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The Wizard Of Clickbank


If you are attracted to the huge money making possibilities of Clickbank, you are not alone. The affiliate marketing profit potential on Clickbank are huge and. But like any new market, you have to learn how to work the system to your advantage. The quicker become a wizard of Clickbank, the faster you will make some real money in the digital marketplace.

Clickbank is in every way a real marketplace. As such it is a place where legitimate vendors offer real products that add value to customer’s lives and purchases are made. Too many people see the internet as one big scam artist paradise. But you are not a scam artist and you just want to make a good return on your product and make a good living like anyone else. That is what Clickbank is all about.

From a merchant standpoint, you will have achieved “wizard” status when you are selling a wide variety of product consistently. So to get started, shoot for putting five products into the marketplace. Examine the product categories to find niches that fit your product catalog. Don’t be drawn to the categories that promote money making schemes as they are just that – schemes which you don’t want to be associated with by your long term customers on Clickbank.

After you have your start up products to put onto Clickbank, waste no time in finding good keywords that will draw traffic to those items to get sales moving. Keyword selection is a science in its own right but you can use internet tools to find good keywords that have a track record of pulling traffic historically. Don’t be afraid to buy or use such keyword optimizers as any tool that can help you legally make money in your business is worth using.

If you can come up with twenty or thirty solid keywords that you can build your Clickbank marketing plan around, that’s a solid starting place. With the keywords captured, now create articles around those keywords. Now we are not all writers but there are good ghostwriters on services like Rent-a-Coder that can kick out these articles for you at a reasonable rate. The writer may know keyword optimization rules but they are not that hard to get used to. Basically if the keyword is in the article title and then 3-4 times per 500 word article, that’s pretty good optimization.

There are a lot of good article sites you can use to put your articles into internet circulation and that will drive traffic to your products well if your keywords do their job for you. When you first are setting up for Clickbank, establish accounts on these article sites because you will use them a lot. Don’t just rest with a few articles but try to get an initial set of four or five per product out there and then follow up over the next week or two, try to kick out two or three a day around each product using those keywords and get them into circulation.

There are always new ways for you to get awareness of your product raised through various internet methods of promotion and you should explore them all. You can place ads on popular internet services to build traffic to your Clickbank items. RSS feeds and ads on related internet sites are also well proven methods of creating more sales for you.

You can see that the ‘set up” for these various services has to be a part of your entrance into the Clickbank system. But once you are rolling, you will use them over and over and get plenty of good from your membership fees. And you will have a system you can repeat with new products as well and build your Clickbank catalog and build profits along the way as well.

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The Gears That Turn Clickbank


Venturing into the world of the Clickbank marketplace requires that we start from a fresh slate and not go in with any presumptions. The two presumptions that seem to slow people up the most is that Clickbank is for internet guru types who know every trick of the trade of internet technology and marketing to be successful.

But Clickbank isn’t a marketplace that requires that you have tremendous technical knowledge to use. The designers of Clickbank have made most of the functions you need to operate either as a merchant or as an affiliate in the system fairly easy to use. That is one of the keys to why Clickbank is so successful. So to smooth your entrance into using Clickbank, it pays to look at the inner workings of the gears of Clickbank to get a feel for what you should expect when you sign up and want to get going fast making money there.

Like a lot of successful online markets, Clickbank doesn’t make anything and it doesn’t sell anything. The value Clickbank adds to the world of internet commerce is that it provides a “place” for vendors of digital products can place their goods for sale and for people skilled in marketing to take those products and sell them to a large internet community. Clickbank has cashed in on two basic principles which are (1) people who make things don’t like to do marketing and (2) people who love to do marketing don’t like to make things. By getting these two groups together, merchants, affiliates and Clickbank all take away a nice profit because each makes the other successful.

Clickbank then at its core is a clearing house that works as a meeting gourd for merchants, affiliates and customers who can order the product, pay for it and download it or receive it by some other digital delivery system. It is very important to understand that Clickbank ONLY DEALS IN DIGITAL PRODUCTS. So you cannot sell clock radios, salt shakers or children’s clothing through Clickbank. If you were looking at Clickbank for any other than a digital product, look elsewhere for market such as eBay. The kinds of products Clickbank will allow to be sold include ebooks, computer courses, digital music and software programs and games.

Clickbank also offers real value to both merchants and affiliates because they handle all of the financial details and take a lot of the administrative work off of its members. Clickbank operates a fully functional merchant account so there is no need to use PayPal, 2co or any other funds management system. The handling of money is secure so when a sale is made, the money goes to Clickbank who then pays the affiliate his or her commission, keeps what is deserves by way of commission for the sale and delivers the balance to the merchant efficiently and without fail.

The “gears” of selling on Clickbank are simple and straightforward. To get set up, you step through the registration procedure as you would with any membership service online. For a merchant, there is a one time set up fee of $50 which should be easy to make back because Clickbank can get your product into the hands of over 150,000 affiliates which represent a customer base that numbers in the millions.

Once you have you account, you begin listing your digital products in the marketplace. You don’t need many accounts for more than one product as Clickbank can be used to sell up to 50 products under one account identity. Once you have completed setting up the product on the service, you then take a link that is given to you which can be used to direct customers to your Clickbank product listing and you put it on your web site. When affiliates pass customers to Clickbank to sell them the product, Clickbank will take them to your web site to use that link to complete the ordering process. It is a truly collaborate process and yet entirely seamless because Clickbank has taken care of the details.

You have a little more information to give to Clickbank such as the commission you will give to affiliates who sell your products and the URL for the “Thank You” web page that you will use to assist the customer in downloading what they bought. And with those simple steps, you are a Clickbank merchant. It’s as easy as that.

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Don’t Be Confused About The Ecommerce Shoping Cart


Type “ecommerce shopping cart” on the internet and you”ll get billions of search results. It can be really confusing, I agree. If you let the jargons get to you, you can easily get confused with the ecommerce shopping cart. We”ll don’t be. I’m not saying that it’s easy but it should not be that confusing, to say the least.

No question about it, having a dedicated shopping cart on your website is very significant. It can have huge impacts on your marketing and sales. It affects the way you manage your products. It will change the way you generate sales reports. It will give you news perspectives and open up new opportunities and increase potential market base. An online shopping cart is the next best thing for a commercial website like yours.

There are a couple of things that you will need to know about before purchasing a shopping cart. First would be the payment gateway. The payment gateway will be the one taking care of your customers” payments may they be in the form of credit cards or electronic payment schemes. Shopping cart providers will support different kinds of payments schemes. Obviously, you will need to choose a payment gateway that accepts a wide range of payment mechanisms for your customers.

Shopping carts can be quite expensive especially if you”re not a big conglomerate like some of the people online. You need to be realistic and see how an investment can generate more profit in the long run. Naturally you will be spending money on your shopping cart solution but carefully assess and see the sales projections. If you see profitable days ahead with this shopping cart provider then make the choice.

When looking for shopping providers also look at what other things they offer. The shopping cart application should be simple, customizable, and full of new ideas which bring you ahead of your competitors. You must keep in mind that your competitors are at the same boat as you.

Also, it would be better if you select a provider that has a good track record both in their products and after sales services. This means having a good support base where you can easily ask for help regarding errors that will, and believe me they will, appear from time to time.

Of course, the best shopping cart will always be the one that will meet all your needs. When looking for a shopping cart, it is best to carefully make comparisons on the features of each shopping cart.

We can have two general categories of shopping cart applications. The first one would be licensed shopping cart applications and the second one is the hosted shopping cart service. The first one basically means your business will own the shopping cart. You can transfer it to any web server you own and often has highly customizable features.

The second one, the hosted service applications is hosted by a separate service provider. You run your shopping cart according to a template which can also be customized but with limitations. Payments are done on a monthly basis and sometimes the provider has shares on your sales. This is quite different from a licensed one where it is usually a one time payment scheme.

Ecommerce shopping carts are a good thing for your website and your business as a whole. So don’t get all confused on what it is for and whether you will ever need it or not. You do need it, that’s just how it is.

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Online E-Commerce – Unlimited Wealth Creation Through Reseller Hosting


Web hosting can be an exciting business start up for aspiring entrepreneurs. All you have to do to set up your business is become a hosting reseller, i.e., provide hosting facilities to website owners. Here as a business owner, you are buying space from a big hosting company, and redistributing the hosting space to other website owners.

Resellers are nothing but entrepreneurs acting as middlemen, offering you hosting services by leasing time and space from another Web host’s server rather than owning their own. Most of the times, the quality of services offered by resellers are so good that consumers do not even have the idea that they are dealing with resellers who do not have servers of their own. Resellers, since they can pick and choose their servers, are basically in a position to provide the customers with the best of services.

Reseller hosting business can be quite a profit making venture once you understand the figures and profit margins involved. Let us go through them. One can buy around 1000 MB space from a major web host at a cost of $25 per month. This 1000 MB space that you now own can in turn be redistributed to site owners who need space for uploading their site. Here you can give about 25 MB space for around $5 per month. Which means your monthly income comes to around $200 when you sell 40 hosting packages. Want more… some hosts allow you to oversell the space and do not charge you extra unless the actual usage of your account exceeds 1000MB. It is seen that a typical user uses less than half of the allotted web space… which means you can double or even triple sell your quota and make unlimited wealth.

And mind well, this income is residual income. It will keep coming to you month after month, year after year. You do the work once… and get paid for it over and over. All you are doing is buying space from a major web hosting company and becoming a reseller host. Your efforts are focused towards selling hosting space and the rest is handled by your web host. Some of them even handle customer service to your customers for a nominal fee… which makes it even easier for you.

If this is not enough… you can earn additional residual incomes by adding recruiting more resellers through you. By doing this you will earn regular commissions on their monthly sales… isn’t this smart business. The profit margins in the business of cheap reseller hosting is quite good and you can start on this exciting business venture even if you do not have the required expertise and access to funds for setting up the required infrastructure. Strange as it might sound, there are also times where a reseller can also be more scalable than a typical hosting firm. A true Web host is limited by its hardware; if a client suddenly requires an upgrade the host is not prepared for, the only way the host will be able to satisfy the customer is by upgrading its hardware – expensive and time consuming for both sides. The reseller host, however, can simply choose to locate with a different Web host that will better suit the customer’s needs. Happy Wealth Creation !!!

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Can Niche Blueprint 2.0 Help You To Manage Your E-Commerce Online Store?


What is your New Year resolution? I’m looking for a real proven method of money on the Internet? I tried several programs and does not work?

There are many ways to make money on the Internet, one way is through e-commerce online store. You may think that creating e-commerce store needs a lot of capital and needed to spend a lot of time in order to support the online store. What should I do if I do not indicate a new era of e-commerce, which can no longer keep the overview, you can do this through the drop shipping. Developed e-commerce system, you can put online store on autopilot.

Year in January 2010 known as Internet marketing, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey release of its proven system called niche blueprint 2.0″. More than 5,000 copies sold 1.0 Niche Blueprint January 2009.

Niche Blueprint will help you develop such e-commerce stores for micro niches. These niches are those which have got potential buyers but are relatively unpopular among the marketers. Thus they are as yet unexplored niches.

Clayton and Tim Godfrey are releasing better and advanced e-commerce complete solution for the “Niche Blueprint 2.0. include the entry criteria, exit criteria and make a profit. Niche Blueprint is certainly one of the best internet marketing products that are available. Niche Blueprint 2.0 is the best shop in 2010. E-commerce has proved to be the social and the user is directed to the final consumer, they will become loyal to keep buying the shop. Below is a brief overview about Niche Blueprint 2.0, which includes how to make thousands of dollars every month with a simple niche e-commerce website by using specific, step-by-step instructions contained in Articles 30 and 30 manuals.

Module 1
• Niche plan a complete overview of the course, it works and where to start.

Module 2
• How to get ideas for research and identify appropriate niches, which is a huge potential profit!

Module 3
• search for and identify products that will bring the highest level of income and where to find the suppliers who stock and ship them.

Module 4
• A detailed procedure for finding the domain name will increase your search engine rankings and offer highly-targeted customers.

Module 5
• How to set up e-commerce web site performance and maximum sale.

Module 6
• How to visitors, customers and money in our step-by-step plan for free trade.

Module 7
• This section shows how to keep your e-commerce sites operating smoothly and profitably as the success of success.

Module 8
• How to order from day to day activities, you have an autopilot and earn income, and relax!

Module 9
• How to flip a website 12-18 times monthly income. This is one of the possibilities for Quick Cash, where operate on its website.

You can read a bigger and more detailed niche blueprint review in my blog if you interested to make a powerful ecommerce website.

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Ecommerce And The Altered Main Street


Once you get right down to it the fusion of the Web and business is a daring lesson in abstract thought.

Think about your grandparents and also the work they did. Their employment may are on the farm, within the factory, in an exceedingly store or in the work of their hands.

If your grandparents were business house owners most of their customers were face-to-face. They may have gone to church together with your grandparents or attended college games and concerts. They knew each other and that created marketing a lot of less taxing.

Advertising was often in the form of an advert in a faculty program or a booster club for the airing of the local football games. The advertising wasn’t forever essential to the success they had in business, it had been often used as a means to support the native feel related to their business.

They knew the opposite business house owners in city and often worked along to stay the local spirit of a town alive.

As giant retail businesses began to dot the landscape these little businesses typically died when no one was extremely paying any attention. The empty storefronts in rural America pay tribute to the radical modification in 21st century retail.

Why has on-line business created the necessity for abstract thinking?

Internet shops are composed of graphics and text. These outlets are developed with software and not brick, mortar, glass and wood. These businesses can operate twenty four hours on a daily basis including holidays and therefore the owner does not have to be present for a client to finish an order.

The business owner cannot see the positioning visitor or client, they’ll simply track the amount of visitors and info regarding the area they will be from.

There’s a sense of intangibility that may build on-line business appear like some elaborate computer game and less like traditional business.

In order for some businesses to maneuver into a cyber setting there was a want to rent younger workers who had an insatiable appetite to be told and utilize the talents related to on-line business.

Early on the business owner could not have believed it was even price their whereas to delve into this brave new world of ecommerce. Yet as time slipped the online sales improved, equaled and then surpassed what the business had been ready to do with a local shop.

Many of these early pioneers in ecommerce might not have understood everything there was to grasp about ecommerce, but the results were clear – ecommerce was a force a lot of more powerful than they would have ever thought.

As time passes more and more online business house owners have accepted their role as marketer, dream maker and web design pro. They need grown accustom to this brave new environment where faces aren’t related to the sale, where customers aren’t your neighbor down the road and where the cyber doors are forever open.

Online business defies the notion of a simple native marketplace by tapping into something a lot of global. Several tiny outlets around the world have become staging areas for a worldwide client base. Niche merchandise will now be the primary thrust of a successful online company instead of simply one of the many diversified products one might have found in an old general store.

On-line business has challenged our thinking and changed the way the planet will business.

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Ecommerce Advertising Vs Web Site Optimization


One of the biggest propaganda campaigns on the Web is that ‘advertising is dead, long live optimization.’ Thousands of ecommerce business house owners and Net Marketers are chanting the mantra like thousands of football fans chanting for his or her favorite team after a victory. It can take several months, perhaps years, for the joy to wane, the fanfare to fade, and people to start rethinking the wisdom of following a trend without analyzing the validity of the claims.

It’s easy to believe the hype. Individually the Giants are falling. Many of the businesses falling are Ad reliant firms which are not receiving enough revenue from ads to stay in business. At first look, you’d believe this implies that advertising is failing. But, before creating a snap decision, take a peek at the businesses that are surviving. There also are the ad reliant ‘social networking’ groups .

The deathmarch has been analyzed from all angles, by everybody from newspaper editorials to news anchors to SEO pundits and Promoting gurus. Nobody has the answers. No one has any solutions – or do they? Obviously the sites listed higher than have figured something out. In some aspects, it’s nothing more than the ‘sq. peg during a spherical hole’ syndrome.

First is that the conclusion that nobody pays attention to ads. This is often true only for people with no expertise in the advertising world. Magazines are seventy five% advertising. Television is also one-third advertising. Radio is predominantly advertising, despite the actual fact that report when report states that it is not a cost effective method of advertising.

Second nobody, not even the large search engines, will pinpoint how people behave on line. Each year to sixteen months the principles amendment as everybody scrambles to perceive the consumer groups. The problem with the web is that the gurus attended university and learned their selling techniques before the Web took off, which in itself, could be a misstatement as a result of not even one quarter of the trendy world owns a computer.

This is often not uncommon:

Less than 10 per cent of the population will take up television permanently. Raymond Postgate, 1935

The problem did not start these days, however a decade ago. Advertising worked via commercials in television and images in magazines that those devices would work on the web. Currently, ten years later, the trade has been forced to prevent and let the customers tell them what they want. And, what they wish is interactivity.

Search engine optimization gave way to social networking, to niche selling, and now? Those sites who are surviving know the answer. They are balancing SEO and advertising, not in combination, but during a symbiotic relationship.

Optimization for the web means that building smart content and inbound links. Optimization for advertising means that building a page with solely one purpose in mind – to guide folks to the ad. This is seen in all profitable sites like the enormous and freelance sites .
These sites do not ad advertising to their sidebars and banner exchanges. Instead, the ads ‘are’ the content. The articles have embedded links that result in a lot of pages that, haven’t any alternative purpose than to pre-sell the consumer.

The second component found in these sites is that they all solve issues for the reader. These sites are either social, online education, or entertaining. All the focus is on the visitor, not the product, not the sale, not the internet community. And if there is a ‘secret to success’ it lies in the simple truth that the Internet is the first advertising medium that focuses on the buyer and not the conglomerates.

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Ecommerce: The Seven Mistakes I Made


Yes I will admit after I am wrong and make boneheaded mistakes, and I made plenty of them. I’m penning this as a reference for anyone else that’s considering diving into the wonderful world of eCommerce, be at liberty to be told from my mistakes.

Not Testing the REAL Market

Well I did, but how I went about it absolutely was all wrong. I merely took surveys on worth and interest in each product. I received nothing but glorious feedback only to sell two merchandise in the first four months. Alaskan Salmon sounds sensible in theory however gaining the customers trust is a completely totally different step. If I were to start everywhere I would put my product on EBay simply to measure the response to the merchandise, this is able to allow me to arrange for any unforeseen issues and alter my service accordingly.

Very High Overhead

And the sad factor is I started this business with low overhead in mind. There are CMS (Content Management Systems) out there that can do all of the dirty work for you. For a few bonehead reason I felt my web site required a custom system from scratch which ended up costing me around $12,000. Currently I’m implementing a a lot of useful and user friendly system that is FREE! Yes FREE! My price has only been $800 to implement and therefore the addition of this blog on my web site may be a part of that. Needless to say I feel like a massive, BIG dummy.

Check References!

Another mistake I overlooked, I found my initial two internet designers on automotive forums that I frequent. That may be the equivalent of trying for a home builder at a car dealership. Between these 2 alone I lost $5,750 and ended up with nothing. A portfolio does not tell the total story, speak to the folks that have employed the company you’re considering, and ask loads of questions. Use an intermediary like eLance and it will not hurt to use your mastercard, if you get messed over by a vendor and dispute with the credit card company they can investigate and most likely get your cash back.

Offline Selling for an On-line Business

There’s a native publication here in Douglas County Georgia that caters to the community. I browse that offline selling typically will not convert to on-line sales however I am the sort that must touch the iron to grasp its really hot. (I truly did that as a teenager) The publication hits 30,000 homes in the world and I simply knew at least ten% of these would visit my site. I ended up with 10 visitors and no sales, simply another one of these exhausting lessons.

Content is King!

For an eCommerce web site content is powerful, alternative than product descriptions and store policies there is not a nice deal to say. This is why a business blog is so valuable, search engines love content and what higher approach to present it? It conjointly allows higher communication between the business and customer. I finally understand this and that’s why I have added this blog.


I still struggle with this one however I’ve got learned that while we have a tendency to would like to possess an overnight success it will not continuously happen that way. Some eCommerce sites initiate immediately, others it may take years however I’ve got learned that you work just as arduous nowadays as you probably did yesterday.

Discounting the Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search engines hate ugly Url’s, for instance:

Is an ugly non SEO friendly URL

Is simple and stunning! And that’s what search engines like, however SEO (Search Engine Optimization) goes therefore much more than just URL’s. Build links, minimize flash, there are a ton of tips however that’s a very totally different blog.

1 Additional Tip

Be versatile, and I am sure this is true with any business out there. You’ll be able to set up each side of the business but over time things can amendment and you have got to embrace that. I had no intentions on carrying Cheesecakes or Gift Baskets but saw an chance to give my customers options have not regretted that decision since then.

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Ecommerce – Reviving The Maverick


If you travel to antique and thrift stores in America’s heartland you discover a slightly totally different plan of selling than Broadway in New York. .

“Do understand anybody about your size that might want a leather jacket?”

“You wouldn’t have any idea what a fella could do with a Queen Anne’s chair?”

These comments are a not thus clever approach of asking you to require a examine something the proprietor of a store might feel you have got overlooked.

In most cases these second hand stores rely on word of mouth advertising and they need been known to negotiate a better value in contrast to their discount store counterparts.

There was a time in our collective history when barter was a primary tool in making a purchase. In many cases it had been the terribly skills you possessed that could be used as leverage in acquiring something you and your family needed. Doctors would claim they were forced to require poultry and livestock in exchange for services and General Store house owners usually traded flour for eggs.

Ecommerce would be foreign territory for famed writer Laura Ingalls Wilder. She lived during a more primitive time in additional harsh environs and if she wished to attach with somebody in New York she waited weeks for a postage reply.

If there is something that may be learned from this era it’s that typically you’ve got to assume creatively to form one thing work. There was a time when produce and private skills might be traded for required staples. Today the equivalent creativity comes both in online selling and networking.

Ecommerce thrives because relationships are fashioned and forged in the realm of networking. The result’s increased traffic. The obstacles that keep an online business from success are at intervals an absence of creative thinking.

The previous adage is true; there aren’t any problems, only solutions. The adventurous entrepreneur finds the solutions and forgets the excuses.

While it’s true that the majority of the globe’s population wouldn’t be fascinated by going back to the times of Ms. Wilder, the pioneering spirit she expressed resides in the maverick spirit of ecommerce and it is there that’s thrives.

Is it so hard to suppose back to the 1980’s when the Internet was not widespread? If you had been approached as a business owner about possibly putting a web site along and then seeking to sell product to a global consumer base you probably would have refused on the grounds that the request was an absurd notion, however there were some businesses that did broach the topic of ecommerce and discovered a novel approach to sales.

Early adopters of this technology have reaped huge benefits. Many of these businesses specific dynamic sales online that far surpass anything they need experienced in their brick and mortar stores. It took time – it took patience – and it took ecommerce to make it happen.

Someday these will be the ‘sensible previous days’ and someone can look to the maverick spirit of the early adopters of ecommerce and find encouragement from these new millennium pioneers.

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OS Commerce


Government Summary

eCommerce platforms are being commoditized. Enterprise level solutions are coming down in price and new open source solutions are being created offered to anyone with an web association for free.

The most strong of those open supply solutions is OS Commerce (OSC) – a community driven eCommerce answer that’s versatile, scalable, and user friendly. As eCommerce becomes even more a part of mainstream retail, OSC can give businesses of all styles and sizes with the functionality and capabilities of the big boys. This transient examines a number of the benefits of OS Commerce and provides insights into how it can facilitate your business.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Perhaps so, but you CAN get an eCommerce platform for nothing. Offered at no cost at, this eCommerce solution provides heaps of bells and whistles and provides a user friendly interface to manage the executive parts of the store. The code is predicated in the PHP scripting language and runs on the Apache internet server – a user also desires access to a SQL database to initially upload the files that manage the categories and merchandise within the admin section.

Now that sounds sophisticated, but extremely anyone can do it with some concentrated effort. A lot of of the documentation on-line concerning OS is very thorough and provides little by little plans on how to induce your store up and running. Any newbie to the present kind of labor can seemingly come across some roadblocks, however the OS Commerce community forums are solely a click away to begin trouble shooting.

The solution is community driven, which means that well matched OSCers are prepared to help out their peers with answers to posted questions. Yes, every now and then this may be extremely frustrating looking ahead to an answer, but it’s terribly rewarding to overcome a technology bug on your own.

Contribute to the Cause

The most effective half of OSC is the quantity of contributions that may be added to your web site at any time. Again, there is no price for these enhancements and upgrades – just the requirement to wait and see in your installations. In most cases, contributions are located on the OS commerce community section and are downloadable via nothing files. When gap the file, browse the “scan me” file that can walk you through the file additions, subtractions, and code changes required to create your enhancement work properly. If you explore the OS platform be sure to upgrade with the following contributions.

Final SEO URL’s by Chemo

This cool contribution permits the site owner to create static URL’s out of a database driven site. This can dramatically facilitate in search saturation as a lot of pages can be indexed. Its no secret that search spiders like traditional urls higher than ones that are dynamic and this contribution helps achieve that.

Simple Populate

No want to input product information manually, this contribution permits you to import data from a basic excel file into your store. A true timesaver!

Featured Product

If you have got an ecommerce store – sure merchandise are a lot of attractive to sell than others. This contribution allows you to tailor the featured products that you would like to showcase within both your home and category pages.

Final Thoughts on OSC

Myself, I’m a marketer. However when learning OS I very feel like I’ve got some programmer blood in me! This platform is easy to use and excellent for a small to medium size business in obtaining online. Yes, there will be headaches along the means however stay with it and you may overcome them and shortly have an ecommerce store to bring you in a new revenue stream.

Craig Smith is that the founder of Trinity Insight LLC – a management consulting firm for the E-Commerce sector.

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