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Article Keyword Density Tool


Home Office Bridge is proud to announce the coming of the Article Keyword Density Tool, soon to be launched on our website. You, as an online writer, will be able to enter multiple keywords you would like to track the density of throughout your article or other writing. As you write the program will update in real time with the density of your selected keywords, as well as tell you your word count. You may also save any written work to your account for later use.

The Article Keyword Density Tool is only the first program to be launched by Home Office Bridge. We know that there are many different tools that an online writer may find useful which is why Home Office Bridge has setup a Software Request link in order to allow everyone to make a request for a program they would find useful and helpful.

Home Office Bridge will collect the feedback for software requests and then post a poll where everyone may vote on a software, excluding the one they submitted. Which ever software program is requested the most, Home Office Bridge will develop the software and make it available to members.

Inside the members area there will also be a collection of Private Label Rights articles and Master Resell Rights software programs and eBooks available to all members to download as a bonus for their membership to Home Office Bridge. Once launched the regular membership price will be $9.99 per month, however for those of you who sign up for the newsletter, which emails will only be sent with updates and launch information, you will be locked in at a $4.99 monthly price.

Even if you are unsure if you will sign up, it is worth it to sign up for the newsletter and decide later. Home Office Bridge is also offering an article directory, accessible to everyone as well as a free link exchange for those that are interested. If your category isn’t there, simply send us a message with the category you would like your article listed under and we will create the category. We are here to help all online writers with their online ventures and will do what we can to make sure everyone’s needs are being met.

Home Office Bridge is also planning to have an Article Research Tool ready to launch with the Article Keyword Density Tool. This program will make your research for article writing much easier and more efficient. More to come on the Article Research Tool.

For more information, visit, where you may also sign up for the newsletter and submit your articles and links. All suggestions and feedback are greatly welcomed and will be taken into consideration to form the website to your needs.

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How To Develope An Ezine Article


Ezine articles are an excellent way to market your commerce to a targeted. Selling experts have establish that ezine articles can be used to establish yourself as an expert in your line of work, draw in soon-to-be clients and prompt them to buy. For those who enjoy writing, a simple ezine article may not seem like a difficult task. However, for the rest of us, article writing can be an intimidating endeavor. This article will provide five tips for making the most of your ezine article. If you go after them you will find that writing articles is not as much of a chore as you may have thought at first. Take it step by step and enjoy yourself.

Choose a Topic

The first step is to choose a specific topic to write about. The topic should be related to your business and designed to hook the interest of your reader. Well-liked formats for ezine articles include how-to guides, tips for success or a basic overview of something. By choosing your topic and format right away, your writing process will go much more smoothly. It never hurts to do some inquiries on the subject that you have chosen. It may be your line of work, but extra outside info is always helpful.

Choose a Catchy Title

If you desire to entice readers to actually open and read your article, you will want to come up with a appealing title and opening sentence to grab their attention. However, make sure your title also lets readers know what your article is about. This will help them determine whether your article will be worth their time to read. Some writers discover this is the toughest step in the writing process. It might be easier to write the body of the article first and then come up with your attention-getting headline.

Stay Objective and watch the size

You don’t want your audience thinking your one and only purpose is to sell them something, even if that is your main goal. Instead, think about enlightening your readers about a subject that they are interested in. This is also a soft-sell approach. Provide accurate, objective information that will keep them reading. This establishes you as an expert in your field; someone they can trust when it comes time to spend their hard-earned cash. Then, you can hook them in with a link to your website at the end. Besides staying on the topic, you will desire to make the article long enough to get the required information across. Just because the ezine rules say it has to be 450 words long does not mean at 455 you stop. An article that is 700 word long is a nice size. By the way just to let you know, this article is about 750 words. It can be read fairly quick and gives enough room to explain most subjects. With some subjects a 1000 words would be fine.

Do Your Research

Before determining the angle of your article, check the search engines to see how many articles have been written on the topic. If there are too many to count, try to come up with a unique angle on a popular topic that no one has thought of before. This will greatly boost the odds that someone will actually read your article instead of passing it up because it’s more of the same.

Edit your Work

Your ezine articles will be much more likely to get published if you spend the time editing before you submit them. Talking about editing: make sure that you split your work up into bit size paragraphs and not one or two large ones. When reading short paragraph, they seem to go quicker. And if some one is in a hurry, a large paragraph may seem like too much to read. Use your spell check and reread your article to make sure it flows and makes sense. If you are not sure of your editing ability, ask a friend or spouse to proofread your writing for you.

A well-written ezine article will go a long way in attracting new customers and building your commerce. With these tips, you are sure to produce an article that is effective and enjoyable.

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Generate More Traffic And Back Links With Article Writing


Did you know that one of the greatest methods to advertise your online business successfully is to write articles? Getting started in the article writing area is hard because a lot of us believe we do not know how to write. I am one of them particularly because English is my second language and believe me, it is not easy.

Anyway, this is article number fourteen and it appears I am getting a little better because the more I write the more practice I get. The other thirteen have been published and are already delivering traffic and are sending a lot of one way back links. One way back links are a gold mine because search engines like them and the higher your website will rank.

If you are doing business online, you have to consider writing articles because you will be able to publish them all over the Internet; they will improve your traffic rankings. Don’t know how to write? There is a quote out there that says, “If you can talk, you can write.” You better think again because, I am confident you can write.

I put off article writing for a long time because I felt the same way. Now I feel motivated because I am seeing good results.

All you have to do to get started is to select a topic related with your website theme, do a search online to get a number of ideas and start writing away. Do not copy the information and publish it as your own because you can get in trouble. The content you write has to be unique. It must be your own.

I selected to write this article because a lot of business owners don’t want to write them not knowing they are losing a lot. I have a “Webmasters Resource Area” on one of my sites where some of the information I offer is to show ways to increase search engine rankings. You see, the main objective of all website owner must be to increase their website rankings as much as they can because the higher the ranking, the more targeted traffic they will receive. And the more traffic a website gets, the more sales it will make.

Once you have written your first article you need to submit it to article directories and blogs. The more places you submit it to, the more traffic and one way back links you will get .

When you have your first article written and published, the second one becomes easier. Do not put it off any more and start writing now because you have a lot to gain. I wish this simple article gets you started. Good luck.

Why Article Marketing Is The Best Method To Raise SEO


There are three main reasons why article writing is the best method to raise search engine timization: for your site. First, you must remember that the search engines need writing to determine search engine optimization. Video is important but at the moment and in the near future writing is the primary method by which search engines determine SEO. This, of course, is debatable, but in defense of that position consider Google’s drastic change in July or August of 2008 when it excluded to a great extent reciprocal linking from raising SEO to your website. Many websites plummeted in Page Rank from three to zero right after that Google formula change. I had been relying mostly on link exchanges and they served me well for a couple of years. This is not the case anymore. Google demands content There are three main reasons why article writing is the best method to raise SEO: for your site. First, you must remember that the search engines need writing to determine search engine optimization. Video is important but at the moment and in the near future writing is the primary method by which search engines determine SEO. This, of course, is debatable, but in defense of that position consider Google’s drastic change in July or August of 2008 when it excluded to a great extent reciprocal linking from raising SEO to your website. Many websites plummeted in Page Rank from three to zero right after that Google formula change. I had been relying mostly on link exchanges and they served me well for a couple of years. This is not the case anymore. Google demands content with a certain percentage of keywords on each page.

Second, one-way links are highly valued by search engines n

Third, when you provide content you are providing something for free that you create yourself. This, although it seems obvious to everyone,s often overlooked in understanding search engine optimization, organic searches and making money on the internet. There is no greater secret on the internet that is so obvious and which is so overlooked because it is so obvious and that is if you write the content, other people will be attracted to you and your website and you will gain a downline without spending money.

The opposite of this is what almost 98% of internet marketers and internet users do and that is to subscribe to others email lists, waste their time reading someone else’s email and then occasionally buying someone else’s product. I have bought so many eBooks that I realize their is virtually very little I do not know and the wealth is in my own mind! I am perennially disappointed and find that the ones with the most hype have the least originality to offer. The way you can get to that same evaluation is to understand that if you were to buy an article that was ghost written you would pay $15 for an article that was approximately 500 words. So if you were to write that article yourself, you would be making approximately $.03 a word or $3.00 for every 100 words.

Use these thoughts to motivate yourself and try to calculate how much you could make in an hour doing this. The beauty of this idea is that you will not be making $15 an hour doing this once you start distributing your article and it is syndicating to other article directories and blog networks. You may be making 5 x $15 per hour and then 15 x $15 per hour. And just think,if you had read your email and then bought something, you would be loosing money you might never replace.

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Options In Ezine Article Writing


Producing ezine articles is an excellent way to market your business. These articles take ezine advertising a step more by establishing you as an skilled in your field and providing sufficient exposure for your company. But, manufacturing 400 or five hundred words that create sense, draw in an exceedingly reader and compel them to spend cash is an intimidating prospect. Fortunately, you have got options. This text can discuss four choices in producing ezine articles that are positive to sell your business.

Write them Yourself

This might be the smallest amount expensive technique for posting ezine articles. The short text isn’t all that tough to try and do, if you’re fairly handy with coming back up with topics and putting sentences together. There are lots of excellent tutorials and tutorial websites obtainable for this purpose. Simply make positive you come back up with an attention-grabbing topic, a catchy title and solid information. Keep the article informational and objective; if the potential customer likes what he sees, he can click on your link at the end. Edit your article yourself before submitting, or raise a lover or relative to proofread it for you.

Hire a Writer

You can realize freelance writers who are willing to tackle this job for you for a nominal fee. Check websites like Elance or Hot Jobs for obtainable prospects. The advantage to hiring a author is that you’ll raise him to customise the article for your specific needs. You also have the benefit of a trained skilled who is aware of how to produce Web content that can get results. The main disadvantage is that you’ll should pay for his or her skills, though the speed is fairly nominal if it brings you new customers.

Purchase an Article

With the massive shift to Web marketing, there are currently article ‘banks’ where you’ll be able to purchase pre-written articles and modify them for your needs. These articles don’t come back with a copyright, therefore you’ll modification them as required and post them below your name. Directories are usually categorized thus you’ll be able to simply notice an article in your subject of choice. The disadvantage to this approach is that the articles could be fairly generic in nature. The advantage is that they might be less expensive than commissioning a author to compose the article for you.

Use your Affiliate Program

If the aim of your ezine article is to market an affiliate website, you’ll be able to often notice prewritten articles that the affiliate can permit you to post along with your link attached. The articles are written by the program owner, and are typically designed for to urge smart results. Whereas this approach may not give you with a full commission, you will get paid each time a sale is made to the affiliate. That kind of approach allows you to continue to reap the rewards long once the effort is made.

Ezine articles are an excellent approach to promote your business. With therefore many options on the market, you’re positive to seek out a supply of articles that works for you.

To learn additional about Ezine Selling, check out the free Ezine Marketing report. Feel free to distribute this text in any kind as long as you include this resource box. You’ll be able to additionally include your affiliate link if you sign up at Clickbank Pirate.

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Rewrite PLR Articles And Ebooks: Who Will Do It?


Private Label Rights (PLR) articles and ebooks are potent tools for making an online company really lucrative; or, if already successful, even more so. By using texts that are already written, one can speed up the process of publishing those texts in a number of places: as online articles, ebooks, or even as printed books.

The problem is, however, that exploiting PLR material is not as trouble-free or rapid as many are trying to make it sound. For example, those who market PLR content, and those who do business in the PLR world, many times wish to say that the process of using PLR content is an unproblematic road to success. But that may not necessarily be the case.

The Problem

The problem is this: in order to make the most of it, one must thoroughly edit the Private Label Rights content significantly, not just slightly. This is to ensure that the search engine robots are going to index the content favourably, and to make sure that the potential customers are not faced with ebooks and articles that they have already read elsewhere.

So the challenge is to learn the art of rewriting PLR ebooks and articles so that the content will be significantly unique. One might rearrange paragraphs or even erase paragraphs. Or one could enlarge paragraphs and add new questions, points, or data. Or one may make a decision to add graphs, pictures, illustrations, or even videos. Or just about anything to make the article or ebook look and feel special.

But Who Has Time to Do It?

But perhaps are you now asking yourself: “How in the whole world can I practically have time for that? After all, I bought the PLR products originally to keep away from having to do a lot of labor. So why am I now confronted with the very same work that I tried to steer clear of?”

It is accurate, of course, that the kind of work involved in rewriting and rearranging a PLR e-book or article might be alike. However, the actual amount of work is not very similar. Editing a PLR article or PLR e-book, even with a rather extensive rewrite, is much less prolonged and aching than writing everything from the ground up.

What’s more, you may not have to do all that editing yourself either. You can make use of other parties to finalize the rewriting process.

Here are some hopefully doable alternatives so that you may get the editing of your PLR article or PLR ebook done: (1) Make use of software; (2) Appoint a ghostwriter; (3) Call a guest blogger; (4) Edit it yourself.

1. Make use of Software

There are software products on the market that may be used to rewrite (sometimes “spinning”) PLR articles and PLR e-books to generate new articles and e-books. But it may be necessary to be very watchful. Some software applications may modify the “style” of the article or e-book, or use poorly chosen synonyms for terms and words that either may transform your article into nonsense or at least make it appear odd in some way.

It is for that reason nearly at all times necessary to look over the newly generated content manually after it has been processed by the software. It is very probable that you may have to take another round of editing after the text has been “spinned”.

2. Engage an External Writer

Using a skilled ghostwriter to create entirely novel material to your website could be nearly unworkable for a new site owner, as truly original material could be quite costly.

However, since you already have picked up the Private Label Rights e-books or articles, the issue is not to create original content from the ground up, but merely to do some editing using different words and phrases, and perhaps also elaborating on a number of of the arguments, premises, conclusions, statements, or data here and there.

It might be a good idea to bundle up a dozen or two PLR articles at a time (or a whole PLR e-book), and then ask your external writer for a “package price” for the entire set. That way you could be able to get a better quote per paragraph or page than if you just submitted one or two separate articles.

3. Hire a Guest Blog Writer

Perhaps you may like to ask a guest blogger to write on your website? You may tell her or him that you have PLR material that he or she may utilize. In that manner you will be able to generate new content for the site without you doing any editing yourself.

The downside may be, of course, that the external writer may expect to get paid, or to be able to include some links to their own websites and blogs, or ask for some other compensation. In each case, you will have to see what the deal is, and then decide whether or not you think the particular arrangement is acceptable to you.

4. Rewrite It All On Your Own

If you are really into writing and editing (or at least are willing to do it even if you don’t love it), you might want to consider doing all (or some of) the rewriting on your own. In any case, rewriting a quality PLR article or e-book is substantially less problematic than writing everything from the ground up.

The advantage of doing the job yourself is that you have complete control over the end result, both stylistically and content-wise. Supposedly you also have direct knowledge of whatever area it is that your articles and ebooks are covering, and therefore you will probably be well suited to rewrite and edit the PLR texts quicker and better than a writer who doesn’t have your particular skills.

Summing Up

Private Label Rights articles and e-books are great assets. However, they need to be considerably rewritten and rearranged to be effectively used in your internet business.

The good thing about all of this is that you do not necessarily need to do all of the rewriting yourself (but the end result may be superior if you do). Additional ways to produce a rewriting of the Private Label Rights material would be to make use of special “spin” software program, to contact freelance ghost writers, or to contact a guest blogger.

So go right ahead and fill up your site or blog with great, uniquely rewritten and sensitively repurposed PLR content. Your audience will be grateful for it!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ronnie B. Jones was previously an advertising copywriter working with international b2b campaigns. Nowadays, Ronnie mostly gets himself involved in various ebook marketing projects. He is part of the team, where he is a regular contributor, writing on topics such as how to rewrite PLR articles and PLR e-books etc.

To sign up for the free ebook marketing newsletter (with free articles, product news, tips, and tricks on how to create an ebook, how to write an ebook, and how to market an ebook, how to write ebooks and articles, how to plan campaigns, etc.[/spin]), please visit today!

Online Article Writing Is A Useful Service


For those with a talent and love for writing, and also an desire to earn some extra money working at home, online article writing may be for you.

There are people who have taken their writing skills and turned them into a profitable Internet business. You don’t need your own online business. You just need customers, bloggers, webmasters and publishers of newsletters, who need your writing skills.

There are some aspects to writing that you will need to be aware of for your articles to be appealing and salable. These are not hard to do, yet the benefits are worht the effort.

- First you will need to have good writing skills. For those that provide quality material, meaning that they are well written with proper punctuation and grammar, and that they offer valuable information. Many times this just requires proof reading when you are done and then making any corrections.

To make yourself noticed in this arena, and there is plenty of competition, one must be willing to provide an excellent product and work hard for their customers. Proper research of the needed subject matter coupled with some creativity make for a winning formula.

- You will need some basic understanding about search engine optimization. The majority of your customers are needing added content for their businesses in order to drive more traffic to their sites.

In order to attain that, your articles will be in need of key words throughout. This is what helps their websites gain a better page ranking within the search engines. Some extra work on your part through thoughtful writing will really improve those chances.

- It has been noted that really there are very few original ideas online. However as an online article writer if you can infuse your original thoughts and ideas with some creativity your material will benefit greatly from it. And your customers will take notice and appreciate your hard work.

The online article writers who choose to give that extra little effort will certainly be rewarded. After all the key to your success is to gain customers. And this is really a customer-service effort.

- Customer service in general has fallen. Think about what you like in customer service. Attention? A quality product or service? Follow through? These are all vital elements to anyone with a customer base.

Bad service, poorly written and not timely, is noticed. Good service, well written with good SEO and originality, is appreciated.

Kenji Sakamoto is the owner of Article Directory Online one of the most visited online article directories on the internet. If you are looking for a article directory to publish your own articles, or content for your own website or newsletter visit it today.

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What Is Article Marketing


Article marketing is the creation of any article content for the sole purpose of promoting the authors website or online business and it usually involves a strict discipline of writing batches of articles for it to be effective for your sites traffic.

Article marketing is a free way of generating traffic and all it costs is your time to implement and you can create many permanent backlinks for your chosen websites or blogs that relate to your business online.

To start article marketing

Decide on a topic that you can write about with ease in about 4 or 5 paragraphs and all you really want to do is to write the best informtive article you can delivering the information that people want to find and so your article must be keyword researched and optimized for the search engines, you can use free online tools for this.

Never stuff keywords into your article content as this would look obvious to the search engine bots that index your site and they’ll probably index it, but way down the pages and not on page one.

Create a good title

Titles should include keywords that you researched and have in the body of your article and your title should also catch the readers attention so that they stop and read your article content, with no more than 7 words as the title.

Separate points should be written as a paragraph, so as to break up the text and give some sort of order to your article.

When finished you may need to edit your article and proof read it for spelling and grammar mistakes, then just write a couple of sentences for your article resource box to link back to your website, then submit to article directories, of course you will have to change each submission around so that it doesn’t show up as duplicate content and get penalized.

Article marketing works better when you have a content creation plan that you can follow on a regular basis and it should be one that you stick too, so that you can really see the power of content marketing at work, writing should be a part of any webmasters daily or weekly routines.

For best results, try and do a mix of shorter articles and good quality longer articles and try and share the links of your articles around in as many places as you can and not in a spammy way, just to place them in other webpages you own and try and create more natural backlinks.

article marketing is something that can bring in traffic for years to come, as the articles you publish online can be part of an ever growing but permanent article directory that grows in page rank as more and more content gets added to it.

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Useful Tips On Writing Internet Marketing Articles


To be effective writing internet marketing articles it is vital to have a grasp of the various suggestions that will best assist you.

Many people are making great income, full or part time with internet writing, and are doing it by largely following the tips mentioned in this article.

These are basically in an order for you to get started.

- Find a product or service that you want to promote. You’ll want to pick something that has some mass appeal. In Clickbank Marketplace you can choose your product and do a search that shows the top sites. Go with one of these.

- Determine the best keywords or phrases that you will include in your article. Keyword tools can help with this. The best keywords are those that have are searched a lot but don’t presently have much competition.

Here are some specific tips for the article itself!

- Include the keywords in your title and the first sentence of the article. Conclude the article with a summary sentence also featuring the keyword or phrase.

- The article’s content must be valuable and informative for the reader.

- Include an author resource box at the end. This area can provide a link to any product/service you’re promoting and a few (keep it simple) words about yourself. The article can be distributed in a few ways.

- Since Google loves blogs and blogs love updated content, include it your blog or the blogs of others.

- There are many directories that pay for fresh articles such as EzineArticles, Associated Content and Website-Articles to name a few.

- Social bookmarking sites are a great way to get yourself out there. Consider sites such as Digg, Technorati, Delicious, and Reddit.

On these sites your articles may be picked up and published giving you viral marketing.

- Ezines is mentioned above for good reason. Therer are newsletter publications online that have thousands of subscribers. When you post to them you have the opportunity to do so in the many of niches they represent.

- Utilize Backlinks which are links that steer back to your website from other websites. By creating backlinks and visiting other sites you can comment on their sites and include links back to your blogs and articles.

Backlinks are roads leading to your site. The more of them you have the more potential traffic they can bring you.

The key to becoming a great and successful article writer is to do it every day and submit to as many sites and outlets as possible. Once you become you can gain and maintain a reputation that can sustain you for some time.

Cynthia Minnaar invites you to generate income online with legitimate home business opportunities she will share. Her website offers Internet marketing training to help you make more money.

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Article Promotion : Cashing In On The Complete Value Of Back Links


Stacking up back links through article marketing is something that many marketers do at some time or other . To put it plainly, there are very few other techniques that offer such an simplistic technique to rack up many back links without having to jump through flaming hoops to do so.

But if you’re just starting out down this road , then you are probably not yet taking advantage of the total potential of article marketing to harvest back links. Most internet marketers don’t , to be honest , until they’re very well seasoned in their work already.

Needless to say, you’ll need to make every hour you put into your labors count as much as possible though, so here’s the best methods for you to cash in on the full value of your back links:

1. Make key phrase-rich link text

Heard of ‘ link text’ before? Really, it’s just the blue underlined text that links back to your website, or in other words, the words that are used as the link itself.

However what few internet marketers do not know is that the link text that you use actually plays a role in the potential of the back link. It all binds in to a concept called ‘relevancy’, which is the guts and gizzards of how search engines study back links.

Guaranteed that you have key phrase-rich link text will mean that search engines link together your website with that key phrase, giving you credit for it and providing you with a valuable edge over your competitors.

2. Mass-submitting articles

Once you’ve written an article and submitted it to an article directory, what then? Sure, you have one one-way link, but are you going to let the article you’ve written be used for just that?

One good way to make total use of your articles is to submit them to as many article directories as you can. Each one that is published will then give you a valuable back link in turn, increasing your yield from one article.

If you want, you can look into article submitters and even certain paid services that will help you do this speedily, painlessly, and almost entirely automatically. This way you’ll save time with your publications.

3. Make use of as many back links as possible

Some article directories grant three back links, but most allow at least two. If you could, be certain to use as many as possible, because every one will help you with your labors.

To do it properly , use a back link link to link to your main website, and another to link to a related article or page of your choosing . That way, your primary website will be boosted from each article, while you also get to select a different additional page to boost too.

Combined, these three ways will help you to get the most out of your articles. Cashing in on back links and maximizing what you get out of each article that you publish is the just of streamlining your work , and will guarantee that you make every second that you spend with your article marketing count!

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