A few weeks ago, I walked out my front door to get the mail. I noticed a man walking in my direction. Really, I didn’t want to talk to a salesman, and tried to get back to my door before he would speak. But, too late, I heard him say “hello.”

As I reached the entrance to my house, this man was within a few feet of me. He said he was collecting donations for a church, and the money would be used to provide homeless individuals with needed food, clothing and medicine. I try to be aware of my surroundings, but this one escaped me. I’d need to go inside my house to get my wallet, and tell the stranger to wait there, or invite the stranger into my home. None of these options appealed to me. Either way, I was uncomfortable and felt a sense of fear.

I told the man I was busy, and did not want to donate any money to his cause. He said it was for a good cause, and took a step closer. Now, he was close enough to block the door, and didn’t seem to want to take ‘no’ for an answer. I was uncomfortable and just wanted him to leave. I figured the only way to get rid of this unexpected and unwanted stranger was to give him some money. So, I asked him to wait, and said I’d be right back. He agreed. I headed for my purse, and grabbed a dollar, and gave it to the man. He took it and said “bless you,” and started walking away. Luckily this had a happy ending, but needless to say, I was unnerved and upset.

The next day I was telling a co-worker about my scary experience, and she told me about the newest personal and portable call alarmsportable security alarm, that are disguised as a pendant, pin, or bracelet. She lived alone, too, and the peace of mind the got from this small device was unbeatable. All she had to do was press the panic button, and her pendant would dial 911. She literally had a phone around her neck!

Immediately, I thought of my mom. She’s retired, lives alone, and has some medical problems. It would be comforting to know she could get help even if she couldn’t get to her phone. A personal emergency call alarm might be the answer.

I shopped around and found that there are many personal emergency call alarms on the market. A key chain alarm is one example. This type of alarm was convenient, small enough to fit in a hand, and was extremely loud. But, it couldn’t call 911. I thought about the alarms we all hear in everyday life, like, a car alarm. What do when we hear a car alarm? Do we run to see if you can be of help? Not usually. Mostly, people just continue on with their business. And, if my mom didn’t have the key chain alarm with her, what good would it be? Or, what if she happened to fall, and the key chain went flying out of her hand? If she couldn’t get to the alarm, well, you get the picture. So, I decided to keep looking.

Through my search, I found that personal emergency call alarms have three basic components: the panic button, the base unit, and the call center. Mostly, the panic button is used to call for medical assistance.

Then, I started thinking about another daily event; home break-inspersonal security. What would you do? You probably say you’d pick up the phone and call 911. But, what if you can’t get to your phone? Would you ask the intruder if they’d wait a minute, so you can call 911? Of course, that’s just silly.

I also learned these types of alarms can send a “silent” alarm, so you can call for help without anyone knowing. No need to speak to anyone. If you don’t verbally respond, emergency personnel will be dispatched to your address.

Nowadays, the benefits of modern security technology is almost endless, and there’s a lot of reliable products on the market. I want to be sure I choose the right alarm for myself and my mom. We, all, deserve to feel safe and secure in our homes, and I think these portable personal call alarms are a friend in need!

So far, neither me or my mom has had try out our new necklaces. But, if the need happens, I’m sure this little device will be as good as it claims to be!

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