BigCommerce Review

In this Shopify vs BigCommerce review I want to provide the facts on what you will be getting with each of these eCommerce services. They are two of the biggest competing eCommerce services and users have been reporting positive, and negative things about both of these platforms. I have taken the time to analyze Shopify and BigCommerce and provide you with a review on their services.

Features Shopify Review

With Shopify you will be able to sell up 2,500 products in your downline, but one vital drawback is that you can not sell electronic products, otherwise known as digital downloads. However, they are very simple to use and they do provide you with up to date statistics.

I wouldn’t say that setting up your store with Shopify is hard, because there is no software that you need to install, like many other eCommerce platforms. But, when you design your own custom site you are required to download their application for their service. You can use one of their many templates if you do choose, though.

With Shopify it is really easy to navigate your way through managing your store. In fact, beginners have reported that it is quite easy to use. However, Shopify does come with a lot of advanced features. You do not need any scripting knowledge and everything is drag in drop.

Features BigCommerce Review

With BigCommerce you will be allowed to sell a limited amount of products, but if you go for their biggest package you will get unlimited products. You will be provided with real-time statistics and can easily manage your inventory. When it goes to zero BigCommerce automatically makes the product unavailable to purchase.

Setting up your site up with BigCommerce is easy. In fact, if you pay $50 Interspire will do it for you. Do not get down in the dumps about having to pay a setup fee, though. If you want to do it yourself you can always do so. Their competitors charge a lot more for this type of service though.

BigCommerce like its competitor Shopify is very easy to use. Everything is drag and drop. They even come with a number video tutorials that will walk you through the process if you are having any issues with BigCommerce. They too, offer a lot of advanced tools, but the number one feature that sets them apart is their marketing tools that actually help get your site ranked on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Our BigCommerce Review Is Better Than Shopify

It all comes down to setting your store up,features, and ease of use and BigCommerce simply prevails over its competition, hands-down. In fact, one thing I didn’t mention is BigCommerce is such more cost effective than Shopify and you get a lot more bang for your buck.

Big Commerce Review

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