If you are a website owner, then of course you will often find the terms of the learning seo ( search engine optimization ). The question is what the purpose of doing seo for your website? if only so that your website appear in search engines like google, yahoo and bing!

Did you know that seo activities that you do not will not generate useful and if you wrong target keywords (keywords) in which you want to put your website every person looking for something on search engines.

The first thing to do seo, you need to know the keywords (keywords) is suitable for your website. Someone who did seo on its website, would he have a goal to get sales and making money through the website from the search results on search engines. Therefore, the first thing done is to examine and determine the keywords (keywords) that can generate money.

Key words (keywords) that are the words that people typed into search engine box to find something. And people who type or use a search engine can be divided into 2 categories:

1. Search information

2. Purchaser (buyer), buyers of products

There are people who use search engines to simply seek information about something. And if you’re not a web site that sells goods or something, but the priority is the website to make money from ad clicks, of course, keep in mind is that you need to target appropriate search terms with advertisements that appear to be a more clicking. Because when people came to your website looking for information that is different from the ads displayed of course he did not click it.

And one more category was the visitors who use search engines to find products to buy. And for visitors like this, you need to learn or search keywords that are often characteristic typed that he was looking for products to buy.

For example like this: your website is a marketing website domain registration and hosting. And the key word such as “buy hosting” indicates that the person is going to buy hosting. Unlike the people who type only hosting Indonesia. Of course, people who type the word hosting Indonesia, he was not too focused. While the type to buy hosting, he has shown eager to buy.

And if you market your web site domain registration and hosting, then you need to target your keywords: ‘buy hosting “and do SEO for your website appears at page first for the search” buy hosting “.

So SEO useful or not will provide any benefits if you choose the right keywords. But if you just select it rightly, then the profit and sales will be yours. Find more tips at belajar seo and peluang bisnis online in indonesian language.

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