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Web Hosting Services And Domain Names


Choosing an applicable domain name is terribly important. 1st and foremost, when it comes to domain names, try to stay removed from the silly, stupid, ridiculous or clever. Keep your domain name easy and build it one thing your customers will remember if they lose the link to your business website.

Take note that, whereas your domain name on Geocities or AOL might appear like the least expensive means to travel, it might also get you dropped from certain search engines. Some search engines ignore domain addresses that reside on these ‘free servers’ or on the ‘low-cost’ servers.

Whether or not your site is recognized and considered by search engines, a professional domain name that uses your primary company name or associated words is possible to urge a lot of attention and be thought-about as a stable business by your prospective customers.

Buying domain names are not that expensive that price regarding $a hundred and there are a number of corporations that may register the name for you, provided it’s accessible and has not already been used by another company.

Using one of your keywords in your domain name will increase your score on some search engines. For example, may be a lot of effective as, if that domain name was available.

You might conjointly choose to ascertain additional than one domain name using keywords and then link your ‘doorway’ domain sites to your primary site. But you may need to pay for every of the domain name and additionally the monthly hosting fees. It all depends on the type and size of your business and your competition.

Remember that some search engines disregard ‘doorway’ sites. So put a minimum of a page of content on the doorway website with some helpful information and then link it to your primary site. But don’t style it as an empty page. The opposite reason being, you’ll have one, 3, five, or perhaps more email addresses that each one contain your business name, and give your business a professional feel. When customers get emails from they feel as if they’re dealing with a stable, professional business operation.

No would like for customers to perceive how you manage all your email boxes on your domain. They solely need to feel your business is dependable and reputable.

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The Strategies Of Long And Expired Domain Names


In the world of 21st century, it is no longer surprising to find that most business had already establishes a web presence to support their brick-and-mortar businesses. There are many advantages of establishing a web presence on the Internet such as selling globally to prospective customers and disseminating information to the public.

Most business owner would have already understood the importance of a web presence to their business. What most of them had failed to understand is that the domain name in their website can contribute significantly to their Internet Marketing strategy.

First, we look at a few rules of a good domain name. Most would agree that a good domain name should:

1) be able to describe your business when people first look it.
2) include hyphen in between the words to make it easier to read.
3) have an appropriate .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org to reflect the nature of the business.

What I differ in opinion is that a long domain name can be as effective as a short domain name depending on the context where the domain name is used. Many people would definitely disagree with me on this point as they believe that a short domain name is easier to remember. However, a long domain name can be just as effective depending on the context where it is used.

And when the context is right, having a catchy long domain name definitely helps to draw attention to your business rather than promoting your website name as the company name, which is a usual practice, but remember this: customers don’t care much about your company name or even your name until they can find the solution to their needs. That’s why context is so important in aiding keyword research, and having the right keywords in your domain name for increasing appeal.

Thus, depending on the context where the domain name is used, a domain name can actually help to make or break your overall marketing performance.

On the other hand, buying expired or unavailable domains is a smart move. These are truly underrated traffic sources. It’s like people going to a shop when it has already closed down and they suddenly teleport (redirect page) to your shop. Once you bought it, make sure the web host company doesn’t own it (YOU own it) and you can always transfer the domain to a cheaper host. Do a search for ‘purchase expired domains’ and you get good leads.

People going to an invalid hair gel site are not going to buy an e-book on viral marketing, so you must buy domains with the right keywords related to your business.

And of course, those cyber-squatters who make a living out of buying and selling domain names (read: GOOD keywords) are playing a different ball game altogether.

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A Money Making Online Business For The Price Of An IPhone


Starting an electronic or digitally based online business is by far one of the most rewarding online enterprises to delve into. Just think about it, what does Google sell? No products to ship, no physical inventory to sell. You don’t find their products on the shelves of your local grocery or electronic store. Google simply cashes in through advertisers who buy ‘virtual’ space online. In fact, this niche business by Google has made the founders internet billionaires.

While Google is a glaring example, there are countless others who are cashing in daily. Yes, millionaires are being made daily through online businesses.

One of the best kept secrets is an online reseller plan. A big online web hosting and domain name company sells reseller plans sort of like a burger company selling a franchise. You pay an annual fee for less than the price of an iPhone (or just about $8 per month). With that you get all the features and support available to some of the well-known web hosting companies. All you have to do is come up with a website name, and they do everything else. That’s right; they do all the heavy lifting. The incentive is great since you are making lots of money online without shipping any inventory – certainly this is one less thing you have to worry about. One more thing, you do not even have to answer any phone calls as such reseller plans share their customer and technical support staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reseller Plans put you in the red-hot domain name registration and Internet business. Product development, customer support, infrastructure — and even build your Web site. So take your business live on the internet and start earning money TODAY!
domain namesChoose the plan that’s right for YOU!
Some of the reseller plans even offer the every day Joe who may not know where to start, some of the following features:
 No deposits, advances or revenue sharing. You set your prices. You decide your profits.
 Feature a pre-built, fully customizable Free Web site, hosted on a secure platform. You get to build your site in minutes using online flashy looking pre-built web templates for your convenience. Customize text, graphics and links. Cart and payment processing built in!
 Billing and customer support are handled by the parent reseller – you just sit back and wait for your commission check!
 Your site is live from the moment you sign up.
 FREE! Bonus software to help you sell!
 FREE Search Engine Visibility
 FREE Express Email Marketing
 FREE Google® AdWords® Credit for site promotion online
 FREE online profit and activity reporting
 FREE Web Hosting
 Complete Traffic Analysis with Site Analytics
 FREE 24/7 Support for you and your customers to help you handle all the issues, big or small.
 FREE SSL Certificate
A secure certificate is a proven way to reassure your customers that any transaction with your site is 256-bit encrypted and secure.

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