There are many different ways to monetize a blog. In this article, I’m going to discuss an option that is the easiest to get started with and can be implemented from day 1 of any blog.

What is Contextual Advertising?

A contextual ad is simply an advertisement that fits into the context of the content on which it is displayed. For example an ad for a camera being displayed on a photography blog. Thankfully, bloggers don’t have to figure out what ads to place where. By signing up to a contextual ad program such as Google AdSense, the ad program figures it all out for you.

Most of the ad programs pay you every time one of your visitors clicks on an ad – it doesn’t matter whether or not they go on to buy something which is great news for you because all you have to do is display the ad and the rest is automatic.

This article will focus on the big daddy of them all – AdSense.

AdSense is run by Google which is a great start. You’ll need a Google account to get started.

The way that AdSense works is that you pick the kind of ad you want, such as what size and whether it should just contain text links or have graphics and then you are given a piece of code to put on your website where you want the ad to be displayed.

The code doesn’t correspond to a particular ad – it is just a placeholder for any ad that Google deems suitable and it determines this by scanning the content of the page on which you have put the ad and then tries to find the best fit. You shouldn’t see ads for fishing equipment on a blog about puppy training for instance!

To Use AdSense or Not?

I don’t have AdSense on all of my blog. Why not? Quite simply, because readers on some of my blogs don’t click on the ads. The audience may be tech-savvy, they know what ads look like and avoid them. Plus, traffic that comes from social media does not like ads very much. I make money from those blogs in other ways.

However, that’s my experience, and yours might be very different! Some audiences do extremely well with AdSense – just about any kind of product blog, tech blogs, gadgets, hobbies etc. AdSense is free to join and it only takes a few minutes to setup so there is absolutely nothing to lose by trying it. Try it out on your blog and see how it works for you.

There is actually quite a lot more to AdSense than meets the eye. For instance, if you get 3% click through rate and are being paid $0.10 per click, with 100 visitors a day you would make just $0.30 per day! On the other hand, if you can boost your CTR to 10% and start getting ads that pay you $1.00 per click that $0.30 jumps to $10 for the same 100 visitors.

An important thing to realize here is that you shouldn’t take things on face value, meaning that you should test and see what most suits you and works best for you.

Get realistic knowledge in the sphere of seo – make sure to study the publication. The times have come when proper info is really only one click away, use this chance.

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