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E-mail List Building Coupled With Your Lead Squeeze Web Page = Money!!!


It truly is undeniable in today’s globe of on the internet revenue the value of list creating. How the checklist is produced and by what means. Guide Capture Software program over the many years has been a preferred technique of choice to produce your landing pages with ease if you do not have the HTML abilities necessary to build them from scratch.

A simple 1 page website, also known as a squeeze web page, opt-in page, landing web page or guide capture web page is used to provide something of value to the visitor. If presented correctly, the visitor will not hesitate to sign up by filling in their name and e-mail tackle in the opt-in form you location on your page. In exchange for opting into the checklist the visitor usually receives a free of charge gift, a mini-course delivered by way of emails or your weekly/monthly newsletter. It must be one thing the visitor considers of worth to them to compel them to trust you enough to provide you their e-mail address.

Today with individuals communicating all over the world utilizing interpersonal networking, it’s simpler than ever to build your list. Simply add your squeeze web page link into as numerous of those sites that you use and numerous of the followers will click on it. Some of the social media websites allow you to input your opt-in type correct into your profile web page which signifies you do not even need to drive traffic to your web site to capture the lead. Nevertheless, there are some traps and mistakes you might do in your list creating efforts. Discover out a lot more on this ebooks blog.

Of course it’s wise to target your audience, follow those inside your niche and your followers will do the same. You are more likely to have followers click in your web site URL when you’ve a common curiosity. Be active within the social sites with useful information, not just salesy or self-promotional. Contribute info and useful ideas. That way your followers will be a lot more tempted to click on your hyperlink to discover out what you’re all about.

Then obviously your guide catch web page itself should be a great style with clear and concise call to action. Keep it clean and uncluttered with only sufficient information to spark the visitor’s interest. Make it compelling and to the place. Your site visitors must know inside seconds precisely what you would like them to accomplish. Provide something for free of charge, money making ebooks or some video or perhaps a piece of software program.

I cannot stress enough the worth of the nicely done squeeze web page and what guide capture can do for the online sales campaign! We go into significantly more detail about lead catch software program and checklist building on our web site. This is a wonderful resource that should not be disregarded.

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5 Methods To Increase Your Opt-In Ratio


With all of the “Get Rich” quick schemes and scams out their these days your head stays over a continual swivel. Your consideration span has to become pretty amazing using the length of those sales letters. To not mention the information overload aspect. The compensation strategy alone to realize can take a week. Marketers are setting up weekly live webinars for new enrollees.

The sole objective within the beginning is to obtain a grasp of how the pay functions. From the standpoint from the individual just joining this really is great simply because you wouldn’t want any surprises lower the street, should you know what I mean. Putting in the hard work and because of company policies your money goes to someone else. It’s imperative to accomplish your research when selecting an program or marketing program. Places like this ebooks blogspot exactly where you are able to discover a couple of decent cheap ebooks are a good starting point to understand where to begin from.

What functions for one individual might not be your cup of tea. Just because it’s duplicatable doesn’t mean it fits well with your personality or character. Feeling comfortable and confident in what your presenting to others is really important. Many occasions we get caught up in the hype of the marketing and begin searching lower the street to walking onto the Benz dealership parking whole lot and buying that new “S Class Sedan.”

Before we can do that we have to think about the backbone of online advertising which is your checklist. Here are 5 methods to sky rocket your momentum.

- The “What You Missed” Approach

Inform your potential subscribers the newest concern can be accessed inside minutes of subscribing. People like to become rewarded immediately for filling out an opt-in form. They will want to see what they missed once they weren’t subscribed.

- The “Only Mine” Approach

Inform your possible subscribers they will learn info which is not found anyplace else inside your e-zine. People will realize that they’ll miss out on valuable info if they don’t opt-in to your list.

- The “Stay Current” Approach

Tell your potential subscribers that your e-zine has the latest, most up-to-date info. Individuals want info that isn’t outdated. They wish to stay existing about the newest news, trends, methods, ideas, products, and so on.

- The “Why Subscribe?” Approach

Inform your potential subscribers the advantages of subscribing to your list. Based on your topic, it might be making money, sacrificing weight, increasing sales, reliving discomfort, stopping addiction, enhancing relationships, growing thoughts power, and so on.

- The “How Often?” Technique

Inform your possible subscribers they could choose how frequently they wish to obtain your e-zine or checklist. You could have an each day version, once a week edition, twice a week edition plus a once a month version. You can combine all or most of the small versions right into a bigger edition.

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Internet Selling What Is The Secret To Success!


You’re about to learn the genuine secret to success. Ready?

Okay, here goes: There are no secrets. Not one. If you want to be successful, the lessons are already out there for the learning. Just follow the lead of successful people in the network marketing business.

Observe what the experienced internet marketers are doing and how they do it. Attend conventions and courses, read
relevant materials, participate in workshops, and discuss the
network marketing business with other internet marketers. Talk to your sponsor and thier upline as well.

Become an expert at marketing your services in ways that
will get the attention of—and a positive response from—your prospects. How? As you build your list find ways to build know, like and trust with your prospects. Give them a reason to get in touch with you. Find out who is raising their hand and work with the one’s that are raring to go and ready to build a business.

By analyzing your internet marketing strategies you will soon see what is working and what isn’t. As you learn this contract your leaders on your team duplicating your startagy which can expand your networking
marketing business at a very fast pace. Do they market through intense email campaigns? Follow leads aggressively? Are you tracking who is clicking on your links? You can also Offer free reports and cash bonuses? Do you maintain an active and complete website? In the past year I have moved from html websites over to a WordPress Blog? I will also say it is a must that you have a opt in on the front of your page. Your number one goal is to obtain that lead and build your list.

You can also learn from the upline or sponsor mistakes. You’ll keep away fromcostly pitfalls by gleaning insights from their experiences rather
than learning from your own mistakes.

Among the things you’ll learn is that learning on no account ends.
You’ll learn that times change and so does the business. What worked before might not any more, so the successful internet marketer pros change with the times. You’ll also learn that you must put time and energy into your business, that you should never give up at the first “no,” and that it’s all worth it in the end. Every day when I get up I say to myself what can I do today that will move my business forward. Take daily action will be key to your success.

So, what’s the secret to my success? It’s no secret. I simply apply the proven methods for building my list and work with the one’s that want to take action. And since there are no secrets, you now know how to profit in internet marketing.

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Adswap And List Building


Discover how to Make Money Online with this success principle by Mack Michaels that created many millionaires. Learn Cell Phone Marketing from Mack. Know these email tricks that double sales. Earl Netwal on his Adswap strategy: As the year winds down, I’ve been contemplating some changes to how I handle my emailings to you and the rest of the people on my list. For the past many months I have been very active withwhat are called Adswaps. They have been very successful for me in that they have allowed me to more than quadruple my combined email list since July. That’s nothing to sneeze about. In the process, I have been able to share four of my own products to thousands of people who I may not have reached otherwise.

On Christmas eve and Christmas day I shared links to these with everyone then on my list, and was gratified to see many copies of them downloaded. Each of these was a genuine effort to share the information I have learned with you. In addition to the emails I’ve sent, I post to several blogs. Two of the most important are my and I also post frequently to about various giveaway events.

I started my list with Giveaway events, and while they are not as powerful as they once were, I still get about 100-150 new opt ins from the better ones and I highly recommend them to those of you who are starting out with your list building. Also, depending on which vehicle you used to initially opt in to my list, you may be receiving one or more follow-up email sequences or email courses on one topic or another. I hope to expand on the quality and quantity of these over time.That can lead to a lot of emails in your inbox. While I would like to believe you read each one with bated breath, I know otherwise. On all of my broadcast and follow-up emails, I include an opt out link at the bottom of the email.

If you don’t ever get any value from my emails, free offers or paid offers, by all means use it. My emails will stop. While I will be sorry to see you go, I will understand. I routinely clean out my inbox by unsubscribing to others. I often resubscribe later when I see them sponsoring something I can use. I have set a personal goal to grow my list to 10,000 subscribers, right now I am around 6500 plus a handful of small niche markets that I don’t send internet marketing info to. I hope to accomplish that in the first quarter of 2010.

I am in the process of creating a new 8 module video course on internet marketing. I have recorded the first two modules and am about half way through the 3rd module. When complete, I will be selling the package. In the meanwhile, I am posting much of the contents in blog postson my MicroBusinessSpecialist Blog, and am actually giving away the second module in the Ad Swaps I will be doing with others in January. When the entire project is done, hopefully by the end of January, I will make any modules I have made available free in adswaps to everyone on my list and will offer you a very special
price on the entire package.

My plan for the Adswaps is still, shall I say, flexible. I am hoping to do fewer of them, with marketers with larger lists and better offers. That said, I am an internet marketer, and my livelihood is dependent not only on what I can give away, but what I can sell.I try to keep a mix between the free stuff and the for sale stuff. So far that mix has been predominantly free for the past six months. More and more, I expect to focus on higher quality paid products.

I don’t expect you to buy each and everyone, because first of all each of you are in somewhat different places in your internet career. What I do promise is to not peddle junk. I have learned from a number of teachers, and I aspire to being a teacher and adviser myself. What I’ve discovered is that each teacher has different styles and different emphasis. Some of you will resonate with one and not another. That’s just natural. There are a half dozen or so, that have membership programs or a series of products that you will see me returning to over and over again in the coming year.

I will also be culling my list of swap partners. While I will always be open to new partners, I hope to establish a strong relationship with those who I feel offer not only a quality swap product, but who are also professional and responsible in their follow-up as well. The reason I will remain open to new partners, is that I benefited from some mentors who helped me along. I, in turn, intend to do my best to provide support to others. Although, I will be setting minimum standards to protect myself and you. I welcome your comments, questions and advice. I am still growing and learning, so I may not be able to always give you a definitive answer, but I relish the role of being an adviser. I will always do my best to provide you with my best advice, whether or not it offers me a commission.

I hope by sharing the above, you will gain a better understanding of who I am, and what I am about. The new year is soon upon us, and I am planning on it being a super year in which I make significant personal and professional progress. I fully understand that I can only accomplish that by providing you with useful support that can help you achieve your goals. Now forgive me, but I want to share a commercial with you. One of the internet marketers I have met and worked with this past year is a Canadian named Nick Sanders. We converse on Skype from time to time. He put together a mammoth package of resale and PLRproducts you can use to establish yourself in a variety of niche markets.

This is a paid product, but is very low priced for all that’s included. If you know how to set up a web page, and are interested in developing some niche markets in the coming year this is well worth gabbing. Once you do, pick one of the niches products, and focus on getting it set up and running. Then rinse and repeat with another. With some effort, you can have a number of niches up and running by the end of January.

Net Selling And List Building: Show Them Why


Individuals who are successful in Web promoting perceive the importance of getting a squeeze page or list building page as the first page on their site as a result of whether or not in Web selling or promoting in the real world, building a list is the foremost necessary factor you’ll be able to do. Thus, how do you get individuals to sign up?… Show them what is in it for them.

Any nice list building page has to have a great headline. It most likely will have some reasonably graphic or image, and three to five bullet points. It can conjointly have an opt-in box, created by whichever autoresponder service you are using. That is all you need. Since you’ll be providing additional info for people when they be a part of your list, it very doesn’t have to be terribly long.

So, how do you get them to sign up? Believe it or not, it isn’t your picture. It might be your headline, but that will simply get them reading down the page further. However your bullet points can tell them why they can wish to fill within the boxes because in them, you are going to answer their question , “What is in it on behalf of me?” The acronym WIIFM could be a staple of all promoting, Web selling or offline selling, too.

What is the primary step to writing the bullet points? Sit down and build a list of each benefit you’ll be able to think of. What will your product or service do for the client? When you have finished, get on my feet and walk away for a while. Let your subconscious work a whereas, and then return and write a few more profit statements. Take some time with this method because it’s very, very important.

However what is a profit? Put yourself into your customers’ shoes. If you were considering signing up for your list, what would entice you? What would your product or service do for you?

Here’s an example. Our My Fist List program, which is geared to new Internet marketing individuals or those who have been into Web selling for a whereas, but didn’t notice the importance of building a list has these features:

*Notice the correct niche

*Purchase a site

*Set up a website

These options make you wish to say, “Therefore, what?” do not they? I mean, who cares if you discover the correct niche? You have got to paint a mental image for your customers so that they will see what finding a nice niche, shopping for a domain, and fixing a website can do for them. Here’s how:

*Build tons of cash when you find your first profitable niche.

*Choose a URL that can stick in people’s minds when they’re looking for (your product)

*Put your product or service before a hungry worldwide audience

Paint a mental image for people. Show them how the features of your product or program will do for them. When you do that, they’re additional in a position to relate to what it’s you are selling.

Successful Web marketing needs you to build great squeeze pages. But it’s easy. Use a great headline, some profit-laden bullet points, and an opt-in box on your list building page and choose it.

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A Popular Way To Develop Your List Through Opt-Ins


Building a list of email addresses saves time whenever you are trying to connect with your target market. You have a dedicated collection of individuals or companies that you already know are interested in your product. However, how can you get these folks on your list to begin with?

What are Opt-Ins?

You have seen them before, although probably didn’t know that they had a specific name. At what time you visit a site and they offer you a bargain rate on a quality product or something free of charge, they usually ask for a name and email address so that they can send it to you. When you volunteer this information, it is called “opting in.”

Opt-ins is one method to build your list of targeted customers. People protect their personal info very judiciously. If they decide to even provide you an email address, then they have demonstrated right there a level of confidence that will be the backbone trait of your list.

The trick is getting people to opt-in in the first place. For this, there is no trick. However, what you might want to do is to include a disclaimer link on your opt-in forms to let those who sign up see precisely how their data will be used. Devoid of one, you will be considered a spammer if you send unsolicited information to them. By way of a disclaimer, you assure people that you will not wholesale their information to others to build paid lists.

What kind of opt-in offers will you advertise? It all depends on your niche market and what these potential patrons desire. One thing that everybody wants on the Internet is information. Helpful information can take your small business places that you can’t access in other ways.

A great deal of the info on the Internet is recycled over and over again. Offering a mix of original, up-to-date resources and content with common sense recommendations can be your ticket to establishing a profitable list of email addresses. This includes content on your site and your blog.

Types of Opt-Ins

So, what will you offer? Think free. Everybody loves complimentary stuff. On the World Wide Web, the complimentary stuff should not be merely any stuff but germane info that they can use.

For instance, if you have a website that promotes website ideas, consider giving away a complimentary report on how to start an Internet business. This is just an example. What you would like to achieve is craft a giveaway that is applicable to your target audience. If they currently operate an Internet business, then recommendations on how to do it more efficiently will most probably peak their interest.

You can also offer longer pieces like eBooks. More often than not, if you offer a valuable eBook, then it is not your initial opt-in gift. You are pretty sure that the ones who will sign up for it are going to buy something else. Perhaps exploit the eBook as a giveaway for customers who have purchased once, to help persuade them to buy again.

Opt-in pages are a popular way to gain trust and encourage buying from your visitors. Whatever you choose to offer, be certain that you follow through on your promise. Better yet, over deliver on it!

Fresh Opt-in List Building Performance Via Email Marketing


An opt-in list will be outlined as a list or database that contains email addresses of people who consented to receive the advertiser’s email messages. The messages come in varied forms, like product and net web site updates, or ezines. Opt-in lists are considered the most powerful selling tool obtainable on the globe wide net, as a result of opt-in lists can provide marketers with direct means that of communication with potential customers, and provides a chance to push products and services, plus building a unbroken relationship with them.

Marketing through email has become the first means of many advertisers to achieve out to its customers. They’re immensely attracted by the actual fact that email selling permits them to speak with their customers directly, with terribly minimal value, compared to junk mail marketing.

After all, it goes without saying that the key to a successful opt-in promoting is to accumulate a giant subscriber base. In putting in the list, one should 1st acquire a purposeful kind processing script, which can be used to allow subscribers to disclose their personal info through a form and that can be sent to a specified address. In choosing the shape, one should be bound that it allows the use of email templates. The templates will be necessary since it will enable email messages to contain any info that marketers would love to share when sent to potential customers. Then a pop email account should be created within the server for the lists. Afterwards, a database where subscriber data can be stored should be established. After putting in plug-ins and cluster mail, the mailing list can now be created.

There are many techniques offered for making opt-in lists, and marketers should rigorously select what works best for them. The issue is, a marketer ought to give a reason why individuals ought to subsribe to them. There are plenty of subscriptions available within the Net, and folks should be convinced that this explicit subscription is price the bother.

1. Supply incentives
Not surprisingly, one in all the foremost effective techniques for obtaining the attention of users. Incentives must be something that can be valuable to them, and ought to be suitable for the target market. It might be an ebook or software download, or a reduction on a product that is showcased.

2.Use popup windows
Popup windows will manufacture desirable results if used correctly. They should, by no suggests that, irritate prospective customers. The key to utilizing them effectively is to join them with incentives. The popup ought to contain data regarding the merchandise or service, and therefore the provided incentive.

3. Submit articles
Marketers will produce their own articles and have them published. Topics options should be those who the marketer is well at home with, and should be related to the product or service. These articles can be then revealed in ezines that are in keeping with the offerings of the marketer, and create sure that the publication contains data on how to hitch the opt-in list.

4. Use alert boxes
This a a lot of effective technique than popup boxes. Alert boxes are shown through script, and will gather the name and email address of visitors. If they opted to subscribe, they click the box, and that they will be added to the database. To maximise the probabilities, subcription boxes will be placed at every page of a web site.

5. Offer simple options for getting out of the subscription
It is necessary that options are accessible for subscribers if they need to discontinue the subscription. The best method to travel concerning it is to automate the procedure right from the terribly start of the subscription. Members of the list can unsubscribe themselves simply with no trouble for the marketer.

6. Determine the appropriate frequency of mailing the messages
This can be largely addicted to the kind of newsletter that is being distributed. There are specific kinds of messages that recipients would like to get each day, such as jokes. Messages ought to be short and concise to form it easier for the subscribers to read. They don’t like to receive content that is bland and tedious, and can seemingly delete them without totally reading them.

7. Use text email instead of html
There are a lot of folks who cannot browse email exhausted html. Worse, some people cannot reply to html messages. Marketers should make certain that their emails are in correct format, something that is readable to recipients.

8. Guestbooks
The method is easy: personal invites to affix the lists will be given to folks who register in guestbooks provided by sites. Add incentives to the invitation to entice them further.

The price of a well-developed opt-in list will be never be emphasized enough. Marketers must never refuse an opportunity to encourage business contacts to enroll for the mailing lists. Web web site visitors will be increased dramatically by using the steps described above, and will surely bring results that will satisfy any discriminating marketer.

Recommendations To Managing Email Marketing


Everyone has received a welcomed email. Everyone has also received uncalled-for emails. That makes it all the more essential to build a list of subscribers who will not object to you communicating with them this way.

One of the most ordinary ways that online business owners connect with their prospective patrons is via email. You can contact people easier through email than you can by ringing them up on the phone. Email can be accessed from laptops in Wi-Fi hotspots, cellular phones and WebTV to name a few. Therefore, you might say that it is considerably essential to administer this marketing tool just right.

Here’s how it usually works, you include an opt-in page on your website. It might be for free stuff, inexpensive merchandise, or additional information on something they read on your website. Readers are asked to become subscribers in some fashion to your website by providing their name and email address.

Together with that email address you additionally incorporate a disclaimer to place them at ease. Anyone who signs up knows that you will not wholesale their information to a third party or mail them unwanted spamming emails.

Your initial list will be mixed with individuals who are in your target market and folks who are interested in more broad information. If you are trying to get in touch with individuals who are into Internet business ideas, you could reach those who are looking for information on online marketing in general. They will quickly be weeded out and with any luck they will not make up the majority of your list.

Now, it’s time to get in touch with those folks. You have the list and something has to be done with it. Your subscribers are waiting.

You can bring into play a succession of emails that highlight your product offerings as a way to transition subscribers into the realm of customers. The aim of these emails is to present further information on the focus of your website business and not to necessarily sell a product immediately.

The emails can be set up without human intervention to go out on a pre-set schedule using trustworthy autoresponder programs and services. These reputable autoresponder programs give you a means to deliver those emails. You can even include the special touch of addressing your list by person’s name instead of a blanket greeting with certain autoresponder services.

However, we are getting ahead of ourselves here. You need something to load into the autoresponder program. Craft a succession of emails that speak directly to each list member as if they were the solitary one on your list. You might even outsource the autoresponder emails if you need to.

Now that you have a list of subscribers, your next step is keeping them your number one priority. Utilize autoresponder emails to contact them on a consistent basis with the goal of building a stable rapport for future business.

Building Your List: – Why It Is Necessary


In this post I’ll cover the importance of Building a list of leads in growing your business, how to go about it, and when you should start trying!

When I first started out trying to earn cash on the internet just a few months ago, I made the classic mistake of thinking that simply having a web-presence and trying to flog a few Clickbank products would be enough to get the £’s coming in, at least on a small scale.

I’d been blogging on a topic of great interest to me (but in a small and unpopular niche) for about 2 years, and this blog attracts quite a lot of traffic (although I haven’t updated it for a while), but in total it’s earned me about £30 in Adsense. Not quite enough to retire on! I am also yet to make a sale on Clickbank, with this blog. This was initially my main incentive to start a new blog about working from home, although it has evolved considerably since it began, and is now far more about information than earnings (I leave this to my websites and affiliate schemes).

After joining a few affiliate programs (notably SFI and Cashburners ), I then went about joining traffic exchange sites and putting these affiliate splash pages in front of thousands of mostly disinterested eyes. OK, so I had a little success with this but the gravy train still refused to leave the depot.

On a quick side note: one of the best reasons I can give you as to why you should join SFI is that they have masses and masses of free marketing and internet promotion training. The stuff I have learned using SFI and by reading the blog posts on Leads Leap has enabled me to see a little deeper into this conundrum of cash generation, and understand that one of the keys to building a long-term residual income is List building.

So I built an information and content-rich website in an unpopular niche, making sure it was optimised as much as possible for SEO. As the website started getting traffic, I prepared an email tutorial series, delivered through an autoresponder, as a bait to entice visitors to opt-in to my list (another good way to do this is by offering a quality, free e-book or training video. Leads Leap has loads of free stuff you can use for this purpose). Every email tutorial sends the reader back to my website to read the full tutorial that has Adsense ads in it. Within each tutorial, I also try to promote affiliate products. Other than that, I do not follow up with the list anymore.

If you are spending time (and in many cases money) promoting a website, but don’t build a list at the same time, you are leaving money on the table without a doubt.

DO NOT build a list just for the sake of building one. I first tried to build a list by giving away a free e-book about a software package I use to automatically generate content-rich, Adsense ready websites, called Hyper VRE , and sure I got a few names on there, but I hadn’t taken the time and effort to plan a good series of autoresponder emails, targeted at the kind of people who’d be interested in Hyper VRE. So, yes, I got lazy with it, didn’t follow up, and have a small but redundant list that isn’t making me any money now. Just a waste of my time and the (limited) effort I’d put in.

If you are to build a list, you have to know EXACTLY how you intend to monetize the list. Otherwise, list building will just be a waste of time for you, as it initially was for me, therefore – planning is key!

In my example above, I offered a free tutorial. Those who opt-in are looking forward to that tutorial. When an email tutorial comes to them, they must go online to read the tutorial. And I monetize every tutorial through Adsense and affiliate sales.

Building a list is one issue, but maintaining the list is another.

You can build a list and get more sales out of your existing traffic without providing any form of maintenance; for example, there are some lists whereby I simply load some standard email tutorials that come with the affiliate product I’m promoting into my autoresponder. People opt-in to get the tutorial and since every tutorial ends up promoting that product, I manage to get some extra affiliate sales. For these kinds of lists, I do not need to spend any time or effort on maintenance. If the users want to unsubscribe, they just have to click the unsubscribe link. But very few people will unsubscribe because after the autoresponder series, they won’t hear from me anymore (in this case my autoresponder is set up to send 1 email a day for 9 days).

I am not saying that this is definitively the way in which you should manage your list. In fact, this may even be the worst list management strategy you may hear! But even the worst strategy can still increase your profits! Moreover, you are not doing something evil or unethical – your subscribers get free tutorials on the subject they are interested in, and you get more affiliate sales. It’s a win-win situation.

Note: Some marketers may teach you to keep blasting offers to your list until they either buy something or unsubscribe. I don’t do that. I want to maximise my profit, and keep people happy, not irritate them with endless offers.

I need to re-emphasise that this is not the way you should go about managing ALL of your lists; if you are building a list in a niche that you intend to firmly establish a name in, you will have to provide lots of support and follow up emails to build a relationship with the people in your list. This kind of list will need a lot of maintenance, and thus take up a lot more of your time and effort, but the potential return is also much greater.

When is the right time to start building a list?

There isn’t a single answer for this. (Sorry!)

If you are building a niche site, you may want to wait until the website starts getting consistent traffic. You won’t want to spend too much time preparing the material before the website shows any potential – after all, you could have the greatest follow-up series of all time, but if nobody opts in its completely wasted!

If however you’re promoting a program or offer in a big big way, you may want to start building that list immediately, so as not to lose the first people to use your site.

The key is basically to know whether a lot of traffic will be coming to your website, and how quickly. If, for example, you’re spending money on an Adwords campaign, you know straight away that you’re going to get a lot of click-throughs, and if your autoresponder series is not ready for this traffic, well, you’ve wasted your money haven’t you?

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Lead Generation, Your Business Backbone


The survival of any business or website can be gauged by the owners ability to generate a steady stream of targeted leads. No leads = No sales and without sales your business doesn’t exist.

If you own Your Own Business or If Your Promoting Affiliate Programs. Your #1 Priority is Building a List of Targeted, Opt-In Subscribers that Know and Trust You. They will be the determining factor whether your business succeeds or fails. You’ve heard it before, “The Money’s in The List” and generating leads is in fact, building your list.

Let’s take a look at email marketing as a lead generation source. Using a signature in all your email communications will bring you an occaisional subscriber and I wouldn’t discount it’s use. However, I’m afraid it won’t bring you an overwelming flood of subscribers. I’d still use it since every subscriber is a lead generated.

I’m assuming you already publish a newsletter/ezine. If not, I strongly suggest you start one now. Doing Ad Swaps with other publishers in your target market is another effective form of email marketing. It’s as easy as You run my ad and I’ll run yours. Fresh eyeballs on your ad in your target market will bring you a good response.

Ezine/Newsletter Co-Ops is yet another way to attract new subscribers/leads. There are quite a few available. My favorite is You can get your ad in front of over a million subscribers for fre^e. But you do have to agree to be subscribed to all the ezines in the co-op. This doesn’t have to be a problem. Just use a seperate email account and retrieve the newsletters from there. The above is not the only co-op available. As I said, there are quite a few. You can search your favorite Search Engine for Fr^ee Ezine Co-Ops and chose the one’s that you like.

Buying Leads: This can be risky. I’m sure you’ve seen the ads offering 5, 10, 20,000 double opt-in leads for X amount of dollars. My take on them is this, They may have opted in to someone elses list, but Not mine. Yes there are some very reputable companies that offer very responsive leads but they come at a high premium. If you decide you want to use purchased leads, I can only suggest that you due diligence when researching them.

Solo Ezine Ads: Not just any eZine will do. The response to your ad will depend on the quality of the ezine/newsletter you chose. There are many to chose from. Don’t be fooled by the size of the subscriber base. Bigger is not always better. I’ve found the response to be better with subscribers in the 5000 to 10,000 range.

Pay Per Click Advertising can be an expensive proposition if your not experienced. Test your ad on the less popular sites. Don’t just jump right out there with Google and Yahoo. You can eat up your budget in no time flat. Do a search for PPC’s or Pay Per Click Search Engines and a ton of them will show up. Some even offer a cash incentive for first time users.

Interested leads can be acquired by posting in forums. A word to the wise. Don’t go to these forums thinking you can just post a short blurb about whatever the topic is, leave your sig. go to the next and do the same. They’ll bust you for spamming the board. You’ll probably get banned, worst yet, reported to your ISP. Hang around, get to know people and post when you’ve got something relevant to say.Then you can leave a link to your site in your signature and people interested will often click it, if your post was helpful or interesting. I’ve included a short list below to help you get started.

Submitting articles to ezine publishers and article directories is another lead generation tactic. This method produces very targeted leads. They liked what your article had to say and obviously wanted to read more. This method will also produce links back to your site and in time will improve your search engine position as well as your page rank. Giving you Fr^ee search engine traffic.

The one thing that really matters, regardless of your method of generation, is keeping them in your target market. It makes no sense to advertise to Golfers if your selling Surfboards.

A lead generation strategy should be in place before any other business is done. It’s the backbone of your business.

Use the strategies above and you’ll have an ample supply of leads to market your goods and services to. Of course your gonna love all those trips to the bank. Happy List Building.

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