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Power Strategies For Improving Your Results With Free Traffic Exchanges In The New Year


The arrival of a free reputation-building traffic exchange was seen by many as inevitable. ThumbVu is already receiving rave reviews from blog marketers as a system that allows people to incorporate their Twitter, Facebook, and other social media marketing in one place. The system is designed to build reputation for marketers by providing community voting on advertising, incorporating social networking features, and providing premium members with list-building offers built right into the surf bar. From the review linked above:

“I can’t say enough about how much better this system is than any of the ones I’ve seen (and that includes really well-run manual exchanges). John and his team have leapfrogged the competition and created an incredible product that gets the nature of reputation and trust in today’s Internet.”

This brave new world of traffic exchanges as reputation economies demands a strategy that maximizes trust in your campaigns. Even in traditional manual exchanges, the opportunity now exists to forge relationships with users, rather than merely slap up an ad. As Google continues to ban AdWord accounts at a feverish pace, the writing is on the wall for marketers. It’s time to create unique, personal connections with the audience, whether that’s in pay-per-click advertising, blog marketing, or on something like a traffic exchange.

So how do you forge a relationship with traffic exchange users? It has always been simple: give stuff away. I don’t just mean free offers, I mean revealing things about yourself. Show warts. Admit failures. Be human. And then provide a free offer. In order to create a tangible relationship with people, you need them to listen. That means offering to teach them something they didn’t know before.

No one can argue that a dependable autoresponder is a marketer’s best friend. But what ThumbVu points out is that you have already built lists. Your Twitter followers are a list. Your Facebook connections and fans are a list. People who read your blog? List. So expand your notion of what signing up looks like. And treat those channels appropriately – stop inundating Twitter with affiliate links if you wouldn’t do that to your mailing list. By all means, continue to invite people to sign up for an e-course or a mailer, but also realize that you can create campaigns on your social networking sites.

Moving forward, it’s only going to become more important than ever to present a personality and a reputation that people can trust. Let 2010 be the year that you decide to build your brand online, in every marketing endeavor. You’ll be happy you did.

Blog Marketing: Adding Advertising To Your Blog


The idea behind professional blogging is to create a blog that generates a large amount of money, but honestly does not look like it should. or more effectively put, looks like an everyday blog.

Far to often I visit the blogs of others and see very OBVIOUS advertising all over the place!!! Its highly annoying! Visitors do not like nor do they want to see hundreds of ads all over the sidebars of blogs they visit. They really don’t want to see a cluttered mess of a website! It distracts them from reading which ultimately deters them from returning.

They also do not like seeing tons and tons of widgets all over the place! Seriously bloggers use them, but they are useless for anything except making the sidebars of your blog look blocky and unprofessional! The less blatant advertising the better off you are! If you really feel you must use widgets, do so in such a way they are either non obtrusive or so they are in the posts themselves.

If you look around my blog how much advertising do you will see? One banner on top, a couple marketing recommendations that flow smoothly with my sidebar, and my book recommendation! Is that right? Just that few? Nope its not! Actually there are tons and tons of ads on my blog!

If you count up all the links in all my postings, you will find over 30 links! The idea behind the professional blogger is NOT just to blog and toss up advertising! Its to write blog posts in such a way that you can advertise products and services IN THEM without the post turning into spam!

So remember when setting up advertising on your blogs and when adding affiliate banners and links do so with care. Select each ad for a specific reason. Don’t just ad advertising in hopes of getting clicks and making money. This will hurt you more then it will help. Instead you should concentrate on selling what you know your visitors will buy, not what you are hoping that they will!

Here are a few tips for adding advertisements to your page:

* Less is always better!
* Page ear advertisements should always be your top promotions! Either best selling affiliates or top promotion of sorts!
* 468×60 banners should be at the top of your page in the header (best if designed into the template)
* DO NOT MIX ADVERTISING WITH LINKS! (it tricks users to click ads and they won’t return!)
* Ads should be placed in your sidebar in a way so they are visible, yet non obtrusive.
* On templates with more then two columns (like this site) one sidebar should be advertising free so visitors find your content easily)

Article by Bruce Bates of Blog Advertising and the Marketing Search Engine

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