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Get Google To List Your Site


Please note: if your site is listed with Google already, then any further attempt in submission would not help expedite listing. When you search ‘Google submit’ you can find the page where sites are submitted. Obviously, their page would be the first one to appear, but there are other faster ways to get your site noticed by them.

One good way to get your site indexed quickly by Google is through links from websites that are themselves crawled regularly. Perhaps the quickest and the most successful way is to use the advantages of online directories. Google has the habit of scrutinizing top level directories regularly and when any site has links from these the site also gets noticed quicker.

You can choose between free and paid subscription directories depending on the kind of budget you have as well as your suitability. The best type to choose are the business directories which deal with your line of business since Google looks for commonality while indexing your site. Your site should be highly relevant to a business directory for your line of business.

DMOZ, also known as the Open Directory, is probably one of the most important directories to get listed in if you are interested in good rankings from Google. This is not the way in which you can accelerate the speed which Google takes to notice you. Several weeks or months can pass before you get listed by DMOZ. The reason for this is that every site is checked by a category editor personally and your site could be down below in the queue. One critical issue here is that when submitting to DMOZ, remember to read and comply with each and every guideline they have and provide all that they ask for.

Another proven way to get noticed by Google is to submit articles to sites which take articles. Most of the reputed article submission sites permit you to insert a box called ‘About the Author’ or ‘Author Resource’. This is the place which is meant to carry the critical link to your site.

If the articles are good, then your articles could also be chosen by other sites for inclusion and this is another advantage of writing articles. It is to be understood though that they must carry the Author details section at all times and this gives you a free link to your site. This is yet another chance for Google indexing your site and if the topic of the article is in line with your business then chances are that you would get increased visitors to your site as well. To sum it up, while you have the option of direct submission to Google, you could also try directories or article writing, which could bring quicker results.

Blog Traffic Secrets – Easy Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Blog


Lately, there has been a lot of interest in blogging as a method of online promotion and branding with hundreds of marketers creating blogs to sell their merchandise. But then just like a website or any other marketing method you may want to use, there goes an adage that says, “Telling isn’t selling.” Just like you need to promote your website to build website traffic to it, you also need to sell your blog effectively for it to get any positive results for you.

I am going to share a few tips with you that will enhance the flow of traffic to your blog.

Give people what they want to read

It is pretty easy to forget that you are writing for your readers and not for yourself. Sometimes people write their own pet topics and wonder why no one else is reading their ‘interesting’ articles. Learn and use the guidelines of effective online marketing and write headlines and subjects that people are interested in. They will always enjoy reading posts that are catchy, short and informative and you will find them coming back more often to look for more.

Make your posts search engine friendly

As you write for your blog, remember to write in a way such that you can optimize your post for search engines. Understand and learn the rules of major search engines like Google and then follow them to get your pages listed for keywords of your choice. You can ensure this happens by making sure that your blog URL contains the primary keyword you are optimizing for, using the main keyword for the title of the post, and also utilizing your keywords alongside the text of links.

Review your blog’s usability

You need to employ some unique style that distinguishes your blog from the rest. Majority of blog visitors will instantly get turned off by all those blaring sirens and neon lights you may be tempted to add to your blog. The layout needs to be simple and calm in appearance and color scheme. After you have succeeded in designing a blog that is inviting in its design, you should try to ensure that it does not resemble anything else in the net as you go for uniqueness combined with simplicity.

Let it be easy to contact you

Equally important is to enable a willing visitor to contact you when they feel like. The contact form you design should be simple and quick to access. Many people do not want to give too much information about themselves upfront so avoid inclusion of too many personal questions. Give the readers as much information about yourself and your company or business as this helps them to connect to you with trust. The more the reader knows about what you are about, the easier it is for them to trust you.

Content is king

The effectiveness and usability of your blog goes in tandem with the quality of the content you are offering. You may want to specialize in an area that you think people will want to read about because if you succeed in creating the right content, you will have set yourself up to getting huge traffic for availing decent content in your blog.

Using these tips through a blog submission service enhance your ability to concentrate on other important issues relating to your website or blog. Your site can also benefit using a press release service that will produce results.

Search Engine Optimization – The Basics Of Boosting Website Traffic


Search engine optimization is vital if you want to get your website listed at the top of the search engine rankings. You will have to design and write your pages not only for the customer, but also for the search engine spiders and crawlers. It does not have to be hard and it does not have to make you pull your hair out in frustration. By following a few tips on how to go about writing your pages, you will find success with your website.

One of the first mistakes that most people make when designing a website is that they think about the entire website. Do not concentrate on the entire site. Instead, create your landing page with only that page in mind. The rest of the design will come later. Next, narrow down your list of keywords to keyword phrases. Make sure they are highly targeted keyword phrases. For example, if you sell motor oil your keyword phrase would be motor oil and not just oil. Remember that people, when searching for your website in the search engines, will search for general phrases, and not just keywords. A good place to get keyword phrase ideas is There are many there, so be sure to check it out.

After you have chosen your phrase to use, put it into a search engine and see what comes up. This is an honest way to check out your competition and to get a real look at how your keywords work. You might find that your keywords are highly popular, and you will need to rework your phrases. Targeting a keyword that is not highly sought after could lead you to keyword phrases in niche markets. Fortunes have been built of niche markets in the Internet community.

Next you’ll want to look at your meta tags. The tags are html code that lists the different words in relation to your product on the web page. Search engines look mainly for descriptive tags that tell the engine and visitor what the website is about. If there is no tag, it will use other ways to search for information, like in a cached page of the directories. When setting up your keyword phrase, include it twice, and make it a clickable title tag too. You’ll need to describe your information for your page with the keywords. Be creative in the description. Search engines like versatility up to a point. One important aspect that you will need to use is not only your Meta keyword phrases, but a few sub keywords that are relevant to your site. Do not overuse keyword phrases because will hurt you with certain engines – your site will actually be penalized, and drop in the search engine rankings. Make sure you use a header tag. Certain search engines use these tags heavily for rating the value of your site. When writing your page, use your main keyword phrase or phrases right off the bat. A good inclusion would be twice in the first paragraph. Any other types of information about your site should include your keyword-targeted phrase as well.

Do not think that that is all you will have to do though. You will have to get others to notice your web site. Continue using your keyword phrase or phrases in any text on the page. For instance, if you have a blog set up on your site; use the keyword phrase in your Meta tag about the web blog. You may have to submit your web page to the search engines. Sometimes the engines don’t pick up a site with the spiders and crawlers. In fact, you might have to redesign your site with new Meta tags, and targeted keyword phrases and sub keywords. Don’t rush to do it though. First, find out if the search engines pick up your page. Usually only 2 – 3 weeks will suffice to see if it’s happened. If not re-do your site words so you can climb to at least the first two pages of any search engine.

The key is to remain patient and to follow the ever changing rules of SEO search engine optimization. It will take time and developing your confidence about your skills. In the end, you will be glad that you have learned the valuable technique, and you will go on to build improved sites that are finely tuned.

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