So you’ve finally done it. You’ve gritted your teeth and plunged into the world of online marketing. With the entrance into your new opportunity comes your first online status: you are now what we call an Online Newbie.
But don’t worry too much we all have to start somewhere. Even the most successful of Internet Marketers once were newbies, they just didn’t arrive at Super Affiliate, they too were once where you are right now.

With a little perseverance and hard work you will soon move up from the status of Online Newbie. Here are a few simple principles that will point you in the right direction:

Applied Learning:

If you’re like most newbies you have started Internet Marketing with little or no previous experience. Many programs advertise no experience necessary which is absolutely true but what is a must requirement is a mental amplitude to learn.
Your willingness to learn the skills and techniques of Online Marketing will greatly determine the course of your online ventures. So consume yourself with information especially of those who are successful in your chosen niche.
Take time to learn properly – just don’t skim and move on.
Everyone learns at different rates – so work through your material at a pace that is comfortable to you and in doing so you should avoid information overload.
But most importantly implement what you learn. You don’t need to know everything about advertising, SEO, promoting, HTML, selling, referring etc before you can start doing it. Think of this principle as a continual process. Like a bricklayer building a wall, you are building your internet business one brick at a time.

Learn From Your Failures:

If Thomas Edison had thrown in the towel after a few failed attempts at creating the light bulb, our wives could possibly be enjoying the luxury of having a candle lit dinner every night.
The point I’m getting at when trying something new don’t be too thrown back if at first you fail. See failure as part of the learning curve. The formula for online success is constantly changing. The only constant probably being – you apply what works and disregard what doesn’t. Fail but fail forward. Learn from your mistakes.


This underlining attribute would have to be the most important and it has to come deep within you. It can’t be learnt – you either have or you don’t. It is what will carry you through when things are desolate. Your driving force to keep pushing forward when you feel you have no drive. Your vision of optimism when surrounded by sceptics. To have the determination to succeed regardless of situation and circumstance is what will ultimately get you there.

So now your own quest begins, a road which can lead you down many a dark, narrow, widey path on the journey for online success. If you’re real to yourself you would now be aware of the onslaught of challenges and obstacle that you’re soon to face. But just like any good fairytale the prize at the end is always worth it.

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