What are “working from home jobs“? The answer may seem clear but it really isn’t. On one hand we’re discussing methods of producing earnings without the need to report to a typical job location. But that definition ought to be developed if we are going to get an idea of what’s available.

Some might comprehend this term to mean a form of self-employment where one sets up one’s own firm and bases it in your house. To put it differently, you will be self-employed and have your business office and operations at your home. You will discover a lot of careers, both full- and part-time that fit into this classification. The important thing here is that you have no employer. You truly are your own boss.

Others might understand working from home jobs to include employment scenarios where you are a worker of an outside company but are allowed to do much or the majority of your work in your home office. Sometimes the term telecommuting may be applied to this set up. For many, this is very desirable as it couples the relative security that emanates from actually being on the payroll of an company but eliminates the requirement to report to some conventional job location. The time and cost savings in not needing to commute to an office and buy day-care is particularly attractive to mothers of young children.

Which is best for you and your family?

Recognize that there are several possibilities within each of the two types of working from home jobs that we reviewed above. And understand that jobs with much the same responsibilities and functions could fall under either classification.

Here’s a quick check-list that will help you clarify your thinking concerning where you wish to go with this.

- Would you require freedom and are you ready to accept responsibility for the success or failure of a business?

- Will you be reluctant to leave the relative security of the once a month paycheck?

- Would you prefer to focus on a well-defined set of duties, or do you think you’re comfortable with the great number of responsibilities that accompany self-employment?

- Do you want immediate revenue or are you able to afford to wait until a business grows to the stage of where it can pay you a reasonable income?

- What other individual or family concerns must be factored into your decision?

- What are your talent sets as well as your job experience?

- Will you be able to discipline yourself to work at home without guidance?

- How do you feel about doing work alone without normal contact with others?

That list isn’t exhaustive, obviously. But hopefully I’ve clarified some pertinent issues for you when you consider working from home jobs. Best wishes!

- Craig is a former college instructor in business administration and enjoys writing on sites such as Stay at Home Jobs and Money Talk Daily

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