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How A Good Landing Page Can Increase Your Income.


In this article we will reveal some online money making ideas that will increase your online income. Most of the online marketers are using the landing page where the surfer is transfered once he clicked on the ads. It is a great strategy to refer the customer to the specific landing page where he can register to the company instead of referring him to the homepage. The reason is very simple. If the visitor is landing on the homepage of the company’s site, a lot of information is available for him and he might be lost among the pages of your site and will forget why he is there at all. The tests let us know that the conversion rate of the traffic that is referred on a specific landing page is much higher than the home page or any other page of the site.

Though the secret of the success is not only creating the landing page, but also having a good landing page. If you want a specific action from the user so it must be avident in the landing page that you use. For example most of the landing pages have the goal to make the user register, providing some details as name, email address, etc. This must be visually clear on the landing page. Let it sound unreal for you but a good landing page must be boring. We don’t afraid to characterize a good landing page as boring, because according to the tests this is exactly what you need in order to make money on the net.

There are many designers who invest much time and efforts to make a perfect landing page. As a result we have thousands of landing pages that are stuffy, wild colored and distractive. You have only few moments of the users’ attention since he has landed on your landing page, and for that reason we advise you to make the goal of it as clear as possible. First of all you need to remove all the bright colors and unnecessary elements from the landing page. If the action that you need from the user is to register so you can place a short registration form in the central part of the landing page with at big button to join so that it would take the most attention of the user when he lands on the landing page. Use similar colors so that they would match the outline of the landing page and look calm.

It is very important to add some titles and few lines of text that will convey a message to the user what he is doing on that landing page, how it will help him and what happens when he joins. This information will let the user feel safe on your landing page and he will be willing to join. Improving the landing page is one of the great ways to earn extra money as it will dramatically increase your conversions.

Selecting The Affiliate Program To Work With.


Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest online money making ideas on the net and is the most popular forms of the web business. There are millions of the webmasters who earn a very decent monthly income by promoting the products of the other companies. Today many companies turn to the affiliate marketing instead of the classical media buy. You can find more companies offering the affiliate programs as the way to market their services.

The affiliate program is a win-win situation where both internet marketer and the company make money working online. In order to make your affiliate partnership with the company successful you need to know to join the right affiliate program that will match your needs. The main issue in the affiliate marketing is the accuracy of tracking. We can say that internet marketing is all about tracking. If your traffic doesn’t tracks you cannot know your referrals and you cannot make money. For that reason, when you select the affiliate program check their tracking program before you start promoting it. You can do it by performing few tests. You can click on your referral links from different IPs and complete a registration using your referral link of the affiliate program. After you are done, you can check your stats and see if the details you see there are fine.

Commission structure is the second important thing in the affiliate programs. According to the tests most of the affiliates prefer the revenue share commission plan. And they are absolutely right. The revenue share plan gives you the life time income from your referrals. We recommend you to choose the affiliate programs that offer no less than 25% revenue share commissions. You will receive the residual income all the time while your referrals will use the services of the company that you work with.

Beside the revenue share plan, many internet marketers prefer to work on the CPA (cost per action), CPC (cost per click) or CPL (cost per lead). Not all the affiliate programs offer these commission structure as they are more risk involving for the companies. For example if you work on CPC and refer the low quality traffic, so the affiliate program will have to pay you commissions without getting any profit from it. For that reason many affiliate programs can offer you such plans as CPC or CPL after they see your visitors and its performance. The hybrid commission plans are also available where two types of the commission plans are combined. For example you can work on $100 CPA+15% revenue share plan. This hybrid commission plan is very popular in many big affiliate programs.

We recommend you to get in touch with the affiliate program support before you start promoting it. It will let you to find out more information about the program, get the answers on many questions and at the same time check how quick is the support of the affiliate program that you are intending to join. This is vital important for the future partnership with the affiliate program and the creation of your money making internet business.

Top Incoming Link Building Strategies.


Incoming links building process is a real competition on the web. Just think that there are numbers of webmasters who are trying to push their sites in Google in order to generate more visitors and make quick money online. One of the methods to do it is the backlink building. The task is to spread the wide world web with the links to your site. And not only the simple links, but the links with the certain anchor text that you wish your site to be found for. The more quality incoming your site has, the more important it looks for Google.

All the websites that you can find in the few first pages of the search results in Google are performing the incoming links building. And it is not suprising if the winners of this marathon are the webmasters who succeed to get the top place of the search results for the tough terms will not reveal the secret of their success as they don’t wish someone to dublicate their making money ideas and strategies. For that reason we made our mind to make a certain research online and summarize some most popular link building methods.

Article Marketing is the most popular method for generating the incoming links and visitors to your site. The benefit of the article marketing is that you can submit tons of articles in the article directories including the backlinks to your site in the text of the article or in its source, depending on the demands of the article directories. Another thing why articles are the great promotion method is because if you submit your article in the high ranked directories that have a lot of traffic and readers, many people will find your article there and will read it. If it is good written and interesting they may want to click the links you placed there and visit your site. So you will get the immediate traffic to your site and on the other hand will get the long term backlinks for promoting the site in the Search Engines.

Forums is another great method for generating the one-way links. Many webmasters use it because for some people it is the easiest way to generate the one-way links to their site. You don’t have to compose the long and good articles in order to get the backlinks. What you have to do is to create the short posts in the related forums where the links to your site are included in your signature and will be seen after every message you write in the forum.

Bookmarking takes the third position in the backlinks building method list. It is an affective way to increase the exposure of your site online and generate hundreds of backlinks in a short time. Bookmark your new posts and the webpages in different bookmarking sites on the daily basis and you will have the results very soon.

You can find more information about the site promotion and other subjects visiting our site online money making ideas.

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