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Analyzing An Honest Internet Business


You have read all the headlines, seen all the videos on YouTube of amateur internet marketers selling a profit generating business. But did you know that most of these businesses are scams. My article for you and my clients who have decided to stop searching for jobs in Ohio, is to help you discern which internet businesses are scams and which are not.

My method of analysis is based on personal experience with some of these products and from research on consumer protection sites such as the Better Business Bureau’s website, RippOff Report, and various unnamed sites that rate online business opportunities. For those of you who are venturing into to internet space for the first time and trying to decide what business platform to choose to launch your home based business, I will educate you in the same way I educate my clients who couldn’t find ideal jobs in Ohio my home state.

My first question: Where you intently searching for the internet opportunity during using a search engine key word search, or where you searching for a subject completely unrelated to the online business opportunity? The reason why I ask is that often clever internet marketers may employ a tactic called “redirection”. They can achieve this in various methods, the most popular is the domain-name redirect. For example , you type into your Google search window the term “cheap business cards”, your instant Google search results list the top ten internet sites that make cheap business cards. You feel confident choosing the business that is occupying the first place results ranking called ,”, you click on the link and you are redirected to a completely different website with different domain name called,””. This is the perfect example of the “redirection” technique. You were not intently searching for the MLM opportunity, you wanted business cards. Any marketer that has to bait and switch you to a completely unrelated topic of your original search is more than likely to cheat you out of your money, and I have fallen prey to this tactic before. So, ignore these offers that appear as a result of redirection techniques. My second question: Where did you find the internet opportunity? If you were reading the pages of your favorite website and the offer appeared as a “pop-up banner” or “floating banner” across your monitor screen, forget about it.

If the internet opportunity was an actual skyscraper html or text advertisement on the sidebars of your favorite website, then it may be worth investigating further with my following questions. Third question: How long has the website making the internet opportunity been live on the internet. You can review registrant information at If the website has existed for more than 3 years and there is public information of the owner of the website with contact email, working phone number, and street address [no p.o. boxes] then the offer may be worth considering. But let us explore more questions about the websites appearance. Fourth Question: Is there contact information readily available on the first page of the website making the internet opportunity.

Specifically a tab that is marked “About US” –which may list contact info, or “Contact Us” where there should be listed a working phone number, physical address and a name of a real person, however “sales support”—as a generic contact identity is sufficient. I recommend that you do not purchase anything from any site that does not have sufficient contact information. You should have a conversation over the phone or sufficient correspondence with sales support through email with detailed answers to detailed questions. Fifth Question: And possibly the most vital that has been in business for a couple of years or more will have some natural complaints from customers or subscribers who did not know how to use the offered product or service or were unsuccessful in their marketing efforts to launch an internet business and wanted refund well passed the policy’s 30-day window. Sixth Question:

Is the offer described in the text of the website clear and sufficiently detailing HOW you are going to generate money? If the offer rambles on about how other people have earned money in “just 1 month”, or “1-year a six figure income was achieved” these are all falsehoods, and you should avoid the offer. Your internet business profitability is highly dependant on your website’s search engine ranking (the first page is ideal for certain keywords) and how strong your website’s offer is to converting potential customers. You should not buy an internet business opportunity that a) does not have contact info b) no refund policy c) does not clearly describe how you will be making money AND uses the words, my program or my system. Often, internet entrepreneurs are suckered into buying an MLM blueprint, or program or system—only sadly to discover what they bought was a four CD set and workbooks discussing strategy about internet marketing and perhaps some more information you have to purchase once again for a fee. You didn’t buy a system or a program, in actuality you bought information for $350 dollars! You have just been ripped off.

The best money making program clearly describe how you will be earning your internet income, have marketing support and have a solid return or refund policy in place. In addition you can find viewable testimonials on YouTube and other online video hosting sites if you are willing to search for them. Your ability to manage a successful online business is dependent on one thing only, your ability to market your website and offer—period. So, don’t be fooled into overnight riches and or one month campaigns that will stuff your Paypal account with orders. There is no such system or program, otherwise everyone would be rich and there would not be any recession or unemployment in America.

Please take my recommendations with caution, there are exceptions that do not fit into the framework of obvious scams that actually are profitable and reputable business opportunities that have no contact information, do not adequately describe the business plan and appear to you as redirected websites. Just as I advise my clients who cant find jobs in Ohio, It is your better judgment and gut instinct to detect fraud when you encounter it and no one can guarantee that every offer on the internet is a valid and honest offer.

Creating Content From Years Of Professional Work


You have already committed to starting an online business and you have determined your level of motivation to follow through on any plans you put forth. Now it is time to examine your knowledge base and uncover valuable technical and life experiences to monetize into a product or service for future consumers. Some of you have been working professionally for 10 , 15 or even 30 years, there is no reason to doubt that you have volumes of useful information to share with the world. If you are going to concentrate on creating a consultancy, with your point of contact and lead generation being a developed website this article is for you. If you are considering the development of an e-commerce site, an informative blog or affiliate website selling products associated with your former career then this article is also for you.

Your success as an internet entrepreneur directly depends on being found in the global internet space by your target consumers. You will have to create a website or blog that is competitive in the areas of : fresh relevant content, design layout that is easy for visitors to navigate, lead capturing, offering a stronger service or price close than your competitors, and having a steady flow of one-way back links to your website or blog.

Whew! That was a mouthful….How is this huge task achieved you might ask? Answer: you have to churn out steady or massive amounts of content—weekly! Sounds simple but it is not, it is the hardest task you will face as an entrepreneur—and I am not talking about Ad-copy for distributing your advertisements. I am writing about content: long keyword dense articles, tutorial videos, podcasts and offline content dissemination.

If you are presently a working professional, soon to be retired, or in fact presently unemployed, please brew a cup of coffee or pour a glass of merlot. Take a few sheets of paper and at the top of the page write: “ What Do I Know?……” on the second sheet of paper write: “How To Become A ___________” , the third sheet “What to Avoid in Your __________Career” the next sheet, “ How To Advance Your ________Career”. And then , “ The Future of ________ Careers” ..etc.

This is only a brainstorming task, it is necessary to uncover any sub-themes that can be transformedinto tangible and original content that will populate the pages of your soon to be blog or website, or affiliate website. Do you know enough now about your former career or specialty to become a “guru”, an expert in the virtual world? You must be able to create relevant content that will ultimately help your blog or website rank higher and keep information hungry web-visitors returning again and again.

After you have chosen what type of internet medium you want to use; website or blog , the next step is to visualize your self as Rupert Murdoch C.E.O of News Corporation and churn out massive quantities of relevant information weekly. If you don’t know who Rupert Murdoch is—Google him , how about Ted Turner? You and your computer must transform into an information cartel; distribute, distribute and distribute! Why? You need back links and you need loyal followers of your information that will link to you, who will share a link with their dozens of friends on FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and other social bookmarking sites. You need your internet presence to go “viral”; what does this mean “viral”? Viral is a networking status where your site url is being shared and visited at an automatic rate without you doing any additional advertising or information distribution.

The velocity of this viral status is directly dependent on the relevancy of your information and how desired this information is to the readers such that they are willing to “share” it with other friends and this what creates popularity and “buzz” in forums, when you are being talked about, referenced to like for example a hypothetical forum post: “… oh , I just read in that the best way to treat hip problems for German Shepards is to….” You see in this example, a member of XYZ forum just made a post in this hypothetical but related dog care blog called……….for our example purposes XYZ forum discussion about your site, referencing it by providing the URL to your site. This is the best type of advertisement when anonymous people are referencing your URL. The search engines like this, and you will rank higher because of this.

This is one aspect of the “viral” status. Another contributor of going “viral” is a sales video or tutorial video that is being played 10,000 plus times a month. If people watching your viral video after watching visit your website or blog and there is no enlightening information on the site , content that can ‘grab “ their attention and convert them from curious visitors into paying subscribers or paying customers you would have won the information invasion, but ultimately loose the battle. ..Your low impacting site with non-relevant content failed to convert your visitors. Now do you see why developing your knowledge base and brainstorming your professional experiences for content that you can further develop is vital before entering content into the pages of your blog and or website? Another nuance of great content creation, is if your articles are being republished on higher ranked blogs , e-zines and websites; in other words; what are your competitors saying about you, do they respect your site and link to it?

Are loyal followers and users of your service or product making testimonials or review videos about your blog or website on YouTube? This is going to be the biggest steroid pump into your search engine rankings. When loyal fans are making videos about your blog or site, or product , or service and when higher ranked sites—with Page Ranks (PR) of 5 or higher, especially those listed on the first two pages of your chosen keyword search results are linking to you they say “when the tide comes into the bay, it lifts all boats big and small” , and bigger sites linking to your relevant content will lift you out of Google search results oblivion into page one or two—very quickly after going “viral”. Your fans that love your fresh articles and blog or free newsletter will write about you, refer your link and may even bless you with a video review on YouTube or some other video hosting service.

We talked about in previous articles about your production schedule; you could create content in the morning, afternoon, evening in your own designed workspace. As I tell my Ohio clients who couldn’t find a higher paying job than what their current jobs in Ohio, I say “ Your 2 new jobs in Ohio are such: first, you are Australian mogul Rupert Murdoch a master media and global content provider, and secondly you are internet entrepreneur—period. You should approach your persona the same way; you are a master content provider. Besides powerful internet marketing with advertisements, email campaigns, banners, Google Adwords, and or offline marketing such as with local newspaper ads or in related newsstand trade journals/magazines (if you are marketing a locally provided service or distributing a product only locally then offline marketing is just as important as online marketing to bring customers to your blog or website and converting them on their first visit), your success relies on a steady flow of content that is distributed through various electronic and hard-copy channels.

In my next article , Part 2 of our dialogue on providing content, I will describe exactly what platforms are beneficial for distributing your content, the various types of content mediums available to you and the effects of these strategies on your business long-term. Please stay motivated on learning , improving and distributing content only then will you see tangible returns and eventually nice profits that will financially enable you to create more internet ventures in your ever growing internet empire ..You’re Rupert Murdoch , take over the internet!

For important information about internet marketing – please make sure to study the webpage. The time has come when proper information is truly only one click away, use this chance.

Goals To Consider With Unrealistic Business Motivation



What are you motivations to begin a home based business? You should sincerely ask yourself if you can make the long-term and thankless commitment to building your presence on the global internet. There are no shortcuts to your ultimate goal of being “found” by your desired customers, readers or viewers. I hope that part of your motivation is a love for the product or service you are soon to provide to a mass audience. Having a passive interest or knowledge of the product or service you have decided to market is a sure fire recipe for failure.

If you are not motivated to succeed as a business entrepreneur and treat your internet endeavors as real business activity then you will be unable to accept the small and large failures along the path to success, and there will be many failures along your learning curve to profitable decision making.

A key to determining your motivation is to review your past entrepreneurial projects; did you have enough patience to mature through your miscalculations that led to failure or dissolution of your project? Did you have a learning experience and not make the same mistake twice? Another point to consider is if you sought help and consultation from another successful entrepreneur or entrepreneur group dedicated to your chosen business niche. You can find such support groups at your local chamber of commerce.

If you join a local chapter of SCORE—which most Chambers have as a free outreach program, you can connect with former CEOs and business executives that can give you vital knowledge on how to successfully launch your own business and protect you from the most common pitfalls.

Having enough motivation will enable you to connect with more successful business persons in your own niche, and they should not be viewed as competitors. I have found that my competitors more often then anticipated were my greatest allies for success. Because when I am successful our entire niche is successful and the internet will not be cluttered with yet another useless website with no substantial content and thus weakening the value of other successful websites in my own niche. For example if you are an affiliate marketer and you have a new website selling replica high-end watches and jewelry.

You must study the sites that are located on the first 2 pages of your search results for the search term “replica watches”. How many unique pages do these sites have? How many one way back links do they have, how many visitors and followers do they have? Are they socially bookmarked in client made fan-pages in MySpace , Facebook and Twitter? Do they have a blog connected with their website? Are you motivated to also create a separate blog for your affiliate website, or even a unique podcast that you will update weekly? Are you willing to contact the CEO of the website for advice—and sometimes they are willing to help you IF..IF you are willing to do something beneficial for them, perhaps, create a link to their site and also promote some of their non-competitive products that you don’t offer.

You see, there are many ways to grow your motivation support group. Your family and friends are the first source of motivational support. However, the secondary level of motivational support will come from your peers in the same industry, they are not necessarily competitors. Many of my clients have been underemployed for many months, some even a year or more working only a part-time job or no job at all. I have countless stories of stay-at-home dads, and where the wife is bringing in the income and in the greatest paradox, these once career men desire to remain at home with the kids and dog and start their own businesses. They have the motivation but the need to recognize it and focus and connect this contagious motivation with like minded entrepreneurs.

Such is the state of jobs in Ohio, and I can write volumes of books on the subject of employment in Ohio . The uncertainty of new high paying jobs in Ohio for college graduates and experienced professionals has instilled a survivalist mentality in many Ohio job seekers. The idea that one job is never enough, or secure enough for any long-term future has permeated the state such that more educated people in-the-know are motivated to opt for second careers, what are called “micro-careers”. These micro-careers are derivatives of their actual main job. Since there are no longer now hiring sings in every business window as was the case in 2005 when Ohio experienced a job growth boom, many Ohio job seekers are motivated enough to add more work hours to their demanding work week by working at home; either as some form of internet marketer, or free-lance consultant.

An internet business has been the most popular micro-career to grow simply because there is usually a lack of “conflict of interest” that would be found if you were consulting in the same field you maintained your current job. For example , you would have a conflict of interest if you were a corporate employed civil engineer and you decided to launch an engineering consultancy on the side that offered lower rates than your present employer when biding on public projects—sure there is a conflict of interest and your employer may sue or terminate your employment. Whereas if you had an online site selling engineering manuals, books and software you might fare much better legally and financially since you are selling globally and not consulting locally.

Let’s talk about money motivations. If you are motivated to make a quick fortune your first year you might be on the path for failure. My personal example, I only made a few hundred dollars the first six moths after I had tweaked my advertising campaign for my first affiliate site. Then a year later I was making $1200 a month off the site which to me was a fortune, considering that I already had 4 other sites only making a few hundred bucks a month. Your reality is until you have mastered marketing for your niche product or service you will not make any significant money for up to a year. There are some successful marketers I know that within two months are making hundred of dollars a day from just one website. There isn’t a cookie-cutter formula for advertising success and driving ready to buy website visitors to your website or blog.

We will talk about marketing in my future articles. Today , I want to focus on your motivations, and one aspect is your expectation for quick profits which has motivated you to enter the internet realm must be put in-check. I want you to be motivated to make a better website than your competitors, provide better content, a better sales pitch and price closing offer than your competitors, and I want you to connect with ready buyers more effectively than your competitors. If you can do these things repeatedly, especially the creation of better website content you have won half the battle. Lower your expectations BUT do not lower your motivation to learn, improve and eventually make money.

Do not quit your day job once you get your first wave of sales or big commission check. My first Google Adsense check paid off my rent, after that I was so thoroughly convinced that the next month’s check would be three times as much simply because my website made it to the second page in 2 different the search engine results for my chosen key words, so I went out and bought new clothes, CD’s with half of next months rent money and a wide screen television and a Bose theater surround-sound system on Lay-away. ..boy was I wrong ,the very next Google check was enough for just a six pack of beer and a Dominos pizza ( actually I got two pizzas for the price of one).

Huh?!? Lesson here my friends; don’t quit your day job, lower your expectations of instant wealth and stay motivated on creating a content rich site that is updated often and presents a better offer than your competitors. In my next article I am going to talk about creating content; from what you know and from what you research. All the search engines are fixated to fresh and relevant content. Your blog or affiliate websites will survive on fresh content, quality one-way backlinks and visitors who return to your site to be informed or make a purchase. Please stay motivated and keep your expectations in-check, and eventually you will achieve the marketing and business decision skills to be a full time internet entrepreneur. Be Motivated to learn and then your correctly place motivation will allow you to EARN.

The Internet Consumer Research Spam Invasion


The state of jobs in Ohio has led many full-time job seekers to become dedicated survey participants. What was once considered spam mail or a “spam-offer” 2 years ago has now become a welcomed form of a “now hiring offer whenever it appears in your email in-box.

As many underemployed Ohioans sit at home accumulating massive hours of boredom, frustration and impatience waiting for the phone to ring with an offer of employment, many have reconsidered the more viable alternative of completing online surveys for cash. There are good jobs in Ohio but the flexibility of adding an additional income stream, of working at home, and at an individual pace has offered many the refuge of time relevancy. What is time relevancy you might ask? It is the feeling that that you are accomplishing something, even a menial task during your empty schedule. The loneliness that accompanies unemployment for many can be suffocating, and the best remedy to pass the hours is to sit in front of the computer and blog in order to connect with other unemployed people, or accept one of the various offers for online employment with survey companies desperate for opinionated form fillers from across all age demographics.

This situation is the perfect marriage between idle time and desperate corporate clients that need to fine tune their marketing campaign for an upcoming product launch. American businesses spend billions of dollars every year on advertising but only a small amount of that money is spent on consumer research. It may seem like the greatest paradox; Fortune 500 companies spending only a fractional amount to learn what their consumers think of their product and services –a few million dollars here and a few million dollars there. All things considered, the market research companies hired by these Fortune 500 companies have developed analytical methods to derive behavioral conclusions just from survey responses taken from cross-sections of American population demographics.

However, participants like you and I who partake in these research efforts which may include telephone surveys or more often of late-online surveys for pay—can receive anywhere from 5$ to $50 dollars per survey. If you participate in online or participate in phone surveys with multi-conferencing to focus groups you could receive as high as $150 by average pay-out estimates. The internet as a platform for orchestrating a survey campaign that 15 years ago would have been executed via telemarketers is the most effective platform to reach exactly the demographic population that may or is currently buying a particular product or service. Of course consumer data has been collected on all of us since the dawn of the internet, and if you have been a long time subscriber to any internet based service they have already sold their million name list of subscriber data to marketing firms more than twice—your data included.

What does this have to do with the ongoing survey revolution? The market researches who have been hiredby Fortune 500 companies and companies of all sizes, are buying this data which contains information about your: income, marital status, car you drive, soda you prefer, how many children you have, your religion, race, sex and any other arcane details necessary. You the consumer are no longer hidden behind the telephone or annoying bulk mailer packet. You can be easily and quickly accessed again and again and even placed into a subscriber based survey pool and virtually obtain employment with dozens of market research companies that have now sprouted dot-com divisions of their main business practices. Since the onset of the economic crisis market research companies have been busy redesigning their survey queries to reflect the new economic reality of late; that consumers have less disposable income and are less willing to splurge on non-essential items unless their were strong incentives. Market researches that began subscription services for individuals like you and I, also began to increase the pay out commission on completed surveys.

This means the profit margin between what the Fortune 500 company paid the market research company to design and execute the survey and the commission they pay you for completing the survey became smaller. Of course, all of these market research firms make tens of millions of dollars every year, just a few million less because of the recession. Where do you fit into this equation. Well, if you are underemployed, unemployed or strapped with debt, earning extra income by joining a survey service is a pragmatic solution. You have no boss, no concrete work schedule and you can choose your assignments. The most important aspect of this extra income is that you can work from the comfort of your own home—and this is the crux of the survey revolution. The working at home business model is not just for market researches contracting with consumers globally, but also for Fortune 500 companies that need to contract for specialists , and temporary services without the financial responsibility of hiring full-time employee.

Take into consideration that a full-time employee will be enrolled into a company sponsored group health plan, company matching 401k and retirement plan, paid training and other expenditures that companies large and small would rather do away with and preserve their operating costs. Thus outsourcing corporate roles such as: accountant, pay-roll accountant, sales support, customer support, technical support, claims representative, enrollment manager, paralegal, research support and data entry clerk are also all portable roles that are expanding online in the same magnitude as the internet. Don’t be tricked into thinking that the global economic crisis of late has been the catalyst for “work at home” programs such as surveys. In actuality, the global economic crisis simply accelerated the eventual transformation of ideally portable corporate jobs to the back office to the home office.

Scaling-down rather than downsizing is what I define this new business model that has financially benefited millions of people worldwide who otherwise would have been unemployed indefinitely. Online surveys are here to stay because many large and small companies have completely transformed their traditional brick and mortar physical business location for a virtual location on the internet. The birth of online shopping stores and mega-shopping sites such as where you can buy virtually everything from A to Z has solidified the need to collect consumer data over the internet and identify new shopping trends via surveys.

The downside of this business model is that as surveys become more popular the commission structure payouts for survey subscribers will begin to decrease. Thus now more than ever is the time to take advantage of online surveys while they offer a viable financial solution for replacement income.

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