The following story was taken from the pages of It illustrates why it makes sense to transport your household goods in a container, when your are moving interstate.
“During my move from Brookline, Mass to Santa Monica, CA, 3 of my boxes were opened by R. Movers. (at least 3) …They cut open the tape on the boxes, went through my things, and took over 90 CDs, 5 video games, and 3 Nintendo Wii controllers. They then sealed up the box with some tape, and handed it over to North American’s cross country movers. Nobody would ever know anything was missing. Since the boxes were packed by me, R. refuses to refund ANY of the items that were stolen. NO REFUND AT ALL …About $1900 worth of items was stolen, and I’m not going to be repaid at all.”
As the story unfolded, we find that the victim loses hope of getting any recompense for the theft. She has no way of proving who took her belongings, and she admits that the owners of the company seemed like nice people. And the bottom line is that it only takes one dishonest helper to perpetrate theft of items being moved. In this case, since the items were being transferred from one moving company to another, there would be no way of tracing back and discovering the source of the theft.
Movers, who often hire new employees with little previous experience, and a short training, cannot be responsible for the integrity of each and every worker. And yet, these are the various people in whose hands millions of people are placing their most valuable possessions. Everyone, placed in this situation, believes he will be protected from theft because he is entrusting his goods to a licensed business. What he doesn’t realize is that there are many technicalities in the moving regulations, which often allow movers to get out of paying for stolen and damaged goods. This is why it makes sense to use containers for interstate moves. Moving containers are large steel containers that can hold a room full of furniture. Once packed, the container is locked and only the shipper has access to the key. The container company then comes and transports the locked container to its destination, where the shipper once again is responsible for unloading his goods.
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