I get asked it all the time, how am I so successful. Why is it others are using my tips and not finding the same level of success as I am. Is there a secret not being shared?

The answer is yes there is a secret not being shared. Its not being shared because its so simple people over look it all the time.

Lets say for example you just started your blog, and have made a few posts, but you want to get someone other then you to look at it. What do you think the fastest way to get traffic is? Any idea?

The absolute fastest way is by picking up the phone and calling up your friends and saying “hey check this out I started my own blog, tell me what you think?”. Who of your friends is going to refuse to check your blog out?

So what does this have to do with marketing online? Everything!

See the trick to marketing on the internet is simple. Stop trying to get traffic to your blog. Use tools that help you make friends! Build internet relationships with people. Rather then trying to get on top of google, try to make new friends using websites like myspace, twitter, and facebook.

When I say make new friends, I mean make friends not get friends on your friends lists! Interact with people, email them, get them on instant messangers, follow what they do, make comments to them, ask questions about the things they do, take a real interest in your friends!

You should treat every relationship you develop as a new potential client. You should treat every new potential client the same way you would treat a new boyfriend/girlfriend! Would you ignore the things your potential partner says and expect they will still listen to you, trust you, or pay you any attention at all?

Treat you potential clients the same way!

Yes I send out mass friend requests on myspace. Yes I send out mass twitter follows. However I also follow up on all of them and start conversations and build relationships!

I do the EXACT same thing on website forums. Sure I could go and post just for the link, but I find it more beneficial to not only post, but reach out to the person I am posting to.

I tell them if they need help with anything they can contact my private email. I find certain people on forums and follow what they say and comment to them over and over on multiple threads so a relationship is built. I am not just making random posts I am directing them at someone so they notice me and become interested in what I do because we become online friends!

So do I use programs to automate my success, yes! Its the only way to get fast traffic and a fast following! But I follow up with those people to ensure they follow me and don’t just add me and forget me!

Article Written by Bruce Bates of blog marketing and the marketing search engine

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