RSS stands Really Simple Syndication and is a method of taking content and distributing it out to multiple sites. It was primarily aimed toward news feeds and providing content from news sites to alternative sites.

Like several other technologies, it has been acquired by Internet Marketers who have found this is a wonderful way to promote backlinks. It permits you to syndicate your content to lots of different websites at a click of a button, that in turn will boost your website in the search engine rankings.

In order to use RSS syndication, you have to get an RSS feed from your website. The easiest method to carry out this is to use WordPress when creating your website. There are methods of producing RSS feeds from standard HTML websites, but it is just not always as simple as you’ll think. Quite often it involves a manual process and manual submission of files. However, there are a few websites that can automatically convert HTML to RSS for you.

Once you’ve got an RSS feed you will want to find a few places to submit it.

There are 2 kinds of websites you want to find.

Firstly you are searching for RSS directories. A fast Google search will bring up a lot of directories you are able to use. There’s software on the market that you can to get which is able to automate the submission for you.

Once you have found your directories you need to submit your RSS feeds to them. Manually it is not the fastest method, but it may be outsourced. You want to get your keywords, a title and generally a description ready, but that will not take long.

It is often worth using other descriptions, titles and keywords to make sure each submission is unique. What level of distinction this actually makes no one| is quite certain, but it will appear to help.

If you are manually submitting RSS feeds then you need to keep track of which sites you’ve got submitted where. The main reason being you do not need to submit the same website more than just once. Plus, you’re mopst likely to desire to submit other sites in the near future.

The second type of web site is an RSS Aggregator. This is a web site that takes a variety of RSS feeds and combines them into a single feed or webpage. This single feed will be submitted to RSS directories, further increasing your backlinks.

The RSS aggregator can be helpful to combine up your RSS feeds on a topic with feeds from news sites on the same topic. This can offer a higher level of authority and supply extra bulk to the content.

While using RSS feeds, you want to also don’t forget that numerous Internet 2.0 sites like Squidoo and several article directories have RSS feeds for the pages you create. These can also be submitted to RSS directories plus aggregators in order to further increase links and boost rankings.

Your RSS feed submissions will be updated every time you update your webpage. Therefore, if you are frequently adding new content, you are able to get it syndicated out to several websites very quickly , gaining you backlinks to your site.

RSS feeds are a good way to acquire additional backlinks and to help your sites rank well for their keywords. Use them, enjoy them and watch the links flooding in.

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