An important part of making money on the internet is finding the right online businesses. This is a critical step and yet it is one that many people have problems with. Let’s talk a little bit about where you can search for online business opportunities to give yourself the best chance to find the right one for you.

1. Discussion forums can be an excellent source of information. There are a couple of tips we can offer you on how to use these properly.

Not all discussion forums are created equally. You want to hang out in forums that have high traffic and offer relevant information to what you are searching for.

For example, The Warrior Forum is an Internet marketing forum that is full of ways you can make money on the internet. Many of these can be turned into full time online business for yourself.

You can also Google search the words “online business forums” without the quotation marks and you will come up with more than enough forums to hang out in.

You will need to register before you can post any questions in the discussion forum. Initially you may just want to hang out and read relevant discussions to get ideas that way.

2. Search Automator Force is a free program you can download. This is a great way to search for information on things beyond just the search engines. You can search for online business opportunities through videos, article directories, social directories, blogs, Wikipedia, and so on.

You can do this all in one location which makes it very handy. You can download it free at

3. Of course most people use search engines to find information. Google is still the largest search engine in the world and is getting more traffic than all of the other search engines combined.

However, many internet marketers are beginning to use other paid forms of advertising besides Google. Microsoft recently launched a new search engine called Bing. Yahoo Marketing is doing very well attracting paid advertising as well.

One thing you can do when using search engines to research is put quotation marks around the words “online business opportunities” which will eliminate some of the competition and help give you more relevant results.

These are a couple of ideas on where and how to search for online business opportunities. This should help you zero in on finding the right opportunity for your personal interests and abilities.

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