On Saturday, Jan. 16, the new German search and seeking engine Ruky has been launched. The new seach engine is reachable under

http://www.ruky.de. In the new Search engine Ruky user can seek and find topic relevant information of the internet and the world wide web.

There exist two ways of seeking for information. At first user can use the direct search function on the main domain. On the other side visitors can go via the directory to searched term and information.

Webmaster can add their own websites for free. Is it possible to advertise, we have different ad-types like flatrate, cost per click(cpc).

And our prices per click are really much less than in comparision to other CPC-System in the internet. To book such kind of advertising you can use the system iWerbs, which is connected with the search engine Ruky.de. Its free to create such advertising campaign and if you want the team of Ruky can create such advertisment campaign for free for you. By the way the search engine Ruky has the current pagerank three.

Ruky has a big directory where user can find structured the information. User can create their own virtual desktop http://vdesk.ruky.de, for example for upload files or to browse in the internet.

Webmaster can add their own websites to the directory by choosing the category and sub-category.

Ruky is always improving the search result and yes the team of Ruky is looking for the future sure to be listed with a lot of term under the top-10 places in the main.

Webmaster can take a html code snippet to add it to their own website. So they have always the search function of the search engine Ruky on their own sites. Visitors can so use this search possibilities without leaving the webmaster websites. In the next time the team of Ruky will integrate a new search function of seeking for videos and songs of the famous media portal in the world wide web. Further an own Ruky email system is planned for the future.

Ruky is a service of RukyWorld. The team is coming from Germany and that seems to be interested. All the powerful search engine founder are coming Silicon valley university. And this market is already very interesting. In the moment there exists a search engine which is the main leader in the world, but who knows, maybe in the future something will be changed.

One trend are semantic search engine and deliver search results which are based on commendation by web user e.g. alexa or other social media portals. And for other website owner is very interesting to high ranged, because over 80% of visitors or customers are coming from search engines.

For more information see also the blog Suchen

Ruky.de Team

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