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There are a number of benefits to using an eBay Amazon affiliate mashup on your website. One of the biggest is that both Ebay and Amazon are huge sites and highly popular as a result they generate a huge amount of traffic. Being able to tap into that using a mashup store can provide a great deal of traffic for your website and that increases not only potential customers but also the potential profit.

Content and keywords are the core of internet marketing and while there are a variety of ways to use these two things to market and generate traffic to your site it is well known that the more variety you have the better able you are to reach a wider market base.

Another benefit of an Ebay Amazon affiliate mashup is the fact that content is updated regularly so your site stays fresh. Keeping a website updated with fresh content is one of the more time consuming tasks. Mashup scripts usually contain automatic updating code, which updates the content on your website with fresh content from the affiliates. This can be a major benefit as it not only keeps traffic coming to your site with updated content but also can help to cut down on some of the time your website maintenance takes.

Another benefit is the fact that these scripts are easy to use in fact you do not even known how to write mashup scripts in order to be able to put together a store. All you need is a keyword list, which can easily be generated from your products list or through a keyword generator. You will also need your affiliate data from Ebay and Amazon. Then you simply fill out the information in the script. There are varieties of locations where you can find mashup scripts under creative commons.

This allows you to update as you need while providing you the basic code to get you started. This means that you do not actually have to have someone write the code for you. However, there are benefits to having professionally written code that is unique to your site and you may want to have someone familiar with code take a look at the code you pick up in order ensure that it is written in a way that will not slow your website down.

There are a number of benefits to using an eBay Amazon affiliate mashup. They are both well-known and highly trafficked sites. They both have excellent affiliate programs and provide the API information necessary for the mashup scripts. You can have updated and exceptional content on a regular basis with easy to use script that can be found under creative commons license which helps to lower overhead.
Internet Marketing with ebay

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