By employing two extremely popular ways for creating permanent backlinks that will send people to your web page. This is how you increase pagerank.

1) Writing And Submitting Articles – How this works is that you compose an article, in the bottom portion or in the content, you place a backlink to your web page. At that point, you present the article to article directories that will make your content available online for free or for a small cost.

The person who then uses your content is required to put the whole article on their web page, along with the link that is in your resource box. And, you now have another permanent one way link to your site for each individual who uses your content on there web page. This will help to increase Google pagerank.

2) Placing Your Website In Directories – By contributing your web pages URL to site directories is an extremely time consuming and boring procedure, the first thing you do is give the title and description of the site, along with the domain for your site.

Then the directory may then add your web page giving you yet another incoming backlink. Placing your URL in directories is a good technique for receiving permanent incoming links.

Since the two main ways that are usually utilized to increase the number of incoming links are both time consuming and tiresome, it might be better to ask for the help of a SEO firm who already knows what to do to get you permanent one way backlinks.

By employing someone who has experience creating articles and submitting to article directories and other people’s blogs in order to create one way links is better than doing the submissions yourself. Why? Due to the fact that first you do not have long hours to waste and secondly you could end up generating poor incoming links if you don’t submit your articles or directory listings in the right way.

You can locate a really good program online that will write your original articles for you and present them to directories and post them to blogs, thereby creating real links back to your web page. The system is named “Flight Search Engine Submission” you can find them on any search engine. Anyway, no matter how you decide to continue, building one way backlinks will be the distinguishing key to your web success.
How To Increase Pagerank