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Christian Ideas For Making Money Online


More and more Christians are turning to the Internet looking for ideas on how to make money Online. That phrase, “making money Online” must be one of the most frequently entered keywords on all the Internet. To come up with good Christian ideas can be a taunting task indeed. Not only is that phrase very popular it is also one of the most abused. Sad to say that abuse has creeped into Christian circles as well. We really have to be very careful when exploring these money making ideas.

Are Christian Ideas and Non-Christian ideas the Same Thing?

The answer to this question has a lot to do with how genuine our walk with God is. Unfortunately a lot of folks call themselves Christians, yet their lives do not reflect what a true Christian is. Especially when it comes to making money online. A true Christian knows he or she is accountable to God first. They understand that our top priority is to bring glory to His name. So when we consider Christian ideas for making money online we naturally process it through God’s standards for our life’s and not only think about how much money we can make. To summarize the point, Christians first think, how can I give, not what can I get.

What are Some Christian Ideas You Should Avoid?

As I said earlier, there is a lot of trashy money making ideas on the net. To start with avoid any thing that has to do with pyramids. In almost all cases these fail. What I really don’t like about them is that you have to force sales, if not you will not have enough people under you. And who wants to be pushy all the time. I would stay away from surveys, product testing, etc. You make very little for the time spent, and often you will be charged fee’s to participate. If you consider doing this, ONLY join the clubs that are free. I could go on naming several bad ideas. Let me just say this, be very discerning as you comb the web for Christian Ideas to make money. I have been in this business awhile now and can safely say there is no quick way to make money Online. No matter how sweet it sounds, how perfect it appears, it’s just not true. The worst of the worst is when so called Christians prey on the trust of believers. BE CAREFUL.

How Do You Find Genuine Christian Ideas?

I think the best rule of thumb is to go with a site that is up front about the realities of earning Online. A good company is not going to be flashing yachts, mansions, and corvettes in your face. You won’t see big flashy banners and large fonts jumping at you every 5 seconds. Regardless of what you may see, any legit means of making money Online is going to require work, hard work. It is just like any other job or business. If there was a magic formula we would all be doing it.

If I Had To Pick One Idea, This Would Be It.

With diligent research you can find Christian ideas for making money Online. After going from one end of Google to the other I decided on Internet Marketing. You can start for next to nothing, there are 1000′s of products or services that Christians can promote and all you need to get up and running is a computer with Internet service.

Are you serious about learning what it takes to succeed Online? Wealthy Affiliate has all the resources you will ever need to be a successful Internet Marketer. This place has been “Life Changing” for me. The Internet Marketplace is growing like crazy, You REALLY CAN be part of it. Don’t be left behind. I will personally answer any questions you may have when you sign up. Look and see why I decided to Buy Wealthy Affiliate Hope I have been helpful. God’s Grace,Tom Borgstrom…
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Buy Wealthy Affiliate? – Observations From A Year Long Member


Is The Job Market Causing You To Think Outside The Box?

Considering the condition of our economy it’s no wonder 1000′s of folks are seeking creative ways to pay the bills. A positive aspect of the job losses is that it forces people to try knew things. After all, what’s there to lose? On-line Marketing is one area in the economy that is going strong right now. We all want food, clothing, our heath issues resolved, low cost entertainment, things repaired, etc. and more and more folks are turning to the web to find solutions.

Do to the downturn in the economy I really believe more and more folks are going to turn to the Internet to supply their needs. The reason being; it’s convenient, you save on gas, you save time, and most of all you save money in most cases. This will result in a great opportunity for On-line Marketers.

Cost and Quality Of Life – A No-Brainer

With Marketing On-line YOU will have control over how much you make. You can start earning in a very short time for a lot less than going to a traditional school. If you’re willing to “bust your butt” and put in as many hours as your body and family situation allows, you can make some serious cash in this business. Once inside Wealthy Affiliate, you actually have the opportunity to interact with people who have reached six figure incomes.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing you are controlling your financial destiny. Once you get through the heavy lifting, your business can run on auto-pilot leaving you valuable time to do what’s most satisfying. I love the thought of living anywhere I can afford, not being tied down to driving to the same building everyday.

Truly Unlimited Opportunities

When you buy Wealthy Affiliate you will acquire the finest education material on-line that teaches Internet Marketing, enabling you to get “a piece of the action.” Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything there is to know to get you up and running. Students, Moms, Dads, Retirees, Real Estate Agents, Tradesman, people from all walks of life are discovering all that Internet Marketing has to offer. Hundreds of quality companies are opening websites everyday. There are literally 1000′s and 1000′s of products or services to choose from for you to promote.Discover where you can get the best possible training to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Author: Tom Borgstrom…Of all the marketing products and services out there Wealthy Affiliate University is Rated #1 giving you the most value for your hard earned dollars.When you sign up with me you will receive a FREE Bonus and my WA user name enabling you to contact me anytime you have a question. Costs nothing to check it out… Buy Wealthy Affiliate
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Unemployed – Buy Wealthy Affiliate


Unemployed – Buy Wealthy Affiliate

I am struggling with unemployment, and as I am looking for a way to earn a living I came across wealthy affiliate university. With the economy in the dumps and jobs getting harder and harder to find I took a chance and decided to buy wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate University

The unemployment rate is at record levels, and something I never thought would happen, I am losing my job effective in March. I have been applying and posting resumes at any job opening that is available. Unfortunately I have not had any luck with that yet. One day online I was tempted by the button that said make a living online. After going through webpage after webpage and product after product I came across wealthy affiliate. I, not unlike most people was very hesitant when I first came across wealthy affiliate. I did my research checked numerous webpages and reviews before I decided to buy wealthy affiliate. It seemed like a shot in the dark, but after starting at wealthy affiliate it doesn’t seem like that at all. It was a wise decision to buy wealthy affiliate and I am glad I took that shot.

What is wealthy affiliate, It is an organization that literally teaches you how to make money online. It is that simple. What I have found as a member is that it is everything it is worked up to be. The founders, Kyle and Carson are very active in the wealthy affiliate community, teaching and helping members to succeed at earning an income online. I am currently in an eight week action plan that is showing me step by step how to earn an income online. The forum is a highlight of the membership at wealthy affiliate. There is more information shared and present on this forum than I think anyone would need. If I need some help with something, I post my question and tomorrow I have the answers. Webhosting, web page creation, rapid writer, and numerous research tools are all included when you buy wealthy affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate

Success is measured in many ways. For me, I need to provide for my family. That is success. At wealthy affiliate the success stories of members are too numerous to count. Every day there are many postings of first online dollars, all the way up to first millions online. I don’t need to make a million, but it is nice to know I might. With the tools and techniques I am learning I will be able to provide for my family. Making me a success. It is nice to feel successful, Kyle and Carson make success available for anyone who wants the chance. First step is to join the community and buy wealthy affiliate.

Having a community of people helping and very interested in you success is a a great reason to buy wealthy affiliate. Don’t overlook the fact that a step by step approach is taken to teach the techniques needed to earn a living online. All the information and tools that are necessary are provided. As the job market gets tighter and tighter I still hope to find a job, but with the decision to buy wealthy affiliate I know if unemployment plagues me for awhile, I will be alright, I will be successful, I will earn a living online.

Buy Wealthy Affiliate

Buy Wealthy Affiliate

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