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Free AdSense Advice To Generate More Money


Since Google began their global domination and popularity firstly as a competent search engine, they have branched into many various areas that have added millions onto their revenue stream. One popular product is Google AdSense. Basically it’s just adding a code onto your site or blog that are ads which you get paid per click.

AdSense is fast becoming the preferred way for people to earn an income online. Due to its simplicity it does not matter whether you are a work-at-home mom trying to make a little extra cash or an Internet entrepreneur with hundreds of monetized websites, AdSense is truly the easiest way to earn money. I run a freebies site and have earned a nice side income from AdSense. However it isn’t something I can live off and therefore I am trying to increase the income any way possible. However I am so amazed with Google with their ability to have appropriate ads related to freebies, that I believe it’s only a matter of time before the income is something I can boast about.

Whilst it is straight forward to begin, there are still a few tips and advice that can be shown to increase the revenue from these ads. Follow the below advice to explode your revenue:

- Use Google’s own AdSense optimization tips at visual heat map to assist you in deciding where on your page to place your AdSense ad code. Google will provide the top optimization tips because they want you to make money! Obviously the more you make, the more they make so it’s in their best interest to help you as best as possible.

- Do not use the traditional horizontal banner style or leaderboard image ads because people are blind to them. Everyone actually automatically switch off when they see big images with a link because they automatically know it’s an ad. It’s actually best to still with text adverts that are targeting and seamlessly integrate with your site’s content.

- Color code your ads to match your web site palette precisely. Don’t use frames around your ads. Instead in the AdSense code generation interface, make sure you choose the same color as your page background for the ad frame and the ad background. Near enough is NOT good enough. If you can’t quite get the color matching right, use Google’s built in color palette together with the RGB to HEX. This hint just follows on the above. If the ads are too out of place and don’t even appear to belong there, you are only doing yourself a disservice and in fact people won’t click on any of your ads.

- Change your site’s content constantly and regularly. By doing this, Google’s targeting advertisements will automatically change to match your site’s content. Again if people keep seeing the same ads, then they won’t click on them regardless of how integrated the ads are on your site.

Hopefully by employing these tips will help you on your way to increasing revenue from AdSense.

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Which Affiliate Company To Use


When starting an online business or website, it becomes crucial determining which affiliate company to engage to make your commission from. Choose the wrong affiliate company and you will have issues with disbursement, poor service, irrelevant products to promote and/or basically destroy the reputation of your site. Logical Media provides an innovative service that pays for ad placement within blogs and websites through text or banner links. If you have a site and are not using Logical Media then you need to join up today. It is a seamless and integrated way to make additional money from your site.

Having started a freebies site recently, Logical Media become the logical choice (forgive the pun) to become our preferred affiliate company. They focus in paid free products and services and so was a natural fit for our company along with Google Adsense. Once you register with Logical Media you will have access to well-designed and functional ads that appear to be part of the website and not blatant advertising. Because the ads are CPA (Click Per Action) and not PPC (Pay-Per-Click), this reduces any sort of click fraud so advertisers can be rest assured that traffic is genuine. The publisher gets paid each time someone acts on the advertisement and not just clicking on it.

So why should you join? Aside from the $25 bonus just for signing up (you will not be able to cash that in until you earn $50 in commission), Logical Media was recently named as one of the top fifty affiliate networks in the well respected Website Magazine. With an easy to set-up and user-friendly interface, you can start placing ads on your site within minutes.

One of the aspects that stand out about Logical Media is their customer service. It is impeccable with fast, efficient and friendly service. The staff always do their best to accommodate and provide solutions to any queries. The stats are real time so you can track your daily commissions and compare to previous months. The payment system is also good with commissions being paid 15 days after the month end. Most other companies can have up to 45 days after month end.

So in the end, if you are trying to make a little money on the side, there is only one choice. Logical Media.

Clearly you still need to do your research and see if this is something you want to explore but there is certainly an upside that you can exploit to your advantage.

More about FreeStuff4Free is a website that specialises in finding free stuff, free samples and freebies. This site is visually compelling and easier to navigate than text based free sites. The site is updated daily and dead links removed regularly. There are no scams and all free samples are 100% legitimate.

Make 2010 Your Year To AdSense


Google’s AdSense advertising program is one of the top ways for bloggers and website owners to make money online. The AdSense code allows website owners and bloggers alike to post targeted and relevant ads on their sites for which they earn money every time someone clicks on the advertisements.
Initially when this program was released, there was a lot of apprehension especially concerning click fraud. But given the manner in which Google has managed to implement safety nets to catch fraudsters this has become much less of a problem and a viable income stream is possible for the everyday person.
There are three basic rules to recognise as you get started with the AdSense program. Be successful in the principles of these and you will be able to begin making some serious cash

1) Write constantly about niche topics. After you have decided what topic to write about, ensure all articles you write are consistently targeting the topic you have chosen. If you have a website about free stuff, make sure your content relates to that topic. You will notice that Ads relevant to freebies will appear. This is basically optimising your site for relevant AdSense ads which will in turn mean higher click through rate.

2) Create Relevant Content. Write good quality articles and content that help people gain knowledge or is interesting to read. This is the most important part of your website. It may seem obvious, but the quality of the majority of websites are suspect at best. People seem to ignore the quality of their content, instead focusing on advertising and links to try to makea living. The determining factor of the success of you website is content. You can have the best looking site, but people will not come back if the content is not interesting or enables them.

3) Placement is crucial to increasing clicks. Placing your ads at the bottom of the page is a silly move as the average person spends less than 30 seconds scanning a site for anything that catches their attention. It is advisable to place the ads in the top half content of your site.

Following these three rules will help you make more money with AdSense. Making sure your content is strong, well-written, relevant, and contains keywords placed appropriately is the foundation of AdSense success. If you write interesting, helpful content, not only will they come, they will start spreading the word to their own networks and therefore increasing the traffic to your site which in turns increases clicks on your ads.

More about FreeStuff4Free is a website that specialises in finding freebies, free samples and freebies. This site is visually compelling and easier to navigate than text based free sites. The site is updated daily and dead links removed regularly. There are no scams and all freebies are 100% legitimate.

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