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How To Earn A Living On The Net – Revealing Secrets That Internet Millionaires Are Hiding From You


Okay, it’s possible to earn a lot of money on-line, if you possess the knowledge on how to make money online. A variety of people go on the net, and not comprehend how much intimidating, the Internet can be to people who want to start to Make Money on Internet. To tell you the truth, that’s possible however you must be dedicated and as a result, should be able to start earning an additional hundred per month on the net. It’s somewhat quicker to make a couple of hundreds rather than thousands of dollars and it is very possible to achieve this objective, if you remain self diciplined . These are a few secrets that lots of well off individuals will try to hide from you, about making money online. So here are some tips that will asisst you to get started with earning money on the web without spending a cent upfront. I’ve always wanted to make money online, especially when it comes to financing new businesses and new spending. Be warned Make Money Online is very feasible, take note however the word EASY wasn’t used because it is hard work, One of the most endearing features of the entrepreneur, is patience .Being patient will reap its own rewards in time normally, during the first 3 months after which you should start to see some returns for your hard work . What ever you do though, never make the mistake of starting up a new business, sitting back and expecting it to then start making money overnight without doing any hard work, that’s quite common for individuals who are simply lazy.

I would like to take you through a few suggestions as to where to get started if you wanted to do it from the beginning,my best advice would be to start with affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs would get you up and running Make Money on Internet, it is recognized to be one of the quickest ways to create money on the internet. These are websites that sells goods and services and in return pay a commission on sales generated, for instance i’ll show you how these sites work, many of them are a sinlge sale sites, meaning that you concentrate on selling a single product, and you collect commissions, again and again. The best of these are the pay every month sites, where you can generate recurring monthly income for youself, this separates affiliates from the super affiliates.

Some will pay up to 50% commissions for making a sale, products you would like to sell let’s say in clickbank or CJ are pretty simple to find. Search for a product via the market place and you should be able to find what you want, some advice is to go for a product that you are passionate about, to go in further details, if your hobby is writing then you could find written articles that show people how to get their writings published. This is because you already know this product very well and should be easier for you to market it, for instance selling e-books online pays great commissions, as you can imagine, you should be able to find any topic on just about anything. Buy a domain name preferably (. Com) related to that product, example, if that products’s about making money then have the URL include making money, as in the case of IWILLMAKEUMONEYONLINE.COM. Whatever the domain name, be certain that it’s a . COM not .NET or .BIZ reason being search engines default to . Com so you’ll have a better chance of getting traffic from the search engines.Use an add on feature to hide your URL, dont worry this is not a complex precedure to do, don’t be frightened by the terminology it is quite easy, it should cost you around dollars a year for a good domain name with

You must be creative in creating your own domain name, please don’t buy anything else , sites such as are great for your needs, you’ll need to request the free domain masking. This can be achieved by selecting the tab named forwarding and masking,or you can alternatively call the 1-800 number to and they will aid you in creating your domain name. This is obviously a good way to earn a monthly income particularly if your seeking a retirement income, you’re a student, or just want to make money on the internet. You can start small with the view of making lots more in the future with lots of hard work of course. You must be serious about your business from day one and you should get the best results. Nothing comes easy without you putting in the time and patience but in the end, you will enjoy a new revenue from your hard labour.

Twitter News And Twitter Search: A Tough Decision To Tweet Or Not To Tweet


In February this year, when a meagrely Twitter population of self-promoters and internet junkies was suddenly overwhelmed by hoards and hoards of regular people, something quite special occured .

A community appeared which represented a reasonable cross-section of society, happily donating their thoughts and feelings to a bottomless database of information, all instantly accessible through Twitter Search. Twitter & the collective consciousness What they have now with Twitter Search is a resourceful measure of the alltogether consciousness, along with the will to react to tiny shifts in that consciousness, as and when they occur. With over 10 million users (even if 90% of tweets come from 10% of users), Twitter Search provides a fascinating window into people’s beliefs, about pretty much any topic in the public view .

Whether it’s the latest Susan Boyle information , shock success of the BNP or simply the fact that it’s Friday (Twitter’s trending topics currently lists the acronym ‘TGIF’), if something is happening, people will be tweeting about it. Reacting to complaints Some companies have already made great use of the opportunities available through Twitter. Comcast’s director of digital care, Frank Eliason, regularly searches Twitter for the word Comcast (and, allegedly, ‘Comcrap’), to responde directly to any clients’ issues that they happened to have mentioned on Twitter. Comcast has had around 30,000 Twitter interactions in the last year.

Eliason said that the project has been a success, customer-relations wise, because: ‘It’s a bit more personal. More back-and-forth discussions and it’s less formal. And it gives immediacy to interactions.’ Wholefoods also respondes to complaints on Twitter, with replies including the cheerily personal: ‘ Sorry to hear that your soup was cold. Let me know which store it was from and I’ll see if I can get you in touch with the store manager . Another way to engage with customers on Twitter is to build a community with some sort of incentive to see what you’re tweeting, and to respond to their questions to reinforce the connection.

many street food businesses have used Twitter to update clients to when they’re [spin] in town. An LA company called Magic Curry Cart, which offers spicy tacos in a moving truck, alerted customers to when they were in town, and responded to one Tweet with: ‘Yes the magic curry kart offer[s] both vegetarian and chicken options’. What should you do? While it may not be acceptable for all companies to react to their customers’ tweets, it can never hurt to just take a look for you own brand name and look for what kind of Twitter-press it’s getting. Make Money on Internet via affiliate programs today is easier than you think. The information can then be used in a variety of ways – to assess brand loyalty, pick up on recurring problems and deal with them, and even, once you’ve got the hang of it, to interact with Twitter users on a one-to-one level.

Making Money with online affiliate programs if marketed well,can reap you great rewards. Ideally, though, you’ll think of something so brilliant and fresh to do on Twitter that your brand name will become|be part of Twitter history and gain infamy simply through constant Twitter editorials like this one. So finally Make Money on Internet can be easy, rewarding and last but not lest, fun.

Article Writing Equals Free Marketing


Not well known way to receive ongoing web visitors, a higher Google Page Rank, and incoming links to your site without having to give return links. All for free…

Editorial Writing – Pick a category you’re interested or have knowledge about and pen an article about it. It doesn’t have to be too long, just have some useful information about a topic or even your opinion. At the bottom of the article make a new paragraph ‘ About the Author’. Here you pen a short summary about yourself and your website name and web address . You can even have related links in the article, this is especially good if you write an article about to your site, than have links to your site to show examples.

Here is an idea . visit Google and type in – “Why Paid Inclusion Is Better Than PPC Advertising” be sure to use the quotations, you want to get an exact match. This is an article I created the past year an hand over a penny . That’s over 600 links directed to my website, because of my ‘About the Author’ section.

Another example is – ” Dear Santa: xmas Sucks!” together in quotation marks. My sibling wrote this one and it is on over 400 sites. Again free advertising for your website because of the ‘About the Author’ section. Both of these articles are based on one’s view and look how many sites listed them. Most people know to get an improved Google Page position you need people to link to your website. This is the quickest way, plus it’s free. Make Money Online today is easier than you think. – An excellent site to be listed on. They list almost any article that is webmaster relevant . They also let you to upload a picture of oneself . Your article will be viewed by thousands of people here. Make Money on Internet websites if marketed well,can reap you great rewards.

You also have to be aware of some sites that offer to publish your article to thousands of websites for a fee. As you can see above, this really is not required . Just search the web for free article submission sites and you’re set.

Here are some more free sites that you can publish your articles to:

Making Money can be easy, rewarding and last but not lest, fun.

Web Site Visitors – 5 Inexpensive Methods Create It!


It is completely obvious that even the most optimised site with the best copy written sales page will not make a cent without a very required addition. That ‘ added fact’ is Traffic.

given there are many methods to attract traffic almost all of them cost money with absent promises that a profit will be secured once you have handed over your cash. However, there are also so many methods to develope good targeted traffic which doesn’t cost the earth and, in some cases, are even free. These are five of the best recommended methods to get chaep traffic to your site; they do need some input but are well worth it.

1. Exchange Links

This is a proven way to generate visitors and a meticulous study of the top ranking sites on the search engines will reveal all of them with hugh numbers of links. It is to your self interest to ensure that all pages to which you link to operate within the same field or subject as your own site. If you have a identical subject you will be more able to receive traffic as your site will be viewed as a recommendation by the site they are on.

Another benefit to linking in this way is that your site will improve its chances of a higher ranking with the search engines. This, in turn, can help with gradually getting traffic from the search engines in addition to that from the linking site.

2. Writing Articles

There are lots of sites on the net where you may post articles (newsletters, directories, etc.) Many of these are cost free so if cash is tight you can begin submitting to these to start with . If you want to save money , you can do the editorials yourself. There are many available writers who are willing to write for you for a small fee, but to cut costs , it is wise to do the articles yourself if you can.

You ought to write articles that really match the topic of your site. Try to write about a subject you know a lot about . Give advice and guidance aquired from your own experiences. In this way you will come meet as an expert in your field and this, in turn, can encourage your readers to then click on your site. Always have a resource box at the end of your articles which should be a brief bio about yourself and with the URL to your website.

3. Traffic Exchanges

This is a form of link exchange the difference being that members of a traffic exchange view each others sites by surfing. every time you view a page you gain a credit so the more pages you view the more credits you receive. Your own page is then shown to other members normally using one credit per show. Once you have used up your credits you may earn more by again surfing. You also have the option to buy credits if you wish.

Traffic from exchanges is not normally well targeted and does not generate a lot of purchases but it can be used quite successfully to gain names for your subscriber list with the use of a ‘squeeze’ page. Making Money today is easier than you think.

4. Your Own Newsletter

Once you have subscribers will need to send out your newsletter on a constant basis either weekly, monthly etc. This may sound a somewhat daunting in view of the fact that you will need to write many articles on a consistent basis. However, this should present no problem as there are many writers and sites that are more than happy to provide you with free articles so long as their resource box stays at the end of the article. Any advertising you do in your newsletter will inevitably bring traffic to that promoted site and as your list of subscriber grows so, too, will your traffic. Make Money Online websites if marketed well,can reap you great rewards.

5. Forums

Online forums and communities are present in just almost any subject you care to imagine. Locate several forums that relate to whatever site you wish to promote and, after joining, you should carefully study the subjects under discussion and then post your own offerings by way of answers to published questions or even a question of your own. So finally Make Money Online can be easy, rewarding and last but not lest, fun.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is So Attractive And The Right Steps To Take When Starting Up


Think about this! Being able to get up in the morning when you feel like it . Work when you want to, and generate cash in your own time. you’re not required to commute to work. You wouldn’t have to wake up to alarm bells ringing in your ears. Your life would actually be yours to live on your own terms. This is all possible with affiliate marketing.

Generating cash online with affiliate marketing allows just about anybody to make a full time income from home given that they are willing to apply themselves correctly and with a little effort. However, it isn’t only effort that will allow you to achieve success with affiliate marketing as many will tell you. You can work your hide off and not see a single penny if you are like the majority of individuals who are doing things wrong . So what determines success in affiliate marketing and how you can achieve success? The reason why most people fail online is because they simply do not start off on the right track.

When people are aware of the possibility of earning money online they get over excited. They get carried away since they instinctively believe that making money on the internet must be easy and require very little knowledge, this is the number one mistake. There are many layers to this business and to open up your mind to learning is the first step. Earning money online isn’t as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.

You can be working for hours to make money online and not get anywhere it’s what you do with your time that is impotant there are procedures to follow in order to utilise your time more effectively two hours of unfocused work is not the same as two hours of sticking to a tested strategy. A strategy of is precisely what separates successful entrepreneurs from those who haven’t made a penny online. If you want to make a full time income through the internet then you need to be following a proven plan of action. Taking the vital steps that are guaranteed to generate correct programme is the beginning point with a proven track record of delivering results that teaches you a whole host of skills set. and keeps you up to date with the ever changing internet. •

Make Money Online via affiliate programs today is easier than you think.Do not limit your sole advertising or point of revenue just to a specific search engine to generate traffic to your website , This can be a big mistake putting all your eggs in one basket, there has been cases where search engines have shut down advertisers without any reason . • Make Money on Internet with affiliate programs if marketed well,can reap you great rewards. Promote in as many advertising mediums as possible article writing, blogging, press release pay per click, email and classifieds. Learn and prosper everthing that has value always takes a little time and effort. This will ensure your success for the future and accelerate your progress in the short term.So finally Make Money Online can be easy, rewarding and last but not lest, fun.

Spin]Earn|Make[/spin] Money On The Internet With Affiliate Programs


Being able to start and do well with an Internet home business is one of the great things that may ever happen to anybody. We may think of many reasons why people get attracted to make money online with affiliate program; first there’s no need for straight transactions, no inventory storage needed, no management demanded.

An online home business does not require you to be an internet genius, and most importantly, you may make money from the comfort of your own home in your preferred working hours.

Just like in any other business; you should know the ins and outs of how to earn money online with affiliate program.

Learning the basic know-how and mastering specific ways and strategies are just several of the things you have to understand before you actually make any money off the internet. Just you and you alone can define how successful you can be in making money online.

I would strongly advise to keep yourself away from internet scams like filling out surveys, internet pyramids, reading suggestions, CPA proposals, and the like. As these programs merely cater to the owner’s personal gain and success.

To successfully make money online with affiliate program, here are some proven strategies online:

Making E-Books. This is considered to be the most lucrative and ambitious way of earning money online. But, a meaningful amount of experience and strains is required to generate a large income through writing e-books. It is not suitable for beginners to begin E-Books creation as an option to start a home business.

E-commerce. E-commerce has been a great source of income for online marketers. This method has been one of the longest running internet business. E-commerce contains selling tangible products and requires a wide background on the business, loyal relationships with clients and providers but this may entail a lot of your time and some experience.

Affiliate Marketing: This is the perfect way to make money online. You shouldn’t worry about having to do inventory, sell products, or to exchange for a very small amount of money your hard to get traffic. I simply get a commission for the products I sell online. The amount usually go over than 60% of the whole price of the product.Make Money Online With Affiliate Program websites today is easier than you think.

As a rule affiliate marketers use blogs or websites to endorse products, although this is not really a requirement. Since youare able to get started even without a website or blog.Make Money Online With Affiliate Program websites if marketed well,can reap you great rewards.

No doubt, Affiliate marketing is the quickest and the easiest way to earn money online. It only takes an hour for me to make a website, promote some products and after a few hours, I start to make money.So finally Making Money With Affiliate Program websites can be easy, rewarding and last but not lest, fun.

SEO – Where To Successfully Publish Your Editorials For High Rankings


You have an interesting, well-written, SEO optimized article and you want to enhance your web site’s presence by submitting it for publishing. If your article is ready for the net (check out also my “WAF free quality inbound links” article), you might want to consider the following in order to secure the best results:

1. Bear in mind that you must get targeted traffic

potential clients are within the visitors that are interested in your site’s subjects . Then again , search engines will evaluate your site if the URL in the author’s box is placed near related content related to your area of expertise or business. Therefore you ought to be mindful to pick where you submit your article.

2. Do some research work yourself

Concerning the websites / categories you intend to submit your editorial to, check them up at least for:

- Google Page Rank

- Link Popularity (how many other sites display live links to it)

- Traffic Amount – popular sites are listed in one of the major traffic analysis services present online

Your article (and URL) on very popular websites translates into high rankings on search engines as lots of traffic to your site, so make the best of the information .

3. Review the “terms and conditions” of the sites you submit your article to. Look out for other articles published on these sites. Make sure they will give a live link to your website. Serious sites will do this.

Many other sites – usually those who will take your article from other sources than directly from yourself – will only show your name, without an active link to you. You can have this upsetting surprise, but its life “. You might want to tell to your readers, in future articles, who are these “free-content-grabbers”.

Whenever you are asked (in writing) to produce a copyright release for the republishing rights of an article, make sure you specifically ask (in writing) for a active link to your website, other than your name as being the author.

4. Review your status from time to time

After your article has been published, use different popular search engines to carry out some searches as follows:

- Put in the search box the article’s title + your domain name (between quote marks) and examine the results. however , it will be very helpful to have an original, simple -to-find title (read more in my article “WAF free quality inbound links”).

- then type the title of your article + your name. If there are more sites listed (domains) than in your first search, note the differences and visit to those sites – you may find out that they only display your name and no active URL of yours. Even so, it is wise to check also the sites where your domain is located and see if the links are active.

Of course, these searches are tiresome , but it should be part of your SEO game plan and it will asisst you to quantify the results of your work and see if it pays writing free reprint articles for the web. Over time you should be able to generate your own list of websites that worth submitting articles to and a list of the sites that should be avoided.

5. Watch out for Newsletters.

If you are posting important articles, some webmasters could use it for their newsletters. This might be very good or very bad for you. Let’s see why. . .

The great thing about popular newsletters is that they reach plenty of people. This means extended internet exposure for you and your website as well as traffic – created by your link being placed in the author’s box. If you check your site’s traffic logs when an article of yours is published in a newsletter, you will notice a significant increase. This is the “bright” side of the coin. Make Money Online today is easier than you think.

The “dark” side of the coin is that you may be considered a spammer without having anything to do with it. If the mailing lists of the newsletter’s owner are not properly targeted and matched with your article’s subject , some recipients could consider it spam and report YOUR domain as a spammer. Anyway, if this doesn’t happen too often, your domain will disappear within days from the “spamming domains lists”. So, being published in a newsletter every so often is a good thing for you and your business. Make Money Online websites if marketed well,can reap you great rewards.

To draw some conclusions, I would say that it is a good SEO, web promotion and search engine marketing practice to submit articles for being posted on the web. Just choose popular, honest, reliable and topic-matching web publishers, so that you can get the most of this SEO and web promotion technique. Read more, on, to find out more and good luck to you all! So finally
Make Money on Internet can be easy, rewarding and last but not lest, fun.

Should You Pay For Text Backlinks ?


You can be ranked number one (Or at the very least in the top ten) for just about all search phrases by just purchasing text link ads, regardless if the web site isn’t related to the keyphrase in anyway, it’s possible to still rank in the top ten of the search results. Some web site owners see this as the only achieveable way to the top ten. So, can you buy your way to the top? Or should you play it cautiously ?

Some say it’s better to be safe than sorry. it could also be said if you play it safe you will never make it to the top ten of the search results,and that your missing out anyway. So, it has to be much better not to play by the rules and get in the top ten search results and earn a little money before you get banned from the search engines. Well, it’s not that simple and you can see the cons and pros in both ways.

First let’s look at the pros of playing it safe. The first one is obvious and it’s that you have a minimum chance of getting banned and be much safer. Simultaneously you can restfully sleep at night without panicking whether you’ll be banned the following day you wake up. It also helps you to save money and spend it somewhere else , such as PPC (Pay Per Click) search engines, banner commercials , mailing list and offline promotion .

You can also rank number one without buying text link ads if you provide great content because lots of other webmasters will link to you just because you have good content and it provides their users with important information. You can also exchange links with other web sites. If you do your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) correctly your web site can get a fairly good search engine ranking.

There are also several cons of playing it safe. Besides the fact that text link ads help to increase your search engine ranking, they also bring in a good amount of traffic. In order to get a good amount traffic from links you would require more than just a few backlinks, but since you won’t be purchasing them, you will not be getting that many web sites linking to you and the majority of them are from web sites that are not popular among internet.

All the important search engines see backlinks from quality sites as a vote for the web site being linked to, by playing it safe it will take much longer to obtain a top ten ranking because of the lack of backlinks. It can be years before you will get ranked for any popular search terms because you will only be getting links the natural way. Without many backlinks you’ll also have a hard time getting in the search engines.

Now the pros of purchasing text link ads. Buying text links ads will help increase your search engine ranking, which will bring more traffic to your web site. Because each link acts as a vote for your web site in the search engine’s eye, so the more you buy, the higher you’ll rank. If you buy enough text link ads your web site can rank number one for just about any search term.

Text link ads can also send a fair amount of visitors that’s targeted. Resulting in more and new customers. Getting a link from a web site that’s trusted and well recognized can help build your web site’s brand and establish your credibility because visitors will see the link as a recommendation of your web site. Which will also help bring in new customers because they trust you more than they did before. Make Money Online today is easier than you think.

The cons of buying text link ads make many people think carefully about buying text link ads. It will cost a lot of money to buy text link ads. You need to pay for your links to remain on a web site for at least two months before you will see any major boost in your search engine ranking. You may never get your money back because there’s plenty of things that can go wrong. Making Money websites if marketed well,can reap you great rewards.

It can also hurt your search engine rankings if you don’t do it correctly and safely. You should never buy a lot of text links ads all at once, some search engines can detect this and may bar your web site from the search results as a result of this. There are other ways the search engines can detect that the links are being sold, meaning some links on certain web sites may never count in the search engines. So finally Make Money Online can be easy, rewarding and last but not lest, fun.

Online Work From Home With Affiliate Marketing


Everyone seems to be eager to to cash in on the trend of earning money on the Internet these days. We could say that the internet is now the largest market area. Purchasing and selling products anywhere around the world is possible through the web. Among the great number of internet work from house possibilities is affiliate marketing. This is one of the most popular business opportunities and commonly used method.

Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing partnership between a web merchant and one or more affiliates wherein an affiliate earns commissions for each sale gained through his efforts. The biggest advantage one can reach is to make money without the producing of a product. Other benefits are to not worry about bookkeeping, e-commerce, or even customer support since these are the duty of the merchant. Moreover, being one is easy. All you have to do is to sign up with the dealer’s website or an affiliate network.
Having known the many advantages of being an affiliate marketer, are you ready to try your luck with this online work from home? Before we start your enterprise, you will first take note some of these useful tips in order to become one of the best among your competitors.

The first thing to do is to define the products that you are familiar with and resolve which product you will boost. After deciding on your product, you should then realize and determine your strengths – things that you are great at, capable of doing and abilities that will be helpful in your chosen field. You must also have values such as perseverance, patience and a strong determination to succeed in order to make a successful affiliate business venture.

After all, being successful in this internet work from home opportunity is not so simple. There are a lot of obstacles along the way that will hinder you from achieving your aim. That is why, learning the techniques vital to a successful online business are important. You must be able to market your site effectively since this is the life blood of your business and will allow you to get thousands of visitors coming to your site which leads to additional sales. Making Money today is easier than you think.

Your most powerful tool in this business is creativity. You should develop a good content based website since the principal reason most people will visit your site is, not to purchase a product, but instead to read an article online. Having good quality content enables them to keep coming back to your site however; the next necessary step is to establish a good relationship with your visitors to your site. One method to maintaining a relationship with them is a free subscription of your newsletters and updates on your site. Make Money on Internet websites if marketed well,can reap you great rewards.

The most important thing to keep in mind with an online business is to do your own research and gather all the needed information. If you begin with the right information, success will follow and you will be able to vmake|earn[/spin] money from your internet work from home opportunity and increase your income. So finally Make Money Online can be easy, rewarding and last but not lest, fun.

Search Engine Optimization 1,2,3 For Dummies


Seo is Search Engine Optimization. A magician’s bag of tricks to get your website on high SERP (Search Engine Rank Placement ) and High PR (Page Rank). SERP is when you search on Google for a keyword (word you are studying) like cats, you receive a page of twenty web sites on cats back out of a hundred or thousand pages. SEO is the art of getting your web page listed for as many keywords pertaining to your site on the first page of hundreds. Since people have short time spans, they tend not to search ten pages of returns to find your page.

That is the short description on the subject. If that hasn’t answered your question quit reading.. Still curious? Below is a more in depth but only basic description. It still is a basic explanation even if it lacks MTV brevity.

To get high SERP you can bid on keywords, through Google and other search engines, you can bid on selective keywords. each time someone clicks on my ad in blue at the top and sides of Google pages (These are the auction listings, I will pay anywhere from .5 to $5 every time someone clicks on my site for the keywords I bid on. The one who bids the highest gets to be on the first page for cats. The rest of Google is suppose to be based on scholarly research qualifications).

So you need to find a keyword that people actually look for but not so many people are bidding on. You got to niche your keyword. To find the appropriate keywords you check your internet logs to see what words people used in search box to bring them to your site. Also there are online devices to use that suggest keywords and give a thesaurus of options along with how much times people searched for that keyword last month.

Then we get Page Rank which is based on how many people are linked to you. The higher page rank used to be higher SERP. But search engines change to keep ahead of SEO people. Google’s Jager update screwed me up. The Higher PR the higher you can charge someone to advertise on your page also, 10 is the highest. Now to get links you want people to link to you in the middle of a paragraph near the top of their page with reference to your desired keyword. By the way have you seen the updates to my Life Coaching site ( , but since html is outlawed in this editorial I display it this way without conventional a href tags)? This would be a better link, Natural linking, instead of a directory of 200 people to a page called mile high links. Natural linking is someone thinking of you more of an expert than just linking by subject as in Mile High. Sometimes the first ten can get points from robots to get high SERP on mile highs but these pages in general start out with lower wealth. So sites charge you a surcharge to be listed on a home page or the top of a directory. But you will never get anyone to click on these links, the only importance you get from them is robots.

Robots are programs that scour the net following all the links on your page to each other and all the ones you list to other sites. They check to see you have good code and list your words for their directory so people can find any phrase you placed on your site. Now links to other sites within three pages of your home page toward the top of each page get higher points than any deep in your site or towards the bottom of the page. Also they down score links if their is too many on a page.

To get your site index by robots you go to search engines and go to the bottom of the page and locate a link called submit your URL. there you put your address in and hit return. Anywhere from 3 weeks to four months it could take a robot to find you for the first time. Then it will index you once a month unless in your pages code in meta tags you tell it to visit each day if you like. Also it is good to submit URL on search engines every time you change your home page. More times you change your home page the better for points.

Some engines charge you to be listed. But in time they will index you because people on their engine have links to your site that their robots will follow to you. Then you are indexed for free. Yahoo charges to be listed in their business directory some thing like $300 a year. Make Money on Internet today is easier than you think.

Now to get links is a tiresome process of sending out hundreds of emails with a friendly greeting, Your site title with appropriate keyword placement in it, and site description. For them listing you, you give them a reciprocal link with their title and description on your link page. You can get people to link to you as an expert through natural linking. You can do the same for them. But if you get a link without giving one, it equals you higher points. Which in turn give you higher SERP. Other way to get natural links is to create something buzz worthy or give free tools. If you have a cool video of someone winning a Darwin Award, some one might say ” Check this out!” and link to your site. If it is a popular page you get more points for the link. or if you have a free tool like this, Whois (I can find out your IP address from your computer from my web log and see which state and country you come from and your Internet provider to bitch too), Keyword finder, or Favicon creators ( Tiny icons that appear at the top of the browser to the left of the URL). Make Money on Internet websites if marketed well,can reap you great rewards.

Last but not least are RSS, Blogs, Newsletters, and Editorial submission. RSS is real Simple Syndication. It is a poor mans AP wire service. People have attachments to their browsers called aggregators that read this peculiar code. It can also have placement on your web page. Say you have a feed from the latest news updated daily by the New York Times which helps keep fresh content on your site to get points. Or you can have people list your articles on their site giving you links back to your site. Then we have Blogs. If you blog you will put a link back to your other page. When this gets higher PR so does your other site. Also it is something else to attract clients to you in another arena. Also every time you comment on a board or blog, make sure you link back to your site in your signature. All post tend to be indexed by robots. If they find your link they come back to your page and give you points. Then the newsletters you create will do the same. Links from emails count too. If you click on the links above, you will give points to that web site. But mostly newsletters are marketing to gather sales and inform the public about your product. Then we have article submission. By submitting articles to directories, they get published by other web sites and provide links back to your site. So finally Making Money can be easy, rewarding and last but not lest, fun.

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