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Submit Your Site To Directories


Submitting your website to the various online directories is an important part of any Link Popularity campaign. While your traffic from many directories may be minor or irrelevant, relevant incoming links to your website will help in your overall search engine link popularity.

Paying for your directory submission can be a waste of money. You can get just as good a result from submitting to free directories. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend you pay for what you can get free elsewhere.

The best directories to submit your site to are Search Engine Friendly directories (those that actually have your site URL listed at some point, rather than outlinks that are simply code). Some will ask for a reciprocal link, some will not. One list of non-reciprocal directories is at: . Opinion at the moment is suggesting that non-reciprocal or one-way links are better, although any relevant link is useful. Directories that do not encode outgoing links will help your website’s Search Engine Ranking.

Deep Linking can be worth linking to other pages on your site other than your main page. Before doing this, make sure that the directory you are submitting to permits you to both submit URLs other than your home page (some only allow top level submission), and for the same site to be submitted to different categories (not all directories permit what are essentially multiple submissions of the same website). This will work especially if you have online tools or directories (such as your links page) on your site that are useful and relevant to add to other directory categories. Choose the relevant directory category for your website. Most directories will have many categories you can submit your site to. Decide on the one that is most relevant, preferably a keyword that you are aiming for high search engine ranking in, and try to submit to the same or similar category in every directory, at least for your main page. This will increase the ranking of your site relating to the keyword chosen.

Submit to different categories as long as your website is relevant to those categories. This will increase the number of incoming links to your website. Writing the title for your website is very important. Try to include a keyword you are aiming for ranking in the title, but make the use of it appropriate. Describe your website in a way that will attract visitors. The length of your description will vary from directory to directory, but most will be under 250 characters. Some will allow up to 1,000 characters, and in those cases write the most comprehensive description of your site and its features that you can. It is a good idea to write several descriptions of different lengths, say from under 50 characters for a brief overview, to around 150 characters for a fuller description, up to 250 characters for a yet more comprehensive listing, and finally a full description as previously mentioned for over 250 characters. Keep your listing pertinent to your website, insert keywords where relevant and appropriate, but do not just submit a keyword listing, as most directories will reject your submission. Save all your descriptions in a text file, and just copy & paste into the descriptions boxes when needed rather than typing the same descriptions out again and again.

Again, as with the description mentioned above, the amount of keywords you can use will vary from directory to directory. Some will not give the option, some will allow you numbers of keywords, whilst others go by numbers of characters. Make a list of all relevant keywords for your site, from most important to least, and basically keep adding keywords until either you get to the bottom of your list (unlikely unless your list is really short) or you run out allowed characters/keywords. Check what keywords your competitors are going for if you need inspiration. This can often be done by viewing the source of a web page and checking the META tags. Again, save your keywords to a text file.
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Simple Guide For Search Engine Optimization


OK, you have built your site and published it online, that’s great! But now you need to figure out how you are going to get traffic to your website. If nobody knows your website is online then they can’t find your site. And if no one can find your site you can’t expect to make any sales. Using proven SEO techniques you can get your website listed in the search engines and help get you the traffic you need. Follow the tips below for basic SEO strategies.

Optimizing your website
You have heard the expression that “content is king” well with SEO it is more important than anything else. When a search engine crawls your site it takes the content and index’s it into a database. But if your content doesn’t match what you are selling, you won’t be getting visitors to your site who are looking for what you are selling. This is why you need to have your keywords placed through out your site. For example, if you are promoting calculators or adding machines, you are going to want to have those words on your website. But don’t just put them everywhere due to the fact that some of the search engines may think you are keyword stuffing and they won’t give you a very high rank in the search results.

Building Links
The building of backlinks to your website is crucial in your attempt to get search engine traffic. The more links you have to your site, from other websites will help you get higher search engine results for your keyword’s. Again if you are selling adding machines, use anchor text in your links, so instead of creating a link that says “Click Here” create a link that says “Adding Machines” This will help you get better ranking when someone searches for Adding Machines.

Targeting The Right People
When you are trying to get targeted traffic to your site, it is a good idea to place your link on a site where people would be interested in buying your product. For example if you are selling calculator’s join a forum where accountant’s congregate, they would be people who would want and need calculator’s.

Offline Marketing
While you are selling products online, you can still get a lot of people to your site by advertising in newspapers and placing fryers in grocery stores.

Use a Site map
Make sure to put a sitemap on your website. This will help the search engines index every page of your website. Site maps will make it easier for the search engines to crawl every page.

Write Your Website For Search Bots
The search engines send bots to your site to read what your site is about. However the bots can only read the text on your site, so if your entire site is flash animation, banners and JavaScript, the search engines won’t give your site that much credit. But if your site is mainly text, the search engines will love you.

The Use Of Frames
Using frames in your site is not a good idea, most search engines will just skip over your page that has frames due to the fact that they are very hard to seen.

Don’t Spam
As important as backlinks are, the last thing you want to do is leave the same link on every site. If you have 1,000 links pointing to your site and they all say, “If you are looking for calculators click here”, the search engines could read this as spam and not list your site in the results. Use different anchor text links and different wording leading up to the link.

Lastly don’t forget to submit your website to search engines, directories and link pages that have the same type of content as your site. And don’t use the same keyword for each link, use between 3 and 5 keywords for starting off.

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Reasons To Submit Your Article To Ezines


Once you start an internet business or online business you need to start getting traffic immediately. You can start off with search engine submission then move on to article marketing and submitting these articles to article directories and ezines.

What’s an article anyway, and why would I want to submit one to an ezine? That was a two-fold question and will require two answers.

An ezine article is usually composed of approximately 500 words on a single subject that would be of interest to your target market. At the end of the article, you should include a “resource box.” This box should provide such things as your name, the name of your company, your web site address, email address, and a small blurb about your product/service.

Writing an article is not hard work. All it requires is some research and note taking. Use any of multiple sources to find information about the topic that you choose to write about. Then write your article in your own words using the notes that you took during your research. It’s not difficult and it’s something that you learned to do early in school (grade school probably). Write in a conversational tone. Write like you are talking to your best friend.

Now, I’ll answer the second question. The reasons to submit this article to an ezine are varied, but not difficult to understand. They all boost your bottom line.

1. The submission of the article will help identify your business (web site) in the Internet marketplace. This is normally called “branding.”

2. Article submission provides publicity, virtually free.

3. Someone may like your writing style and hire you to write articles or ebooks for them.

4. The published article will drive traffic to your web site.

5. If the publisher of the ezine that you submit your article to maintains an archive, your article may be read many months later. Traffic may still be driven to your site this way.

6. People will come to know you as an expert on your subject.

7. You might get your article published in free ebooks that are distributed all over the web. This will drive more traffic to your web site.

8. This will help you become a trusted vendor of information.

9. If you allow anyone to publish your article or email it to a friend, you will gain further exposure for free.

10. Webmasters may read your article and display it on their web site. You get additional free exposure, and build very valuable backlinks.

11. If you send out an ezine, you could offer to swap articles with other ezine publishers for free. This provides more publicity without expense.

So, there are quite a few benefits that you could receive from publishing small articles like this one. If that isn’t enough reasons for publishing your own articles, I don’t know what else you’d need. Don’t forget to provide enough valuable information. The more knowledge you supply, the more valuable you become. Provide real value and you will always have people clamoring for more.

Increase Your Traffic By 200% From Adjusting Your Articles


Many people are submitting articles to article directories, which is a great way to gain traffic. But none of them realize that there is a way to really optimize the results of writing an article.

The Mistake

When your submitting an article, do you paste your full article, I’m pretty sure that you do. There are two problems with this:

1) Provoking your reader to visit your site decreases
2) Google may read it as a supplement if you also posted the article on your blog/site also.


1) When your reader finishes reading your article, and their satisfied, what would their normal behavior be, clicking on your web address or visit other articles to learn even more. It would be visiting other articles, but you don’t want that to happen. So there is a way to solve this. When posting your article, only post the first half on the article directories and the full article on your site or blog. Get the idea? So what would happen now, if your article was well composed and your reader is interested, then they would gladly visit your blog or site to continue on their read. It’s a great way to get all your happy readers to your site.

2) As many people do, they submit their articles to directories and also post them on their site/blog. Now what happens, well Google greatly dislikes copied information. They call it a supplement, and if your article on the article directories gets indexed by Google, then the page on your blog or site will not be indexed by Google if you submit your full article on to the directories and onto your site or blog. So, just submit half your article on the directories and the full article on your site or blog.

Making it effective

Let’s say that your teaching your reader something or exposing something that can greatly benefit them. Well you have to know when to exploit it, so you can get your reader to your site. On the first half of your article that you will submit to the article directories, go over the points on what you can offer and how it can benefit the reader, keep teasing the reader on what they could find out from reading the article, get the drift? By this point your reader should be jumping off the walls waiting for you to finally tell them, so what do you do, just finish the article right there. Just add a little nice message saying that the full version of this article can be found at ( Your website).

This is one of the best ways to get more visitors to your site from your articles and if you only put a link at the end of the article the chances of article directories posting your article increases which also means more links back to your website.

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SEO Basics For Small Businesses


In the context of search engine optimization, many people equate an optimized site to a site with impressive search engine rankings. Sprinkle a little fairy dust over here and waive the magic wand over there and wallah… a magnificent dish of first page rankings for the Internet’s most competitive keyword terms. [enter annoying alarm clock signaling the end of euphoric online marketing dream sequence]

The fact is, if you think you are going to achieve rankings for competitive keyword terms simply by adding a few keywords to your website, you need to pinch yourself because you’re dreaming. Perform a search for your primary keyword terms and you will see a descending list, several pages deep of websites that have been “optimized” with varying degrees of success. The key is to understand the factors that differentiate those that rank on the first page from those that don’t.

The attributes that determine search engine rankings can be classified into two basic categories; “on-page factors” and “off-page factors”. In the most basic sense, on-page factors have to do with attributes within your web site and off-page factors have to do with attributes that occur outside of your web site. In a way, on-page factors tell the engines what you think of yourself, while off-page factors tell the engines what the Internet at large thinks of you.

Let’s tackle the on-page factors first, shall we? The first step is to determine the keywords that people search for when they are looking for the products or services you have to offer. Keyword tools such as WordTracker and KeywordDiscovery let you know how many people search for a particular search term and provide suggestions for related keyword terms. Use the tool to match two to three appropriate keywords to each of the web pages within your site. Once you’ve selected your keywords, incorporate then into the various html elements of your web pages including the title tags, meta tags, header tags, ALT tags, and body content. This will ensure that the search engines categorize your pages for the keywords you are targeting.

OK, so now we’ve got all the “on page” stuff hammered out, your site should start its meteoric rise to the top of the engines, right? Well, not exactly. It depends on how competitive your keyword terms are. [enter off-page factors] Off-page factors have to do with the quantity and quality of incoming links from external web pages. The algorithms that determine search engine rankings depend heavily on external linking in assessing the authority or trustworthiness of web sites. In turn, sites that have achieved “authority status” end up ranking higher than those who have yet to achieve such status.

A quality backlink is a link from a subject relevant web page that contains the keyword you are trying to rank for in the anchor text of the link. There are many ways to obtain quality backlinks. Submit your site to Internet directories such as Yahoo or, ask your business partners or other friendly websites to link to you, or consult with a professional search engine marketing firm who is credentialed in the art of link building.

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Link Acquisition – A Beginners Guide


In-bound links are a major part of Search Engine Optimisation and acquiring themcan be a cumbersome task. Link addresses, email addresses, anchor text anddescriptions get misplaced, code gets miss-written and link managers becomestressed. I am still yet to find a piece of software which delivers the results that Idesire from a link building program. Despite this link building is a major aspect of asuccessful Internet Marketing Campaign.

In designing a link building campaign there are many attributes that need to betaken into account. The following needs to be decided: the form of inbound linksdesired, linking anchor text and description, theme of sites (if any) accepted and thedesired link acquisition method. Lets start by discussing the form of in-bound linksavailable.

There are many forms of in-bound links: reciprocal links, one way links and thegrowing trend of triangular links. Reciprocal links are links which are traded with themost ferocity by Search Engine Optimisation Professionals as they are the easiest toattain. One way links are the most sought after links but the hardest links toachieve. Triangular links are the middle child, they are better than reciprocal linksbut, as there is an outbound link involved, they are not as good as one way links. Agood internet marketing strategy will include all of the above type of links as they alloffer benefits to a sites search engine position and overall success.

Anchor text and description generation is one of the most important aspects of asuccessful link campaign. A well structured, key word rich, anchor text anddescription can result in greater key word emphasis to search engines and higherclick through ratios. When building anchor text and description take into account theresearch results of Pay Per Click advertising. Advertisements which have the firstletter of every word capitalized receive the greatest click through ratio – implementthis in your anchor text and description. In-bound links are not only good for greatersearch engine position but also for traffic! I have seen sites that get 25% of theirtraffic from in-bound links!

When acquiring links for a site you need to decide whether you will only accept linksfrom sites of a relevant theme, pages of a relevant theme or sites and pages of anytheme. For example if your site is a travel related site, will you only accept linksfrom other travel related websites/webpages or from any website/webpage. Thisdecision has a major influence on success as it can drastically affect your linkacquisition campaign. Most Search Engine Optimisation Professionals believe thatyou should only accept links from relevant themed websites.

The most important part of link building is the adaption of a successful link buildingstrategy. There are many link building strategies currently being used: link baiting,reciprocal link email blasts, directory submission, link to us page optimisation, paidtext link advertising, the list goes on and on. A good internet marketing campaignwill involve a combination of the most successful link building techniques for yourwebsites and your industry.

While Link acquisition is a major part of Search Engine Optimisation and it can be acumbersome task. Ensure that you don’t expend all your energy in acquiring linkswhen well written, informative content will result in natural link acquisition.

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Learn How To Cloak Your Affiliate Link


The internet is a wide arena of people and businesses. You need to be very careful with your techniques because not paying special attention to your techniques can ultimately lead to failure. The whole aspect is something to be very weary of because it is so easy to get lost while trying to understand your way behind the operations. There are so many things to keep in mind while learning the process of cloaking your page links.

Why Do I Need To Cloak My Links?

The main reason you need to cloak your links is to prevent you from bypassing.

When your computer mouse is moved onto a particular link in your web browser, a status bar will plainly show. This movement enables people to type the link to their address box without adding you as an affiliate, which bypasses the affiliate and will go directly to the merchant page.

People clicking on these links will search for chances to have a direct deal as compared to becoming an affiliate. There are even some that go directly to the product manufacturer, which might possibly give them a chance to have good customer service however, smart buyers should first affiliate before they can purchase goods or services in order to get commissions. Doing this will definitely cut you out of the sale procedure.

There are many ways to cloak your affiliate link. It is up to you to make your own domain name, cloak the link with HTML codes. Give the link to a page on your website so it can be re-directed. If you are looking for the safest way, then purchase your personal domain and forward it into the affiliate links by means of URL. This will ensure that the affiliate link is nowhere to be found. This will make it hard for the user to look for it through the search engines.

What If I Want To Link A Page On My Site and Redirect It Later?

You can make a page on your website creating a redirection HTML. Make sure it will only show the necessary things in order to load fast. You can almost use HTML to cloak the link.

There are websites as well as experts on the web that can aid you with your HTML needs. With the bountiful access to help you will learn about HTML codes and tweaking techniques. There is definitely a need for you to cloak the links for you to pass Google search engines

If you do not follow these steps, you could very well end up losing business. Do you really want all your hard work to be bypassed because people are greedy and want better deals than you have to offer? Cloak your links and protect yourself as well as your online business. The success of your online business depends on the cloaking measures you enact for your company website. Do not allow yourself to be cut out of the picture, remember that you are online and going through all this trouble to make a living for yourself while offering quality products and services to online members.

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Gain useful info in the sphere of one way links – please make sure to go through this web page. The time has come when concise info is truly only one click away, use this chance.

Info To Know About Free Backlinks


Nearly all of you will almost certainly agree that building free backlinks can be a really complicated thing to do. Additionally this process is rather time consuming and it may even seem to you it is not paying off. get free backlinks The point is that in the case you think about the alternative of buying backlinks, then it will most likely scare you back to building free back links.

Needless to say that the ‘standard’ free backlink techniques like posting on forums and commenting on blogs still work rather properly but there is one difficulty about it – lots of forums and blogs currently have a nofollow tag. This is a particular tag that renders all links useless for the purposes of link building.

Talking more about this matter it should be added that because of the fact that free backlinks are as a rule on low PR pages, a lot of them are needed in order to really enlarge the Google Page Rank on your site. Building a thousand free backlinks can take a long time and in the case you are not consistent and diligent you will not be able to accomplish success.

It will be pleasant for you to discover that you have the opportunity to select from a lot of new sites and tools that will aid to deal fith this issue. It should be additionally mentioned here that not only can tools such as well-known Linkvana and ArticleMarketer save you an enormous amount of time, it can build backlinks for you at a scale that’s impossible to do manually. You must take into account that if you want to be competitive in today’s internet marketing world, then it is important for you to get smarter in order to keep up with your competition.

As you might already know backlinking tools can be expensive, for instance, you may have to pay $149 per month for one tool – and that is certainly not economical! That is the reason why you should want and try to find some other opportunities.

So, you should take into consideration the next one of the most powerful methods for building thousands of free backlinks! free backlinks Simply speaking you can get free backlinks automatically.

I know that now you want to know how to do this!

The truth is that there are several methods to choose from but the most effective on is to sponsor a WordPress Theme. Doing it in this way you will be able to get to embed your URL in the footer. You should also know that by making your WordPress Theme available for download on theme directories, you can potentially get giant exposure. There is no need to mention that this technique should be considered. In order you could understand it better there is a need to point out that in the case only one site uses your theme and they have 10 pages indexed, then it just means that you will get 10 backlinks to your site. Certainly, this is really great opportunity! 100% automatic and 100% ‘free’. You should besides be aware of that some of the most popular WordPress Themes get hundreds of thousands of downloads a week.

Certainly, you should besides comprehend that you must have a bit of practice in order to make this linkbuilding method work as it should be. In addition, you need also to take into account that a great design is required. Actually, this is that fundamental aspect that will make individuals actually use your theme and in the end send thousands of back links to your site.

To crown it all it should be besides mentioned that it is crucial for you to make use of anchor text in your link. The reason for this is simple – this will add more linkjuice each and every one of these links. get free backlinks You should be ready that you will not obtain instant results with this technique, but it should be clearly understood that in the case everything will be done in a proper way, it will pay off unlike any other link building method.

Use this 100% legitimate method to get free backlinks and you will not regret making this choice!

Get Free Backlinks. Interesting Information To Remember


As you know backlinks makes you money. The point is that free backlinks is almost certainly one of the easiest ways to notably improve your Google Page Rank without spending any cash and by investing some of your time, you can factually get backlinks from thousands of websites.

Three quick ways to obtain free backlinks:

To get free backlinks with this method you just need to post links in your signature at some of the more popular “do-follow” forums. how to get free backlinks It should be pointed out that it helps if the forum is related to the topic of your website. So, the only thing you will have to do is to spend about 30 minutes each day making replies to threads that interest you in these higher Page ranked forums.

There are innumerable sites that will let you to generate a free blog. As a matter of fact you will have to make a blog at various free blogging sites about your topic, and then link to your page that you want ranked high. So, now, you will have to spend approximately 30 minutes each day writing 1-2 blog posts about your topic at these free blogging sites and then submit each blog post to the various social news sites.

As you know you can find numerous sites that allow you to sign up, and generate a profile and, also, a lot of such sites allow you to put links in your profile information. Actually, this is a great opportunity for you to get free backlinks. Keep in mind not to spam, and always to post in good taste. Only 30 minutes a day creating profiles at some of the different sites which allow them are needed in order to achieve good results.

It will be useful for you to know the following three main mistakes that the majority website owners make when building free backlinks and that you should avoid.

As you probably know reciprocal links used to be the link building strategy of choice a couple of years ago. Basically speaking, it’s an exchange of links between 2 sites. The truth is that this technique should not be used anymore. free backlinks You see, reciprocal links are quickly becoming absolute as Google is catching on to this practice. It should be as well mentioned that with link farms springing up all over the net, getting thousands of reciprocal links became too easy. It is truly vital for you to understand that one way links carries a lot more value and although reciprocal links are the uncomplicated manner to get free links, it is time intensive and in all probability not even worth it anymore.

Needless to say that Google’s page rank algorithm is getting smarter and smarter. The point is that one of the major changes in the way page rank is calculated is that Google can determine relevancy. This is where anchor text (the highlighted hypertext that contains the actual link) should be mentioned. This allows Google to see what the link is for. It should be additionally added that it helps them determine how relevant the link is based on the keywords and the site it’s linking to and from. It is crucial for you to bear in mind that when building free backlinks you should always try and use anchor text in your back links as it will give you some additional link juice.

Lately, “nofollow tag” appeared in a lot of forums and blogs. get free backlinks Basically speaking this tag tells the search engine spiders not to follow links in the site. You should know that in the case you get a backlink from a site with a nofollow tag it won’t be picked up by the search engines and it won’t count as a link.

To Build Or Not To Build Links


This article brought to you by the webmaster of how to make money online and free backlinks.

When attempting to market a website it seems webmasters are in a constant struggle on whether or not to build links and how to go about doing so. Would a webmasters time be better spent creating link bait or going from blog to blog commenting and/or writing article after article to out build their rivals. This article is of course written from personal experience and I will place plenty of opinion of what I think Google is doing and why they are so against us as webmasters building links. First off we must go over why link building is a topic worth discussion. From the beginning of Google they determined the importance of a web page by the quantity and quality of backlinks pointing towards that web page.

This has been expanded a little bit from only watching links coming in and now considers the links pointing outwards from the web page. Though there is some that think on page or on site optimization still holds a great importance it is clear through my research the key element of any successful marketing campaign is the quality and quantity of backlinks both sharing equal importance and without both you can expect to sit on the bottom of the SERPs for whatever you are marketing.

Well I think that I have made it clear that without building links or paying for someone else to build them you will stay at the bottom. After watching videos of Google engineers preaching that building excess links is manipulation of the SERPs I had to laugh since they offer to place your link on thousands of websites if you purchase traffic from their adwords program. I understand why they would be bias, but coming from an experienced webmaster the greed is extremely transparent and more than likely I will continue to build links and push my websites far above my competitors at least the ones who feel that building links is black hat or unethical seo and refuse to take part.

To these people I say I am very proud of your ethics and if you are willing to sit at the bottom of search engines in the vain attempt to do what is right then my hats off, but believe me when I say my wallet will be much fatter than yours since I am taking all your traffic. After being online for quite a while I understand that I am competing against millions and they will do anything to reach the top of Google so why wouldn’t I? I build links in the thousands and right now am a main competitor in the make money niche one of the most difficult and I am planning to make a dent in the marketing niche by pure link creation. Now I also think creating good link bait can and does relieve some of the work load of holding a top spot, but is not necessary just an advantage if you have the ability to create something that others find worth linking to.

Shortcut to realistic things to know about the topic of hosting dedicated hosting – please read the page. The time has come when proper information is really only one click of your mouse, use this possibility.

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