in mind:

Website Planning

It is important to plan on the kind of website that you would be establishing. Keep in mind the audience or your target market, as well as the purpose for creating the site and lastly, its contents.


The key step to website planning process is defining your target market or audience. Your audience is the group of people you visualize as the ones who would most likely visit your website. These people will be visiting your website for a purpose so it is beneficial to know the things they are looking for. To help you decide on this, you should clearly define the goal of the site and also understand what people want to feel or do when visiting your website.

Looks vs. Function

Some designers pay more attention on how the site looks rather than on how it works. Some even rely on advertisements, so that clients will find their website, instead of search engines. On the other hand, SEO’s or Search Engine Optimization consultants are concerned with how a web site works, textually and technically. As a result, designers and SEO’s end up having fights because of the differences of their concerns.

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